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Treadmill Shopping

Treadmill Shopping

ProForm J6 Treadmill
ProForm J6 Treadmill

My old ProForm J6 treadmill is getting a bit tired these days. It actually just shut off on me during my brick run last Saturday. It has served me well for the couple hundred dollars I paid for several years ago, but we both agreed it was time for an upgrade.

I have also learned to embrace the treadmill lately. I used to be a bit more “macho” and run outside no matter what, but I am totally over that now. I have nothing to prove there anymore and I am more than happy to chug along for miles while watching TV or or some videos. I also tend to get this wheeziness in my lungs when I do any intense activity in very cold temperatures. My wife used to refer to this as my “hockey cough” when I would come home late at night after playing ice hockey and be wheezing and coughing in bed. I obviously inherited the athsmatic-ness of my mother and grandfather.

I started doing some research online and found a few brands and features that I thought were important. I made the rounds to several shops in the area and tested them out. The LifeSpan TR4000i was one model that struck my eye online. It had good reviews and was rated highly by Consumer Reports and Runner’s world, but no one had any in stock to try. One shop had a TR1200i, but it was not setup correctly,  so it was making all kinds of noise running on it. Not a good sell. Their price was also a bit higher than the online price of the 4000i, so I bagged that.

I headed down to Quakertown to FItness Factory Outlet which states they have the 4000i on their website. When I got there he stated that he only sold that online. He did have a bunch of these Spirit treadmills in the showroom. I tried them all and was very impressed. The price was right too. I went home and did some research on them and it turns out Consumer Reports also recommended the Spirit 485 higher than the 4000i I was looking at before. It also had a little better warranty too. So after thinking it over for a few days, I made the call to purchase!

I was pretty excited to hear that they had the model I wanted in stock, so I figured they would deliver in a day or so. I was told that the delivery guy would call me later that day to setup delivery. When he called I was a bit disappointed to find out they were about a week behind on deliveries. We agreed on the following Saturday to setup and deliver.

The driver arrived promptly at 10:30am with my treadmill. They carried the large box in and started setting it up. Eventually they called me down to report that the main wire adapter from the panel to the motor was broken. They were very apologetic, but I knew it was not their fault. They said that the Fitness Factory Outlet guys would get back to me. I psyched when the called me in a couple hours and said they had a wire from another unit and would be up in an hour to finish assembling it.

Spirit Fitness xt485 Treadmill 1
Spirit Fitness xt485 Treadmill 1
Spirit Fitness xt485 Treadmill Deck
Spirit Fitness xt485 Treadmill Deck
Spirit Fitness xt485 Treadmill Console
Spirit Fitness xt485 Treadmill Console

Stay tuned for a future post on my actual review of the unit after I get some use out of it. So far so good though!

IMCDA 2015 Training Update-Week #7(of 26)-Skiing

Week 7 was a little bit of deviation from the original plan. I had some free ski passes for Camelback ski area in the poconos, so I took a friend from work along for a free day of skiing. The forecast was to be very cold and windy, and it was, just not as bad as what they were calling for. We bundled up and made sure no skin was exposed. It ended up being a really nice day. I hadn’t downhill skiied since last Winter in Stowe, so it was nice to get out on the slopes a bit.

Saturday morning was my new treadmill delivery and the very courteous delivery guys arrived promptly at around 10:30. They started setting up the treadmill and eventually I heard them calling for me from the basement. They regretfully informed me that the plastic connector on the main wire from the motor to the console was broken. 🙁 I was a bit disappointed, but hey shit happens. They left and said they would call Tony at the Fitness Factory Outlet to let him know. Within an hour, Troy from the FFO had called and said he had a spare from another unit and he would bring it up and finish setting it up. It was snowing pretty good out so it took him a little longer than expected. He set it all up and I was all set. Looks like I was going to do a treadmill run tomorrow.

Spirit Fitness xt485 Treadmill 1
Spirit Fitness xt485 Treadmill 1

After Troy left, I finally got my trainer ride in. I got a good 3 hour trainer ride in too and followed it up with a 10 minute brick on my new treadmill too.

It was another fairly solid week. I took a rest day on Monday since I was a bit tired after my long run the previous Sunday. I also bagged my long swim on Friday in lieu of skiing all day. I thought maybe I could do that Friday evening, but I was pretty tired after my day of skiing.

Training Peaks-IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7
Training Peaks-IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7

On Sunday, I broke the new treadmill by running an actual half-marathon distnace on it. It held up quite well too. The speed on it seems to be a bit lower than what my Garmin was saying. Not a big deal though since I typically pay more attention to my Garmin and heart rate anyway. I also turned the the clock over.

Treadmill time turnover
Treadmill time turnover


One other note, is my strength training is getting kyboshed more frequently than I care to admit. I really wanted to get into a regular routine but I am usually so tired I cannot muster up the energy to do.

Training Peaks-IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7 - PMC Chart
Training Peaks-IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7 – PMC Chart

Although my volume was about the same as last week, My intensity(IF) was a little lower taking some stress off my system.

Training Peaks-IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7 - <a href=
TSS by Week” width=”389″ height=”389″ /> Training Peaks-IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7 – TSS by Week

HRV is maintaining a steady level, which gives me some piece of mind that training is going well and I am not overtaxing my system too much.

IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7 - HRV  Trend
IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7 – HRV Trend

As you can see from the iThlete training guide, Friday was probably a good day to switch gears and do a little skiing.

IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7 - HRV  Training Guide
IMCDA 2015 Training Week #7 – HRV Training Guide

IMCDA 2015 Training Update Week #5(of 26)- Vacation Recovery

Week #5 Update

Well, week 5 had a bit of a rough start. After returning home from our long weekend in Lake Placid, I had a bit of a struggle getting back on my normal training routine. Fortunately by the weekend, I was back on track with my planned LSD workouts.

On Saturday, I cooked my legs pretty good with the TrainerRoad Echo workout and followed it up with a short brick run on the treadmill. The brick run was cut short when my treadmill just shut off mid stride. Always fun to go crashing into the front panel! I did make up the time treadmill shopping later that day. More on that in another post.

I also contracted a bit of swimmers’ ear the week before. I decided to stay out of the pool a bit  which accounts for the two missed swim workouts on Tues & Thursday. The other red workouts were my strength workouts…imagine that? f

Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2015 Training Week #5
Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2015 Training Week #5 – TrainingPeaks.com
Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2015 Training Week #5 PMC - TrainingPeaks.com
Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2015 Training Week #5 PMC – TrainingPeaks.com

IMLP Training Week 1-And We Are Off!

Well vacation came to an end and the first week of training is complete. Coach Scott has been engaged and the training plans are flowing. It is always a bit of a adjustment the first week or so with a good training plan since it is usually a little less volume than what I had previously been doing. But this is exactly the reason I have a coach because I would obviously overtrain and end burning out before my A race. There is still a long road ahead and consistent, gradual progress will get me there.

The TrainerRoad Setup
The TrainerRoad Setup

I am starting to get used to the 5-5:30AM swims which should help give me adequate time to get a good swim workout in in time without affecting my work schedule. The TrainerRoad Workout Creator app(included in the Beta version) has been great for creating trainer workouts to match up with my coaches training workouts. Using TrainerRoad and listening to some Ben Greenfield podcasts surely makes time go by. I only had to run on the treadmill once this week which was one too many. That is just torture.

On Saturday night we received a few inches of snow which blanketed the area. We were supposed meet up with some friends in Bethlehem, but ended up having to cancel and head back home due to the accidents and backed up traffic. I feared having to do my long Sunday run on the treadmill. I figured that the roads would be plowed which actually makes running worse since it leaves some ice, but not enough that I can wear my YakTrax. I decided to head over to Rodale Fitness Park, figuring that they would not have plowed it.

Snowy Run at Rodale
Snowy Run at Rodale

I pulled into the empty parking lot at Rodale Fitness Park and strapped on the YakTrax. I had the place to myself and it was perfect. The sun popped out and made the snow glisten as I made my way around the snow-covered lanes. I was even able to make some fresh tracks in the bike lanes which also enabled me to check my foot landing. Running in the snow is great for allowing to focus on your form. The harder your footfall, the worse it is. Not the fastest of runs, but that is a good thing.

Minimalist Snow Run Gear-YakTrax
Minimalist Snow Run Gear-YakTrax

I ended up with a little over 7.5 hours of training this week, which was a good initial week after vacation. Everything is feeling good, but I would like to get back to some strength training again. I think I could squeeze it in on lunches on my bike days. We shall see how that goes. 25 more weeks to go!

LOG Totals
Type Distance Duration Avg Pace # Time in Zones
BikeTrainer 46.1 mi 02:58 15.5 mph 3
Run 15.2 mi 02:23 09:30/mi 3 HEART RATE

1 – Recovery 00:08 53 – 114
2 – Endurance 00:59 114 – 152
3 – Sub-LT 00:29 153 – 157
4a – LT 00:45 158 – 165
4b – Super-LT 00:03 165 – 173
5 – VO2 Max 00:01 173 – 183
Swim 5686.8 yd 02:20 02:28/100yd 3
Total Duration: 07:41   9


The Flyers Game Brick Workout

Today I did a new workout called the Flyers Game Brick Workout. With temps in teens today, I was remanded to either the treadmill or the trainer. I struggle to not die of boredom on either of them for more than 45 minutes. The Flyers were playing the Devils today at 1PM so I thought watching the game would help to take some of this drudgery away. Even better, why not do a brick workout to coincide with the different parts of the game? So I did. I rode on the bike(on trainer) during the periods which allowed me to watch the game with out the bouncing up and down like when running. To add a little twist, I also did high intensity reps during commercial breaks. Fortunately Hockey doesn’t have too many commercials unlike some of the more boring, over publicized sports like Football and Baseball(dig!). During the intermissions, which typically last around 15 minutes, I hopped over to the treadmill and got in a 1.75 mile run. Good workout for adjusting those legs to the bike run transitions. The worst part of the workout was actually getting back on the bike after the 2nd intermission run, which is not typical in a tri anyway. My quads were just cramping up all over the place. I spun easy for a bit and they eventually worked out.

The was really great and it made the whole thing go very quickly with less boredom than your typical indoor workout. As I sit here writing this, I can feel the after effects in my legs so it must have done something.  Give it a try!