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Winter Trip to the Canadian Rockies

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We originally had made plans to go to Lake Placid in mid-December for a little Winter ski vacation. We had plans later in the Winter to head to Arizona for a week, so we needed to get a little Winter-fix before going to some warmer climate. Planning a ski vacation to the Adirondacks in December …

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IMCDA 2015 Training Update Week #4(of 26)-Lake Placid Cross-Training

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I mixed things up a bit for week #4 by heading up to Lake Placid for a bit cross-trainingĀ in the snow. I try to get up there for a week in the Winter every year for some skate-skiing at Mt. Van Hoevenburg. We have a week planned in Sedona, Arizona next month so it wasn’t …

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IMLP 2014-Week 20 Training Update

Spring is on the Horizon #sunset #tree

I haven’t updated on my training lately, so I thought I would put out a quick post. 19 more weeks until Ironman Lake Placid. Winter continues here on the border of the NorthEast and the Mid-Atlantic. We have had a few sparks of Springtime show their face, but not enough. For example, yesterday was sunny …

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Winter Cross-Training & Vacation 2014- Stowe, VT

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We decided to change things up a bit this Winter. We have been spending our Winter vacations in Lake Placid, NY for the past several years. This year we decided to give Stowe, VT a try mostly because they had much more kilometers of skate skiing trails than what LP has and I was starting …

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Training Log-Prep Week 4-Winter Prevails

Another prep week down. Cold temperatures and snow make for some additional training challenges this year. Last season I think we had it pretty easy. No worries though. This is all part of it and it makes you mentally stronger dealing with these little obstacles. This week I ramped up to around 9 hours despite …

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IMLP Training Week 7-Enough Winter Already!

Well another build cycle comes to an end and a welcome recovery week awaits me. Spoiled by a beautiful, Spring-like weekend the week prior, this past week I was not as lucky. I ended up doing a 2 hour trainer ride on Saturday which always tests your ability to handle monotony due to a fresh …

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Lake Placid Winter 2013-Day 8-Haystack Mountain Snowshoe

We were originally supposed to be leaving this Saturday morning, but we decided to stay an extra day until Sunday. Fortunately our gracious hosts said this was no problem. Besides what the heck am I going to do at home on Sunday? [nggallery id=18] We decided to forgo the skate-skiing today and instead get out …

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Lake Placid Winter 2013-Day 4-This Ain’t Disneyworld!

The day started off at -12 F. Cold, but only just the beginning. We enjoyed a healthy breakfast in and relaxed a bit. We took a walk down the road to the nearest trailhead, popped on the snowshoes and headed into the woods for a quick jaunt. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to get …

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Lake Placid Winter 2013-Day 3-Just Chillin’

We decided to eat in for breakfast this morning. I fueled up with a large bowl of Flax Plus Oatmeal and some blended berries from the Magic Bullet. I was not able to make my usual breakfast smoothie since I forgot to get some bananas the day before. Regardless it was a good replacement. I …

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What is Skate Skiing Anyway?

Many times when I tell people that we are heading to Lake Placid to skate skiing they are not really sure what that is. When people think of cross-country skiing, they think of what is known as classic style which consists of lifting the heel and sliding the ski forward usually maintaining constant contact with …

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