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Trekking the Dolomites – Part I – Tres Cime

The Dolomites has been on our hit list for some time. For some reason it just keeps getting pushed off. Well this year we decided, relatively last-minute, to hit it. My wife did all the booking of Rifugio’s with some help from her friend who had done this trip some time ago. I worked on …

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Tuscany, Italy 2014

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I have been slacking on blogging lately and this post is long overdue. If you read my previous post about the start of our Tuscan holiday you know it did not get off to a good start. While it was not one of my favorite trips, looking at the pictures now I can hardly complain. …

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Tuscany 2014-Not Off To A Good Start

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The day finally came and we were off to Newark Airport to begin our trip to Tuscany, Italy. We had a late flight so we made a stop at Pru Thai in Clinton, NJ for dinner on our way. Pru Thai is our favorite Thai restaurant and it was a good way to avoid the …

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Random iPhone Pictures from the Amalfi Coast

While scanning through some of my iPhone pictures, I noticed a bunch of pics from our Italy trip. Most of them were of food(Actually Pizza and Wine) since I always have this urge to take pictures of my meals before I eat. Anyway, I thought I would share them… [nggallery id=1]  

Amalfi Coast Day 10-Heading to Naples

After another great breakfast at Hotel Savoia, we packed up our stuff and then headed down into Sorrento for some last minute souvenirs and, of course, another gelato. While we enjoyed our gelato’s it started down-pouring and the shop instantly filled with people. We waited out the rain for 10 minutes and headed back to …

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Amalfi Coast Day 9-Valle dell Furriere…Third Time is A Charm!

Denise came up with the great idea during our great breakfast at Hotel Savoia. We would take the SITA bus back to Amalfi, have lunch and then do the Valle Dell Ferriere hike that we missed twice before. It proved to be the ultimate plan. The SIAT Bus from Sorrento was easily boarded and we …

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Amalfi Coast Day 8-Down to Sorrento

After enjoying our makeshift breakfast of croissant-looking rolls, bananas and yogurt, we loaded up our packs again and started on our way down to Sorrento. We hiked through back streets to the neighboring town of Colli di Fontalle. Then we made our way down into Sorrento through some back dirt roads. We made one wrong …

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Amalfi Coast Day 7-Positano to Colli di San Pietro

Today we start our longest hike with full packs. We started off with a hike up out of Positano climbing 2500 ft less than one hour. The cathedral of Santa Della Maria Castellano sits in the small village at the top of our climb. The church wasn’t very exciting, but the view was nice. By …

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Amalfi Coast Day 6-Positano and Open Water Swimming in the Med

Today was our first full day in Positano and we decided to take easy and explore the town a bit. Positano is situated on a ravine in the cliffs, so walking around town is not as easy as it sounds. It is more up and down steps all day. We had a nice breakfast at …

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Amalfi Coast Day 5-Path Of The Gods

Today we planned to take a bus from Praiano over to Amalfi, then another bus to Bomerano where would start our hike to Positano. We packed up early had breakfast and got up to the bus by 9AM. We waited for atleast an hour for the 9:15am bus but it never came. A bus did …

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