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IMLP Training Week 12-Less Than 100 Days

On Friday morning at 7AM the countdown timer ticked off less than 100 days until Ironman Lake Placid. Hard to believe it is just over 3 months to go. The hard training is about to begin and the races are beginning. Next week I will be running the St. Lukes Lehigh Valley Half Marathon with my wife as she does her first half-marathon. The week after will be the first triathlon of the season with the NJ Devilman Half-Lite tri in Cedarville, NJ. Should be a good race to get me feet wet for the season. The distance falls somewhere between a Olympic distance and a half-iron distance event(800m swim, 40mi bike, and a 8.8 mile run). A bit odd, but should be a good practice for pacing and nutrition for the Rev3 Quassy Half in June.
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IMLP Training Week 11-Another Brick in the Wall

Huff's Church Rd Farm
Huff’s Church Rd Farm

The end of the build weeks for 3rd training block has arrived. I have been feeling pretty good this last week. I did manage to push things a bit with some good interval work runs on Thursday bring myself almost to the point heaving. The weather has been finally getting better with temps in the 70-80’s on Monday to Wednesday and then down to 50’s and 60’s for the rest of the week. The one thing that remained constant though was plenty of wind…yuk! I really hate wind. I will take heat and hills any day over it.

Wednesday night’s run consisted of 5-60 second pickups at Zone 4 pace. Since the Rodale Fitness Park had the back stretch closed again for de-forestation work I headed out onto the back road that skirts the park. It is a fairly flat stretch except for a slight grade as you approach Cetronia Road. The worst part about this stretch is that it runs North/South and is totally exposed to the wind, so you are usually always fighting a crosswind. This really help amp up the intensity of my intervals too, but I was able to get to a 6:10 pace on my 3rd rep. After that though the wheels started to fall off and the last rep I was about to blow chunks.

I finally made my way over to the gym for some strength training which I have been meaning to do for awhile now. I tried to keep the weights low and take it easy, but I paid for my time away with some major soreness(DOMS) over the weekend. It mainly hurt doing basic movements like getting up and down out of a chair, so thankfully it didn’t affect my training too much. This is actually motivating me to get back again so I don’t have to endure this again. I have been reading a few articles that keep pointing out the importance of strength work for IM and as we age.

Thursday night was a bit overcast and the winds were brutal. Fortunately my ride was only 1:15 and I wasn’t going anymore than that.  The winds were actually out of the East for a change which opposite of what we normally have. This is really the worst direction since you feel so great riding out to the west and then when I make the turn for home it is like a brick wall.

My Saturday long ride was equally windy, but the sun was out and just a nice day. I decided to cheat the wind a bit and angle westward doing some hill climbing. The wind doesn’t really pose an issue when you are going half as fast. I angled my way through Bear Creek area and down towards Sally Ann Furnace area and down into Bowers, PA. I eventually turned around near Weavers Hardware store between Lyons and Fleetwood. From there on out it was tailwind city all the way home. Pretty nice.

After arriving home, I quickly changed into my run gear, made a pit stop and out the door for a brick run. This really messes with my dog. He gets all excited that I am home and then boom out the door I go. He does hold grudges. I felt extra good this week during my brick run and even extended it a little into the Lock Ridge Park where the masses were there taking pictures of the field of Grape Hyacinths(aka Bluebells) which bloom for a week or so every Spring. Cool scene, but all the people trampling them really stinks.

Sunday I was joined by wife for my long run which was cool. She needed to do her last long run before her first half marathon so we were able to train together for a few hours. It was a gorgeous day, still windy though. We hit the Ironton Rail Trail again which is a really nice, paved running path. There is one small section of gravel, but other than that smooth as silk. We wound up doing about 11.5 miles, which was the longest run my wife has done so far. I felt really good and could have gone faster, but I wanted to maintain her pace.

All-in-all a good block and I am still feeling pretty fresh. With a recovery week coming this week I know I will be feeling a little funky the next couple days. Only 2 weeks until Lehigh Valley Half Marathon and 3 weeks until first triathlon of the season. Lake Placid will be here before I know it.