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IMCDA 2015 Training Update Week #3(of 26)

Week #3 was a pretty good week. My volume and Training Stress Score(TSS) were pretty high. I got in some good long and instense workouts.

Zwift Trainer APp
I have also been invited into the beta program for the Zwift Trainer App. Pretty cool graphics although the course is a 5k loop, so you keep seeing the same scenery over and over. Has good possibilities though. You can also ride with other people sort of like gaming for athletes.

I feel my swim stroke rate is getting faster thanks to the use of my new favorite pool toy, the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro.

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

I can now set a temp for some swim sets and just try to hold on to the pace. I am slowly increasing the stroke rate and the distance of sets. Now, when I go back to a slower pace it seems so easy. It really helps you develop a good rhythem in your stroke.



Training Peaks Performance Management Chart

 Heart Rate Variability(HRV) has made a huge jump since the start of the New Year. I think that is in large part to cleaning up my diet again and ditching the alcohol. I am also seeing the weight come off rather quickly too, which is due the lack of IPA’s.


Last year I had purchased a Beddit sleep tracking device, which allows me to download some of my sleep stats. The Beddit also tracks my heart rate and respiration rate through the night which is pretty cool. THey are eventually going to add HRV too, so it will be interesting to see how that trends during the night. It may also reduce my need to strap on my heart rate monitor every morning. So, sleep has been pretty good all along averaging about y hours a night.

Beddit sleep tracking vs. HRV.