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Prep for Steelman 2015 Olympic

Rodale Fitness Park-Finally getting outside for some runs in nicer weather. portrait

Well I kind of fell off the blogging wagon a bit here lately(again). In my defense, IMLP vs IMCdA post took a bit of time to put together and I also needed to put together my next monthly post  for the iThlete HRV blog too. I have been training fairly steadily the past 3-4 weeks for Steelman …

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IMCDA 2015 Training Update-Week #9(of 26)-A Rough Week

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The week started off as normal as any other week. I had planned this to be an easier week since we were leaving for Sedona, AZ on Friday. The week prior was a bit light due to my illness, so I thought I would try to get a little extra in during the early part of …

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Dats ma boy!

Yuki Toyota Calendar 2015

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Yuki joins “The Pack” at Priority Dog

Yuki and the Pack at Priority. Susan at Priority Dog(http://www.prioritydog.com) has a “balanced” pack of around 9 dogs which help to train other dogs by them seeing how dogs are supposed to behave. We have only taken Yuki there 3 times and we already see a difference in his behavior. He also is totally exhausted …

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