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Touring Icelands’ Ring Road

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The following post outlines our recent trip to Iceland where we toured this most beautiful country via the Ring Road. The Ring Road, or Route 1, encircles the outer perimeter of entire island. It makes for the perfect guide to view everything this country has to offer. We branched off here and there, but always …

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Lake Placid Winter 2013-Day 2-Acclimatization

The first day of our Winter trip usually consists more of acclimatization to our environment than activity. This year was no different. We started off the day heading into town for breakfast at the Breakfast Club. As we headed out the door, Denise noticed that it was raining out in addition to being extremely windy. We …

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Prelude to a Vacation – Kripalu Fall 2010

http://www.facebook.com/widgets/like.php?href=http://brianschwind.net/wpblog/?p=157 It’s funny how this whole triathlon lifestyle takes on a life of its own. While preparing for my pursuit of triathlon goals, I decided that improving my running technique was something I really needed to look into in order to be successful. Not only for improving my running performance, but also to be able …

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Trip Diary – Lake Placid Spring 2010 Day 1

While Lake Placid is a typical destination for us, we have never been there during the early Spring. We decided to make the trip up this time of year with the intention of some triathlon training and fly-fishing. I always use the excuse that I don’t fly-fish as much as I used to since I …

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