Florence – Cady Hill Forest, Stowe, VT

All our triathlons were cancelled this year(2020) due to Covid. The wife and I were fortunate to pickup some new full suspension mountain bikes and hit the trails instead of sitting at home all year. We also were able to quickly sell our 20 year-old hardtails too.

We were originally supposed to travel to Scotland in September to do a cycling tour around the Isle of Skye and traded that up for a week in the Northern Kingdom of Vermont. We hit the infamous Kingdom Trails for week and then stopped at Stowe and Lake Placid on our way back home.

On our stop in Stowe, we rode the Cady Hill Forest trails for a couple hours. My favorite trail was definitely Florence, or Flo for short. There is an upper and lower section. They are both great, but the lower is probably the better of the two. If you bermed up flow trails with lots of jumps this is for you. It was a blast for sure.

For those of you who remember the show Alice, Flo was one of the other waitresses that worked with Alice at Mel’s Dinner. Here favorite phrase was “Mel, kiss my grits!”

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