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IMCDA 2015-Week#21(May 18-24)-Todd Wiley Lake Placid Camp

Less than 5 weeks to go until Ironman Coeur d’Alene! Actually, if you are reading this post it is probably less than 3 weeks to go. With all the heavy training volume lately, I cannot find the time to get this post out and I didn’t want to just throw it out there. Anyway…I digress.

This was a bit of an odd week. I was ready for some recovery time after finishing up two solid build weeks, but with Todd Wiley’s Lake Placid Training Camp this weekend I could not afford an entire week of recovery. I did a light swim on Monday, took a total rest day on Tuesday, and then a easy run on Wednesday. It was a good amount of time to recover and be ready for a solid training block over the Memorial day weekend. My HRV Timeline chart below shows my recovery as well with a solid upswing into the mid-80’s by the middle of the week.

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iThlete HRV Timeline Annotated-IMCdA 2015 Week 21″ width=”625″ height=”293″ /> iThlete HRV Timeline Annotated-IMCdA 2015 Week 21

Camp Time!

On Thursday morning I made the 6 hour drive up to Lake Placid for the start of Todd Wileys‘ Lake Placid Training Camp. Last year I had my own little solo camp, but riding alone up there leaves me a little uneasy. Especially when you get a couple flats and mechanical issues. When you are with a camp you have some extra support plus it is always fun meeting new people with similar interests. We were staying at the Olympic Training Center for the Todd Wiley camp which was really cool. This would be much more fun than staying in some hotel downtown by myself. I had driven past the OTC facility many times but never saw the facility from the inside, so now I could really check it out.

I arrived at the facility, checked in and unloaded my gear into the room. Eventually, my roomate Max came in and introduced himself. He was a really nice, mellow guy which I was very relieved about. It was kind of like the first day of college and meeting your dorm roomate. Everyone eventually met outside in the parking lot around 4PM for a group run after getting settled into their rooms. We then headed out for a nice 5-6 mile run into town, around Mirror Lake and then back again. I ended up running with Dr. named Howie most of the run. He was a super nice guy and quite a character too. The run went really fast since we were chatting the whole time.

The original shedule had a short 15 mile bike ride listed on the first day, but that got nixed since we got out later than planned. We then headed to the cafeteria at the Olympic Training Center(OTC)  for some dinner. I was a bit apprehensive about eating in a cafeteria all weekend and whether they would have much for me to eat. I was pleasantly surprised. The OTC cafeteria food was awesome! They usually had several different options for each meal with at least a couple of them being veg-friendly. Another nice benefit of the cafeteria was that we didn’t have to deal with eating in town on a holiday weekend. This can be a bit of a challenge especially with a large group.

On Thursday night the group got together for some discussion with Todd about the plan for the weekend and some general training information. We also got a a bunch of swag including a t-shirt, a towel, and some sun/cooling sleeves. I was pretty psyched about the sun sleeves since I had wanted to try them but didn’t want to fork out the money for a pair. I also just happened to check the weather on my phone during our session and it was apparently snowing outside. That should make for an interesting ride tomorrow!

On Friday, we were up for breakfast by 7AM after a good nights sleep and out for group ride by 8:30am. It was a bit cool and very overcast as we waited to depart. It started raining as soon as we left the OTC making for a cold, damp start. We headed down Route 73 to River Rd and then down 86 to Wilimington and back again. The ride down to Wilmington is mostly downhill so I took it easy crusing the whole way. The skies eventually opened up and the sun came out. My plan was to give a hard push back up the notch to Lake Placid. It was a good hard ride,  I turned around at Cobble Mountain right after the three bears climbs and then swung back down to River Rd. and then back to the OTC.

We then headed out for a half hour brick run immediately after we returned from our ride. I joined up briefly with Derek Fitzgerald, the only heart transplant and cancer survivor to complete an Ironman, and we ran across the street up Bear Cub Rd. past the entrance to Henry’s Woods. I went a little further up the road since I had never been up the before and was curious where it ended up. It was a gradual climb most of the way out.

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Fernando demonstrating his core strength techniques

We had a afternoon session with Fernando Paredes from Fusion Fitness & Performance on his strength training principles after lunch. I had attended Fernando’s workshop back in January so this was more of a refresher for me. The session was mostly just a overview of his methods and we didn’t get into any actual strength training. Fernando did a couple demonstrations with some of the campers which were pretty amazing. The one guy had really tight hamstrings and Fernando was able to have him touch his toes after just rubbing his jaw on both sides. That was pretty wild.

On Friday night we had a classroom discussion on triathlon rules and safety with Ken Modica. Ken is a USAT official who officiates many of the races in my area. It was a good review of the rules and some of the changes that have been made. I kind of lost attention though after everyone started their “airing of grievances” and bringing up their individual occurences of being unjustly penalized for things. I would have liked to have seen a little more discussion on overall race strategy and nutrition in the camp, especially for the folks who are doing Ironman for the first time. Troy Jacobson did this in his camp, which I attended in 2012, and I found it really helpful. The coaches here were very accessible though and I know my roomate had sat down with Todd individually to discuss some of these topics.

Bike ready for long ride with Amrita Bars
Bike ready for long ride with Amrita Bars

Saturday was our long bike ride for the weekend, so I was off early for a good nights sleep Friday night. We topped off our tanks with a good breakfast and then we headed out for our long ride. Some of the campers were only doing one loop of the IMLP Course, and then the rest were doing two loops. Both groups were skipping out on the out-and-backs to Ausable Forks and Haselton Road. I was considering doing one or two of them just to tack on a few miles.


I started out with a group led by Nancy Smith, an elite age grouper and multiple Kona qualifier. Nancy has an unbelieveably smooth cadence which never seems to change despite the terrain. She also had a very similar pace to me so I always seemed to be following her. She did tend to drop me a little on climbs, but then I would catch up on the downhills. My extra weight comes in handy sometimes! Thanks gravity! Also in our pack was my roomate Max and Jeff. We would stop every once in a while and catch up a bit.

Max cruising through Jay on IMLP Bike Course
Max cruising through Jay on IMLP Bike Course

It was a pretty brisk morning on Saturday, but I dressed appropriately  with jacket, leg warmers and full finger gloves and it wasn’t too bad. It had gotten a little warmer towards the end of the first loop, so I swung back to the OTC for quick wardrobe change. The first loop went well and I was still feeling pretty fresh. The wind had picked up a bit on the second loop but it was mostly a tailwind from Lake Placid all the way to Upper Jay. There never seems to be a tailwind from Upper Jay back to Lake Placid which is basically all uphill.

Old Barn between Upper Jay and Wilmington with Whiteface in the background
Old Barn between Upper Jay and Wilmington with Whiteface in the background

I started to feel it a little in my quads as I made my way up to Wilmingtion. I had heard someone yelling my name as I rolled into Wilmington and eventually saw Todd parked across the street and my roomate Max taking on some hydration. I swung across an refilled my bottles and food. It was good timing because I was out of hydration and starting to feel it. After sucking down a bottle of Skratch Labs and eating an Amrita Bar I was ready to tackle the climb back to Lake Placid. I even hit the little out-and-back on Haselton Road just to get a couple more miles in. I like this little stretch too since it is pretty mellow with minimal traffic. It is kind of a break in itself.

I made the push back up 86 to Lake Placid, this time being a little more challenging than the first loop. The stronger headwind made things just a little tougher too. There is a short but steep stretch around the gorge area where the road gets very narrow with no shoulder and a stone wall guarding you from a rocky cliff into the Ausable River. I got behind another cyclist who was going relatively slow, but I was not able to pass him do to the car traffic and lack of a shoulder. As we reached the top of the climb, but not quite passed the stone wall he decided to stop! WTF!! I yelled “NO! Keep going!” He obviously didn’t even realize I was behind him. He managed to gather some more strength and pedal up to the turnout a few feet away. I patted him on the back and laughed as I went by. He smiled but was too exhausted to say any words.

I finished up the ride back into town after completing the Three Bears climbs for the second time that day. My legs were pretty tired by the time I got back and I only had food on my mind at this point. Fortunately the OTC cafeteria is open all day long for snacks and things and I headed right there.

Fernando had a strength training session in the afternoon, but I could muster up the motivation to attend. I was ready to just chill a bit. The plan for the afternoon was to go into town for a short swim in Mirror Lake. I ended bagging the swim since it was still pretty cool air temperature and very windy. I knew the water was cool which I can deal with, but the thought of getting out of the water not being able to get warm changed my mind. I knew Sunday was supposed to be a warmer day, so I will save my swim for then.

I ended up going to Lake Placid Pub & Brewery to get some dinner and have a couple beers. I ended up meeting up with some tri-friends from home, John, Ashley and Johns’ daughter Laura at the Pub. They were staying with some other friends, Brian and Mandy, from back home who have a house in LP and invited me to come over for dinner. I felt a little funny going over to have dinner at someones house that I never met, but they said it was cool. Brian and Mandy were really nice people and so accomodating. They are both REALLY GOOD athletes and Brian was into photography too so there was no shortage of conversation. I had such a great time with all of them and we had a ton of laughs too. It was like I had known them forever. Oh also they had rice and beans with side of kale for dinner so it was the perfect meal for me. I did cheat a little and had a organic chicken sausage too. 🙂

Todd debriefing campers before our long run
Todd debriefing campers before our long run

Sunday all the LP campers met up after breakfast at the front gate to the OTC. Todd debriefed us on the plan for the run since some folks were running different distances than others. I was planning to get at least 18 miles in but was hoping for 20. I would assess it as I went depending on how I felt. We then got together for group photo before set off on our run.

2015 Todd Wilery LP Camp athlete photo OTC
2015 Todd Wilery LP Camp athlete photo OTC

I realized that I forgot to put sunscreen on as we started down the road, so I headed back to the dorms to put some on. The zipper in my running shorts got jammed and I could not get my ID card out. I could not get the zipper unjammed for the life of me and I didn’t want to break the it on my favorite running shorts. So I had to go without. Fortunately it was fairly cloudy as the day went on so not really an issue.

I fell pretty far behind everyone with the zipper drama, so I was basically on my own for most of the day. I did catch up to a few people in the camp and saw the rest coming back on River Road. Todd was waiting at the turnaround on River Rd. with water and gatorade for us. He also said he would wait for me at the Ski Jumps, on the other end of River Rd. to restock me with water before I head into town. On the way back I stopped at the house we typically stay at on River Road to say Hi to our friends Dan & Wendy for a few minutes. I chatted with Dan for a bit and then continued on. I stepped up the pace a bit since I knew Todd was waiting for me.

LSD Run Comparisons by Temperature
LSD Run Comparisons by Temperature

The cooler air temps this day really made a huge difference in my run. I felt so good the whole time as opposed to the prior weeks run back home in hot & humid temps(see image above). My previous long runs were much slower and the courses were also much less difficult in terms of terrain. I can only hope for temps in the 60’s in Coeur d’Alene!

I made my way up into town, headed around the back of Mirror Lake and turned around at the Lake Placid Marina right before coming back into town near Saranac Ave. I was at around 16 miles when I got back to the OTC, so I decided to head up Bear Cub Rd, where I had done the brick run on Friday to get 20 in. I ended up finishing with only 19.3 but I didn’t feel like to doing filler runs just to get 20 in. Close enough! I was quite happy with the run at that point, so no point in continuing.

After some lunch, we headed into town to get a swim in at Mirror Lake. My friend John had told me to let him know when we would be swimming and he was going to meet me with his kayak. It was pretty nice having my own support crew. I stashed a water bottle on Johns’ boat and he took some pictures and video of me while I swam too.

Me getting ready for swim in a chilly Mirror Lake
Me getting ready for swim in a chilly Mirror Lake

The water was really cold! I was a little fearful of cramping up after just running 20 miles a couple hours before. My hands, feet and face were numb. I started out with a pretty good pace just to get some heat pumping. My plan was to swim 20 minutes out and then back again. By around 15 minutes I was starting to have enough. My toes were involuntarily curling up from the cold. I stopped at around 17 minutes, took a drink of water and chatted with John a bit and then headed back. Unfortunately, I forgot to stop my watch to get an accurate pace.

Cold swim in Mirror Lake
Cold swim in Mirror Lake
Thumbs up...open water swim in Mirror Lake
Thumbs up…open water swim in Mirror Lake

The wind really started to kick up on the way back and the waves were smashing into my right side. I took a mouthful of water and started choking a bit just like I did at Devilman a few weeks before. I eventually calmed down and restored my breathing again. I then started breathing only to the left for the rest of the swim back. I finished up with a mile swim, which was plenty considering how cold it was. It had to be at or below 50 degrees. When I reached the beach the rest of the people in the camp were already done swimming and they had started after me. Todd even said it was crazy cold and he bailed early too.

A video posted by Bri Tri (@bri_tri) on

Sunday night I was pretty tired and just settled in early. I had a good dinner and then got a good nights sleep. We had planned to do a short bike ride early in the morning and then checkout by 9:30am. The forecast was for rain and I planned on skipping that if that was the case and get on the road early to avoid all the Memorial Day traffic.

I was the first one from our camp in the cafeteria in the morning, but Derek Fitzgerald had come in later and joined me. It worked out nice to get to chat with him one-on-one for a bit. He was telling me about his upcoming Tour de Cure ride across America which is starting on June 9th. He has a pretty amazing story which I would highly recommend you check out.

I then packed up after breakfast, said goodbye to my roomate Max and everyone I saw from the camp. I got to meet a lot of new triathletes from the are area while getting in some solid training. It was a really great experience and I would highly recommend it. Staying at the Olympic Training Center was very cool.

The ride home started out ok, but traffic got very heavy as I got past Lake George. Fortunately no major delays though. I stopped in New Paltz at the Taco Shack for a quick bean burrito along the way. It was crazy busy everywhere else.

Ok, back home with only two more build weeks to go! Thanks for reading!


IMLP 2014-Week 23 Training Update-Taper Week #2


Nothing real exciting to report here for my second week of taper before Ironman Lake Placid 2014. I ended up swimming a little more than I planned on Tuesday, but then totally bagged my run on Thursday night. We were heading up to Lake Wallenpaupack again from Thursday to Saturday and I just didn’t give myself adequate time management to fit it in. Oh well. I also bagged my 10 minute brick on Saturday too. I seem to be an all or nothing kind of triathlete. When I have a big build training week I usually do every single workout minute, but when it comes to recovery and taper weeks I frequently blow things off. Perhaps it is my way of giving 110% on those recovery weeks!

Power Meter Crisis Averted!

I did have a bit of a panic when I set out on my bike ride on Wednesday night. I was planning to upgrade my Stages Power Meter to the latest version of firmware, but I was unable to connect it to my iPhone via Bluetooth to update. I thought it was just my iPhone Bluetooth causing the problem, but when I proceeded out on my ride my Garmin 910xt would not pick it up on ANT+ either. Hmm.?

Stages Power Meter
Stages Power Meter

I changed the battery in the module when I got home and it immediately started working again. Phew! I did a little more inspection of the module with a flashlight and magnifying glass later on. When I first received the unit my bike mechanic had broken a couple of the tabs that lock the battery in its compartment. Stages immediately sent me out some new caps, but I was never able to lock the cap in place so I always wrap it with black electrical tape.

Stages Power Meter Firmware Upgrade
Stages Power Meter Firmware Upgrade

Apparently, when I washed the bike after my last long ride, water got in and shorted the battery. Turns out that one of the little tabs that had broken off was lodged in the compartment locking slot and would not allow me to lock the cap securely. I was able to remove the broken tab and am happy to report it is locking securely in place now. Crisis averted.

I tweeted about the issue after my ride and the folks at Stages quickly replied to get me help I needed(See tweet below). I wasn’t able to respond right away and they even shipped me some new caps before I have got back to them. Just a sign of the great customer service they have there. I had a similar experience when I needed those new caps the first time too. I hope to do a gear review on my Stages Power Meter after Ironman this year. Spoiler alert…I have been very with happy it!

Open Water Swim at Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack deer fawn poconos
Fawn near house at Lake Wallenpaupack

Since we were up at the Lake for a couple days, I was able to get in a little open water swim there on Friday. My in-laws had rented a house on the lake and I could walk right out the door in my wetsuit for a nice swim. I hit it just early enough to avoid most of the crazy boat traffic that starts around noon. We were situated in a very narrow section of the lake and it gets crazy with boats flying back-and-forth there.

It did get a little rough as I rounded the bend heading towards Ledgedale Recreation area. The waves were angling into each other as the boats rounded the bend as well. And apparently “no-wake” zone means nothing to these folks. Once I did get around the bend it did mellow out a bit, but by then it was time to head back. My wife followed along with me in the kayak and I think she was bummed to have to turn back so soon. I only wanted to swim for 30-40 minutes and I was at around 18 by then.

It was a pretty nice swim otherwise. Water seemed ok initially, but I was getting pretty hot by the time I returned to the dock. I averaged around a 1:46/100y pace which is what I did at Black Bear Half  this season too. I would be pretty psyched to get that at Lake Placid too. Or even a 1:47 would be an improvement. Strava totally botched my upload for this too, but I will embed it just for the hell of it.

SSD Workouts – Short, Slow Distance!!

I did my typical bike and run on Saturday and Sunday, although the duration was quite a bit shorter than usual. Instead of calling them LSD workouts I changed it to SSD since they are much shorter. I have to say I felt REALLY good on both of the workouts too. It is that time where you have to reign yourself in a bit from going crazy fast since you feel like the Six Million Dollar Man.

Cool sky on my ride on Saturday. Had to stop for an Instagram shot.
Cool sky on my ride on Saturday. Had to stop for an Instagram shot.

I ended up averaging 18.5MPH for a 36 mile ride on Saturday night and it felt like nothing. By the way, Saturday evenings are the best time to ride. At least were I ride. There is hardly any cars out on the road and it is just so nice. There is usually minimal wind at the end of the day too.

My PMC chart on TrainingPeaks is showing some major recovery with the TSB value heading up towards the 45 mark.  I was up to around the same value last year too, but my fitness level(CTL in blue) is forecast to be around 95 on raceday, whereas last year I was around 89. Not sure how well those numbers translate to real life, but we will see in a week.



Well this coming week is going to be an even easier one. A couple short workouts early and then on route to Lake Placid for race weekend. I usually do a couple very light, easy workouts up there too just to get the blood flowing a bit. I like to do a little run on River Road after the long drive too just get that blood that all pools up in my legs from a 6 hour drive.

This year should be pretty fun since there are a bunch of people I know racing this year. I am real excited for a few first-timers: Shanna and Ashley. I have a good feeling they are going to kick some major butt in their respective age groups up there. They have had some great success this season so far too. Best of luck ladies!!

There is also a few veterans returning like my Coach Scott, who has done IMLP for the last 10 years. A true IRONMAN out and out! Also Kenrick Smith who is a coach and soon-to-be pro triathlete. His athletic performance is amazing! Also a friend from John Parks is also doing his 5th consecutive Ironman Lake Placid. He is an animal! These are the people that help motivate me to do this stuff. I wish them all the best and love seeing them out on the course.

My bib number this year is 2422. Not quite as nice as my #234 last year, but not too far away either. I suppose that my Ironman Foundation fundraising last year provided me the lowered number.  Well, time to start packing up!

See you in Lake Placid!!

A Small Bout of Swimmer’s Ear

Last week I started developing a bit of pain at the top of left jaw bone, just in front of my ear. I thought maybe I slept on on it funny or one of my ear buds may have caused it. It started to get a bit worse over the weekend with pain around the ear and an itchiness in the ear. I began flushing out my ear with peroxide, but it really didn’t help much. My hearing in that ear became a bit muffled too. I also had some slight liquid draining out too. Yum! On Tuesday, I decided to look up the symptoms of “swimmers ear” online to see if maybe it was that. It was no doubt that it was.

imageI always wear Mack’s silicone earplugs when I swim, mostly to quiet the noise of the splashing water, so I am not sure how I could get this. I have been swimming 2-3 times a week now for the last 4 years and I have never had an issue before. I must have had a leak. I guess I can consider myself lucky to not have had it thus far.

Now my first triathlon is less than two weeks away and I am in the heart of Ironman training, so I started to panic. I am usually anti-antibiotic since I feel they are so overused these days which limits their effectiveness when truly needed. We also get over numerous amounts of them through all the meat and diary we consume(over 80% of all antibiotics produced go towards factory farmed livestock animals). Well, not me personally, but all the meat eating folks out there. I decided this was a case where I needed to make an exception. My swim training has been going well and I don’t want to jeopardize that.

I called my Dr.’s office and made an appointment for later Tuesday afternoon. I apparently haven’t been there in over two years since they have now joined a larger hospital owned organization and I wasn’t “in the system.” So when I arrived they provided me with a laundry list of forms to fill out. Fun! Eventually I completed them and was sent to the smaller waiting room with no TV in it since I was seeing the only Physician’s Assistant(PA) in the office. I guess those seeing a real Dr. get the TV waiting room?

Fortunately the wait was pretty quick and the nurse called me back. We stopped off at the scale along the way and she had me jump on with shoes, belt and everything. That really annoys the hell out of me. That is not my true weight!!! Of course it was about 4.5 lbs higher than what I weighed this morning in my underwear. She took my BP, which was 130/88, naturally higher since I was in the dreaded “Dr’s Office”(dun-dun-DUN!!!!). My BP first thing that morning at home was 122/80. And then I waited for the PA.

The walls in the office were paper-thin and I could hear almost everything said for the patient who was having trouble breathing in the room next to me. I could also get a sense of the PA to. He sounded very matter-of-fact about everything and not a very “warm” individual. My impression was soon confirmed after he came into my room, laptop in hand. No introductions, just plopped laptop down and fired off a bunch of questions at me while focusing his gaze directly at his laptop hammering on the keys. Nice bedside manner dude!

He eventually peeled himself away from the screen and looked in my ears. Yup, good case of Swimmer’s Ear. Back to the laptop again. More questions….pharmacy, etc. He prescribed some drops which I would take 10 drops daily, for 7 days. The script went right to the pharmacy which I could pick up in an hour. Pretty cool. He also said I could probably get back to swimming the next week since I would not want to miss that much training. Thought that was  cool too. Ok maybe he isn’t so bad afterall.

I took the drops as soon as I got home from pharmacy. I had a bike ride to do that night, which I did with a cotton ball in my ear. It was kind of nice for muffling the car noise going by. I notified my coach that I may skip my Wed swim this week. I ended up feeling much better the next morning already. By Wednesday night I decided I was going to do my Wed swim on Thursday AM.

I got my swim in on Thursday and my LSD swim on Friday. Crisis averted! My ear has felt progressively better as the week went on, so I think I should be good to go. I may start dropping some alcohol into my ear after swims now just to dry up and possible leaks to help prevent any further issues.

4th of July-Lap Swimming Adventures at the Community Pool

My typical weeknight rides always take me past our local community pool. On Tuesday night(July 3rd) I had noticed that they had a lap lane setup on the side closest to the diving area. I thought “sweet” I can run down there tomorrow and do my normal Wed swim, since the Rodale Aquatic Center pool that I normally swim at was closed for the holiday. My coach had not scheduled a swim this day for the same reason, but I thought I would take the bull by the horns and do it anyway. Little did I know it would be such an ordeal.

When I arrived at the pool, the young, blonde girl at the front desk seemed stunned when I walked in. It was like she didn’t know what do. Doesn’t anyone come here or what? I asked her for a day pass and she nervously replied with “are you age 55 or older?” Exsqueeze-me??? I thought…really? Do I look 55 or older? Jeez! Ok either I look really old or she is just a complete ditz and is reading off some script behind the wall or something. Anyway, I replied “I hope not…no I am not.” In retrospect, maybe she was actually giving me the option of getting in free if I were to say “Yes, I am.” and she may have never questioned it. So Maybe I am the ditz now? I payed my $5 and proceeded into the pool area.

I located some empty grass near the lap lane and plopped down my stuff. I walked over to the lifeguard on duty and asked her if the lane was just lap swimming and she replied yes. Cool! There was another guy at the other end of the lane playing with his goggles, so I thought I would be sharing the lane with him. I jumped in and headed down the lane. I stopped at the other end and asked the guy if I could share the lane with him. He said “sure, no problem.” So I continued on with a warm-up set. I decided I would do a 3x300s and a 5x100s for my main sets and some kick sets and warm-up/cool downs thrown in for good measure. The other did about 50 yards and I never saw him again.

Everything was going pretty well and then it seemed that I was this freak who was actually SWIMMING and I started gathering the attention of children. Every breath I took I could see kids on the deck standing and staring at me and others clinging to the lane marker watching me. What you never saw someone swim before? Then kids starting coming into the lane…Hello?? Obviously I am trying to swim here so you are going to jump in front of me? This just kept getting worse. I thought the lifeguards would say something, but nothing. So no I am having to do some spotting as I swim and dodging kids. The kids would just look at me as I tried to give them a dirty look and take my breath at the same time. I guess it was not getting the point across.


To make things worse, these two older, mother-type ladies starting wallowing in the lane as well. Ok, I can see kids being oblivious, but these are two grown adults. It is so obvious I am trying to swim here and they still just plop right in the middle of the lane. I can’t believe how stupid people can be sometimes. I think I may have kicked the one lady as I went by the one time and they eventually moved out. I think that this may have been good training for the “washing-machine” start of Ironman Lake Placid when 2500 people trying to swim in a narrow lane at once, but I don’t think I will try this again. It is a shame that the pool cannot open in the early morning and allow lap swimming during the summer as it would save the trip and gas of driving across town, but I guess not.


Earlier that morning I had shoveled and wheel barrowed 3 yards of mulch into the flowerbeds. It didn’t take long for it to get hot out and I must have sweat 2 gallons doing it. I was determined to use the whole pile and I managed to do so. My back was rather sore later on that evening. Guess I need more core work. I also headed to the EPHS track to do some run pickups/intervals. It was still pretty hot out, but not as bad as earlier in the day. I did 5x50sec Zone4-5 with 2 min recoveries in between. I was just about toast by the last one. I was hoping to crack the 6:00/min pace on the last one, but my legs petered out on me.


Hope you had a happy 4th of July!