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Ironman Certified Coach

Ironman Certified Coach

Specializing in athletes that are new to triathlon. Training in all distances from sprints to Ironman. Want to develop athletes that understand and learn all of the intricacies of the sport as well as getting the most out of their bodies.

Ironman U Coaching Profile


10 years ago I weighed 60 pounds more and could barely finish a 5k. I am not the most gifted athlete by any means, but I learned to swim and develop my skills in all three disciplines to become as efficient as possible with what I have to work with. I worked my way up from sprints and eventually completing the Ironman distance in 2013. Currently, I have completed 4 Ironmans and numerous sprints, olympic and half-iron distance events. I have been trained under two very good coaches during that time and have absorbed as much information from them as possible. I continue to read and develop my knowledge in the sport in order to stay on top of the methods that work best.


I am very passionate about the sport of triathlon. It has given so much in my life that I want to be able to give that back and share it with others.  I love working with new athletes and teaching them about the sport. I believe that seeing someone you helped cross the finish line would be an amazing experience.

I like developing a good line of communication with athletes so that I can better understand their needs. It is a two-way street and I want to provide them with the best coaching experience I can.




  Beginner Drills Single-Arm Drill Link: Start with both arms extended in front of you. On the first 25 yards keep your right arm extended and only use your left arm to take strokes breathing every 2nd stroke on your left side. On the second 25 yards keep your left arm extended and use …

Training Terms & Definitions

Abbreviations ‘ = Minutes ” = Seconds min = Minutes mi = Miles Glossary  

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