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Ironman Lake Placid 2018 – Race Week Update

Recovered If anyone else may be reading this, you may know that I suffered a bit of a setback a few weeks ago when I crashed my bike going downhill at 37MPH. Well, I am happy to say that other than a few leftover scabs, all of my road rash has healed. Big thanks to …

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Training Blog: Brian Schwind – June – Myithlete

iThlete HRV Timeline IMCDA Week 24

Check out my latest guest post on the iThlete HRV Blog. In this month’s post, I will be covering how tapering for an Ironman affects your Heart Rate Variability. Source: Training Blog: Brian Schwind – June – Myithlete

IMCdA 2015 Training Log-Week#24(June 8-14)-Taper Week 1

TrainerRoad 20 minute FTP Test Result

Ahhh the old love-hate relationship with tapering continues. While greatly anticipated, this break in training and the general feeling of malaise that comes along with it I did not. I guess you can’t have everything. The Ironman Lawn… I was finally able to get my lawn looking somewhat manicured with some extra time on my hands now. …

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Timberman 70.3 2014 Training Update-Rest, Recover, and Taper

Wow…It is already a week since Ironman Lake Placid! Most of the past week was spent totally resting and recovering from the 140.6 miles the previous Sunday. We had a full, very rainy, day on Monday after the race to relax in Lake Placid before the long drive home. I cannot imagine doing another IMLP …

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IMLP 2014-Week 23 Training Update-Taper Week #2

Nothing real exciting to report here for my second week of taper before Ironman Lake Placid 2014. I ended up swimming a little more than I planned on Tuesday, but then totally bagged my run on Thursday night. We were heading up to Lake Wallenpaupack again from Thursday to Saturday and I just didn’t give …

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IMLP 2014-Week 22 Training Update-Taper Time!

Well it’s taper time! All the hard training is behind me now and I will gradually decrease my training volume over the three weeks before Ironman Lake Placid . It works out quite nicely with the start of the Tour de France  too. One of my biggest fears during the pre-race taper period is getting …

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Ironman Lake Placid Race Week Update-Monday-Wednesday

Monday(6 more days until race day) Well, no training today and I really don’t feel all that great. I really feel so much better when I am training. I did get my dog out for a few walks, so I guess that is something. My biometrics are indicating that my body is starting to peak, …

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Ironman Lake Placid Training Week 25 Update-Still Tapering

I feel like I was going 100 MPH and we just slammed on the brakes! I thought only training 8-9 hours last week was light, but we cut that in half again this week with only ~4 hours total training. It feels like nothing. Crazy to think that some people may think that is a …

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Ironman Lake Placid Training Update Week #24-Embracing the Taper

The 3 week taper before Ironman Lake Placid has finally arrived. It is hard to believe that all of my major training is now behind me. Typically, taper time kind of sucks. At least when I have done some before half-iron distance events. You usually feel very crappy and after getting used to logging some …

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