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Florence – Cady Hill Forest, Stowe, VT

Kiss my grits! - Florence - Cady Hill Stowe

On our stop in Stowe, we rode the Cady Hill Forest trails for a couple hours. My favorite trail was definitely Florence, or Flo for short. There is an upper and lower section. They are both great, but the lower is probably the better of the two. If you bermed up flow trails with lots of jumps this is for you.

Steelman Olympic Distance Recon Ride Workout & Video

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Recon Ride POV video of the Steelman Triathlon Olympic Bike Course at Lake Nockamixon near Quakertown, PA. Also including ride workout files for TrainerRO

IMLP 2014 Bike Course Preview Video Playlist


My Ironman Lake Placid 2013 Video

FinisherPix did videos for each triathlete in the race. Pretty amazing how they got me in each transition area. Actually they probably got everyone too.

Rev3 Quassy Olympic Men’s Swim Start

More Rev3 Quassy Live Updates here… Men’s Swim Start Video. FFwd to the last 30 secs of video.

Crazy Video…Wingsuit Dude Shoots a Hole in Rock

Video of dude flying through a hole in rock formation with a Wingsuit. Make sure you watch it in 1080p!

What is Skate Skiing Anyway?

Many times when I tell people that we are heading to Lake Placid to skate skiing they are not really sure what that is. When people think of cross-country skiing, they think of what is known as classic style which consists of lifting the heel and sliding the ski forward usually maintaining constant contact with …

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Ironman Lake Placid 2012 Video

Here is a pretty cool YouTube video of Ironman Lake Placid I came across…