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Race Checklist


USA/CA Triathlon Card Garbage Bags Spare Toilet paper
Photo Id Ziploc Bags Pre-Race Snack
Headlamp Zip Ties Bike Tools
Road ID Rubberbands(for shoes) Floor Pump
Garmin watch & HR Strap Towel Spare tubes
Tri Top/Tank Transition Mat Body Glide
Tri Shorts Water bottles(Hydration mix)
Socks Nutrition
Sunglasses iPhone/Earbuds

Race Nutrition

Skratch Labs Hydration Packets Salt Stick Tabs, Base Salt Energy Chunks – Cacao/Goji/Chia
135 cals/ounce for 3 hours, 250cals/hour needed = 5.5-6 oz’s
Honey Stinger Waffles Amrita Bars Salty snacks- corn chips
 Ucan SuperStarch / Hammer Perpetuem


Swim goggles(2 pr) Anti-Fog Ear Plugs
Wetsuit Trash Bag Race provided swim cap
 Neoprene Swim Cap(optional) Old pair of sandals or socks  Body glide


Tri Bike Helmet Bike Shoes(socks?)
2-Spare tubes/Patches 3-CO2 inflators Tire Levers
Bottles filled with Hydration Mix(See Race Nutrition above) Bento Box – filled with open ziploc of food above

Special Needs Bag(Not-Tested yet.)

  • Spare Tubes(2)
  • Spare bottles – water/
  • Nutrition – Peanut Butter & Jelly/Honey Sandwich
  • Electrolytes/Salt Stick
  • Sunscreen spray
  • Body Glide


Running Shoes Socks? Run Belt w/ Bib attached
Sunglasses Run Hat Fuel Belt – Filled with Hydration Mix

Special Needs Bag(Not-Tested yet.)

  • Warm clothes/jacket
  • extra socks
  • Moleskin
  • BodyGlide


Accept awards Smile Compression Socks Change of clothes
Beer! Smile Kona Qualification(LOL!)


The Definitive Ironman Packing List


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  1. Sigg bottles have been around forever, and that’s what we use primarily. They’ve been great!

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