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Training Log-Prep Week 4-Winter Prevails

Another prep week down. Cold temperatures and snow make for some additional training challenges this year. Last season I think we had it pretty easy. No worries though. This is all part of it and it makes you mentally stronger dealing with these little obstacles. This week I ramped up to around 9 hours despite even taking Monday off.


Cold and windy temps kept me working out indoors all week. Except for Sunday where I did get out for a good snowing run.



Only got in 2 bike trainer rides this week, but I replaced my Thursday workout with a Ice Hockey game. I sub for my work hockey team and this was only the third time I played this season. Although I felt I had the fitness, my hockey skills were a bit lacking. Oh well, I can’t do everything I guess. Managed to get 3 good runs and swims in too.


Fitness(blue) levels are rising nice and gradual. Fatigue is creeping up a bit too, but one more week and then it is winter vacation time. Hope to get a little R&R in between downhill and skate-skiing. Eventually the pink line will drop down and the yellow will come up meeting the blue in the middle somewhere.


The hours are increasing…


After a snowy weekend, I was relieved to get out of the house and rid myself of the cabin fever. It was the first time I got to test out my new YakTrax Pro’s. I previously used regular YakTrax which worked fine, but I thought these would be much more subtle. They work good on ice and less deep snow, but deeper snow is still a struggle.

2014-01-26 13.11.25

2014-01-26 13.11.47

A snowy Bob Rodale Fitness Park
A snowy Bob Rodale Fitness Park
Honda Fit
The Triathlon Mobile
Snowy Tracks
Snowy Tracks
White Out Conditions
White Out Conditions
Post-run selfie
Post-run selfie


And a moment of Zen…

Training Log-Prep Week 2-One Extreme To The Other

Captains view in the Pain Cave. Spending lots a time here these days.
Captains view in the Pain Cave. Spending lots a time here these days.

My second Prep week of 2014 has seen almost every possible type of weather has seen snow, rain, thunder, lightning, heavy winds and temperatures from -3 to 50 deg F. It has been one of the strangest weeks of weather I have seen. But rest assured, Donald Trump says that there is no Global Warming…


Regardless of the extremes, training marches on. The highlight of the week was my TrainerRoad FTP test on Thursday. I had done the 8 Min FTP test back in November to set a baseline FTP for my Preparation phase. I ended up with a somewhat depressing 207 watt FTP which seemed to become invalid pretty quickly during the Intermediate Base II Plan on TrainerRoad. All my rides quickly ended up with Intensity Factors(IF) in the .90 and above. Even on rides that were rated to be much lower than that. I was very eager to retest again to get things on track and was very happy when I came up with a new FTP of 234 watts. I also ended up dropping a few pounds too, which gave me a 2.82 watts/kg.

My Performance Management Chart on Training Peaks should now be a little more precise since the IF’s are more correct. The high IF ratings before were showing that my Fatigue(ATL) was much higher than what was reality.

TrainingPeaks-Performance Management Chart - Jan 12 2014
TrainingPeaks-Performance Management Chart – Jan 12 2014

The rest of the week consisted of mostly aerobic endurance type work. I am planning on doing a graded run test on the treadmill next week to set my baseline for my run fitness for the year. I had a nice 45 minute LSD swim on Friday night which ended with around 2000m. I am amazed that I am able to maintain that fitness throughout the off-season. I really felt like I could have done twice that much. I can’t wait to get to some open water swimming this Spring and Summer.

I have also been working on my Annual Training Plan(ATP) for the season while working through Joe Friels’ Triathlon Training Bible. I sort using that and also my prior season to try to tailor this seasons training along with changes to help the areas I would like to improve on. It is pretty interesting and I am gettin into the “techy” side it. Now that I have a true power meter on my bike I can get more accurate TSS readings.

I have also been playing around with using my Cycleops PowerCal for quantify some runs using Power. Usually you only have heart rate for running, but the PowerCal uses heart rate to calculate power. It doesn’t do well for instantaneous power, but for an workout average it is pretty accurate.

On Sunday, I got over to the Lehigh Parkway for my longer run of the week. It was a really nice day with highs in the 50’s, but the path was a bit messy to say the least. There was also some leftover ice in places which made things a little sketchy. I ended up with about 7.5 miles in 1:15. It was actually a better run than my time showed since I stopped to take some pictures and never stopped my Garmin.

Downstream-Lehigh Parkway
Downstream-Lehigh Parkway
High Water near Runners Bridge-Lehigh Parkway
High Water near Runners Bridge-Lehigh Parkway
A little mushy-Lehigh Parkway
A little mushy-Lehigh Parkway


I was listening to the latest Rich Roll Podcast on my run today. His guest was Charlie Engle who will be running from LA, across the country, and finishing in Boston and running the Boston Marathon. He is doing with another guy who will be in a wheelchair. It is a pretty amazing story. It is called Run2Boston so if you are interested check it out. You can also check out this story on Runner’s World.


Cooper-Norcross Run The Bridge 10k-A Birthday 10k PR!

I had never run a 10k in my entire life until this year when I ran the Celtic Classic 10k in Bethlehem, PA this September. Since it was my first 10k it was obviously a PR, but I also came in 3rd place in my age group. I had then run another one in October as part of the Runner’s World Hat Trick, but didn’t PR since I had run a PR 5k immediately before that. My wife really wanted to run in an event on a birthdays(we are a day apart) but she did not have time to prepare for a half-marathon. So instead she found the Cooper-Norcross Run the Bridge 10k in Camden which seemed like a good alternative. Unfortunately, she ended up aggravating a metatarsal injury a couple weeks before and decided not to run at all. Now, I would be running by myself again and so I might as well try to better my 10k again.

I really didn’t have too much confidence I would do so. I had not run very much in the two weeks after the Runner’s World Hat Trick so I wasn’t sure how my fitness would hold up. I also knew that running bridges can be pretty tough from my experience at Ironman 70.3 Miami. They are like a big hill with no protection from any winds that may be blowing. The event started at the NJ side toll booth and went across to the PA side, turned around and came back and then through streets of downtown Camden, NJ(Yikes!!).

We decided to make a weekend out of it and stay overnight in Penn’s Landing. We got a room at the Holiday Inn Express Penn’s Landing right near Dave & Buster’s. It was a nice hotel, except that we were not able to check in until later that night after dinner. We ended up having to change in our car in the parking lot before walking to dinner. They also charged us $25 to park at the hotel, which is a ripoff too.

2013-11-02 16.56.26 HDR
Fall Colors in Washington Square Park

We walked to dinner at Talula’s Garden right next to Independence Hall. It was a really good farm-to-table restaurant, but they only had one vegetarian option on the menu which I thought was a bit sparse for this type of place. Regardless, it was very good. I had a pumpkin entrée and root vegetables with a Fegley’s Imperial Pumpkin ale. Definitely worth a stop if you are in town. Make reservations ahead of time though since they fill up fast.

2013-11-02 16.59.16 HDR
Independence Hall

When we got back to the hotel and finally got a room, we then had to deal with the most obnoxious neighbors in the room next to us. It sounded like a bunch of really drunk guys and they must have been practicing for a WWF match since they kept banging into the walls and yelling at the top of their lungs. I could not believe how anyone could have regard at all for others in a hotel. Fortunately they were not there too long and must have headed back out again since it had gotten quiet again.

2013-11-02 17.02.34
Washington Square Park Pano
2013-11-02 19.49.59
Liberty Bell at Night
2013-11-02 20.16.27
Night shot of i-95 and Ben Franklin Bridge from Market St. Bridge.

Just I had started drifting into some heavy REM sleep, I was woken up around 2:15am by our obnoxious neighbors walking down Columbus Blvd 4 floors below. It wasn’t too long before they were then heard banging on peoples doors as they made their way down the hall from the elevator. The steel cage match began again in the room and they were yelling at one of their compadres to “GET UP!!” who had most-likely passed out from their night of partying. Thankfully, before too long I heard a loud pounding knock on their down followed by a deep voice stating that he was “SECURITY!” Thank YOU!!! The noise immediately dropped a few decibels and then I heard some mumbling conversation and the door closing. The noise picked up a little bit and then slowly faded into silence again.

2013-11-02 20.34.35
Ben Franklin Bridge, Delaware River and Camden Waterfront night shot.

I had drifted back to sleep and didn’t wake again until my alarm went off at 5:30am. Not a bad night sleep considering. I slammed down a banana and few bars for breakfast before heading down to the lobby. Our car was parked in and I had to warn the car park attendant we needed to leave. He joked with me asking if I could possibly wait until later in the day to leave. When he saw my eyeballs bulging out of my sockets, he started laughing and said he was just kidding. Wise-guy!! We then grabbed some coffee and a few things at the hotel breakfast which was just opening up.

We then made our way over the bridge and into Camden. The main street down to the waterfront and Campbell’s field was a bumper-to-bumper slow go. There were about 4500 people participating in this event, so I think it is probably one of the largest 10k’s in the country. We eventually got a nice parking spot right across from the baseball park. The registration, packet pickup and finish line were all based in the Campbell’s baseball park and it was a long line to get into since they were checking everyone for security. It was a little breezy and chilly this morning, but really perfect running temperature. We picked up our race packet & t-shirts and headed back to the car. Denise was going to do the walk which basically just went back and forth over the bridge. We hung out in the car until the 8:30am start. I did some laps around the parking lot just to warm up a bit.

2013-11-03 07.28.48
Campbell’s Field and BFB
2013-11-03 07.28.19
Not often that you see us with different ages in writing. Nice to be younger for a day!

The race started at the bridge toll booths which were almost a mile away from the baseball park. We made the long slog with the rest of the herd of participants down Pearl St. which paralleled the bridge on the south side. We reached the start of the bridge and parted ways. I got into the 8 min/mi pace area which I thought was safe. It was a bit warmer being in the herd of people since it blocked the wind a bit and provided some body heat. Before long the horn blew and we were off.

2013-11-03 08.24.35
Starting crowd back to the BFB NJ Toll Booth
2013-11-03 08.24.15
The Starting Gate – BFB

On the climb up to the crest I was feeling really good despite the incline and it got even better on the decline. Making the turn on the PA side and heading back started to get a little tougher. I was only running an 8:11 pace for the first mile(about 2/3rds of span of the bridge) which would explain why it felt easy. I am sure that some of that was also dealing with navigating people too. I passed the leaders, going the other way, as I was almost to the PA side which surprised me a bit. I eventually hit the crest of the bridge and was relieved that it should be mostly downhill or flat from here. Time to turn it up a notch. I should be running mid 7:00’s from here on out.

I passed Denise, who was coming up the other side, as I was heading down to Camden. She shot the picture above as I passed. The hat came off as I got off the bridge and was starting to really heat up. I played around with stuffing it in my shorts, but it kept falling out so I just stuck it in my little pocket where I normally put my keys.

Photo Nov 03, 8 50 27 AM
Wow…I didn’t realize that hat looks that dorky. Glad I took it off eventually. So far still chipper.

The course was pretty flat as it made its way through the streets of downtown Camden. It didn’t really seem that bad there, but that could be cause it was 9am in the morning too. We did hit a little incline as we ran through Wiggins’ Waterfront Park along the Camden waterfront , which I wasn’t expecting. It seemed much bigger than it probably was. The worst part of the race was when we were heading down Delaware Ave and Campbell’s field was firmly in view. I started thinking just hold it flat straight down this street and then we had to make a hard right up Market St. taking us farther out of the way. It played with my head a bit, but it was only around the block so before I knew it we were back on Delaware Ave again. Then down into the back of the baseball park to the finish line. I tried to scan the people lining the finishing chute looking for Denise, but I never saw her. Apparently, she was still walking. I had my phone strapped to my arm, so I texted her to let her know I finished.

I crossed the line as the clock had read 27:58. I was pretty confident I was going to PR this one most of the way since I was holding pretty steady 7:30 pace. My previous PR was a 7:54 so that was fairly easy to figure out. I also knew that it had taken my at least 10 secs or more to reach the start line, so I was definitely under the clock time. I got my finisher medal and a couple bottles of water as I waited for Denise to show up. She eventually turned up and we headed up the stands into the concourse of the park. They had tables with food, but it was a lot of processed junk, so I just grabbed a couple bananas and a bagel that I never actually ate. I guess it should not be surprising that the food was processed junk since it was probably donated by Campbell’s Soup Corporation.

All-in-all it was a pretty fun birthday weekend. It was a shame that Denise could not run the event too, but she made a smart decision since she really wants to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon next May. I was pretty happy to have PR-ed my 10k for the second time this season and on the day before my 45th birthday too. Hopefully I can keep getting better with age!!

I think that will conclude my running events for this year. I am planning on taking totally off from running now for at least a couple weeks and let the legs recover a bit. I am going to start getting back in the pool regularly and on the bike trainer too. I also have a spare bathroom that needs completion before another triathlon season starts up again. Thanks for reading!

2013 Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival Hat Trick


There was a little bit of a void after coming off of my first Ironman with nothing new to train for. I heard about the Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival that was coming up in mid-October which had a 5k and 10k on Saturday and a half-marathon on Sunday. They also had the “Hat Trick” which allowed you to compete in all 3 events. This sounded like a pretty unique test of speed and endurance and the timing seemed pretty good as well, so I signed up. It definitely put me back at ease to have some other event to look forward to. The event is also held in Bethlehem, PA which is only 30 minutes or so from my home.

We had returned from our fairly demanding little 14-day Haute Route trek through the Swiss Alps in mid-September. With a few days of recovering from that, I was left with about 3 good weeks of training to prep for the “Hat Trick”. I was still carrying a pretty decent amount of fitness so getting back to my previous fitness level was not too big a deal. The problem was I was carrying about 10 extra pounds of weight from my 2-week diet of cheese, some meat and beer left over from our little Swiss excursion too.

I didn’t have too much problem getting back to eliminating the meat from my diet again, but the cheese and beer were a little more difficult. I had regained my taste for pizza again and after finding a local Italian eatery that made authentic Italian pizza and even uses imported Italian flour, I was not able to wean myself off of that yet. The same place had a local Pumpkin Ale that was equally scrumptious to help me maintain those extra 10 pounds.

Anyway, the training had gone fairly well during the 3-3.5 half weeks leading up to the Runner’s World event. I was fairly confident that I could that at least post a PR 5k time, since I hadn’t run one in several years and the last PR time was done in the middle of a 100 degree day. My hope was to not overdo it for the 5k and 10k, and save something for the half-marathon on Sunday and possibly get a PR there. The other thing is that I thought if I could be at all competitive for the Hat Trick division, that I had more chance of gaining time in the half marathon given it is longer.

I got over to Bethlehem on Saturday morning around 7am and parked a few blocks up from the Steel Stacks complex at the recently refurbished Bethlehem Steel property. It was a pretty brisk morning with temps in the low 40s. I decided to keep a fleece on and head down to the race. After walking around a bit I was unable to locate any gear-check area, so I quickly jogged back to the car and threw my pullover back in the car. I tried to keep jogging to keep some body heat going. I made it back to the start line in plenty of time.

The 5K

They did the usual pre-race chatter and then the National Anthem was played by a violinist. It was pretty awesome! W were then escorted by the esteemed Bart Yasso down the street away from the starting arch to some other less obvious start line about 50-100 yards away. hmmm…Ok? We then got the start horn and we were off.

My goal was to just maintain a steady 7:00/mi pace for this. I thought this would give me my PR without totally wrecking my legs for the other races. We soon hit the ramp to the Fahy Bridge which started the hilly section of the course. We then ran around the Bethlehem library on the north side of town and then back over bridge again. Once over the middle of the bridge is was all downhill or flat until we made a right out to Daly Ave and headed up towards the Sands Casino before making a left back towards the Steel Stacks finish line. I averaged 7:16 for the race which I was pretty happy with. I willingly let off the trigger a bit on the last mile when I realized that I was pretty much going to PR at that point and I wanted to save a little energy for the next event. I finished with a 22:45 which beat my previous best time by over a minute.

The 10K

I had over an hour until the 10k started, so I had some time to chill a bit before the 10k.  I ran back up to the car to drop off my 5k finisher medal and refuel a bit. It was good to keep moving too so my legs didn’t get all stiff. I also threw on some clothes just to help stay warm. Before I knew it was time to head back down for the 10k.

I got back to the start line area in plenty of time so I could hit the port-a-john before the start. I walked around a bit and chatted with some other runners I knew from work. It was getting close to start time so I made my way to the start line. I lined up in the 8:00 min/mi area since I figured that was about where I was planning on running. If I felt good I may pick it up. We were then seranaded by a young, local girl with a amazing voice to “God Bless America.” And then we were off.

The 10k followed basically the same general direction as the 5k except that it extended out a bit. We headed up closer to Lehigh University on the South Side and then up Main St. on the North Side of town. It was a bit more scenic obviously than the 5k since there was just more to see. It went pretty well and I think I ran a relatively consistent race. My last 3 miles were a bit quicker than my first 3 which I was happy about. Some of that could be due to the more downhill grade of the last 3 miles. I missed PR-ing by around 40 seconds with a time of around 49:40, but I really wasn’t trying to PR anyway. I still had a half marathon to run tomorrow so I wanted to try to save something for the next day.

 The Half Marathon

I had a much better nights sleep on Saturday night before the half marathon and arrived back on the South Side of Bethlehem ready to run. It was another brisk morning in the 40’s, which was perfect running weather again. The half marathon started up by the large steel sign for the Sands Casino which was a bit farther away than the 5k & 10k start line at the SteelStacks complex. I started following the masses up the sidewalk, but then noticed the paved path through the Bethlehem “Greenway” on the other side of the street. I jogged over there and then jogged my way up to the start line. My bladder and started to feel ready to explode by the time I got up there and I was hoping there would be some toilets available. I eventually spotted them down a side street and the line was fairly long. While standing in line, two ladies behind were commenting about a couple of unusual looking porta-a-john’s over to the right. I thought they were handicap stalls, but turns out they had trough urninals on both sides. Awesome! And no lines too! The ladies were whining about it not being fair, but what the heck, you just gained a spot closer since I moved out of your line??

I then made my way over to the start line after relieving the pressure in my bladder. I stood around the 8:00min/mi pace area and eventually it started to get packed in as everyone assumed their places. The horn blew and we were off. It was a downhill grade for the first 3/4 miles so, so I was going a little faster than what I was planning on averaging for the run. I was hoping to average around 8 min/mi pace which would secure a PR for me. My prior PR was a 8:06 avg which was at St. Lukes a few years back.

We eventually turned left and headed uphill towards Lehigh University. From here on out it would be primarily uphill for most of the race. Somewhere I heard someone say it was mostly uphill until mile 8 and then it was all downhill. So I would try to hold 8 min/mi to there and then let it rip after that. I was trying to stay just ahead of the 8 min/mi pace group but they soon got ahead of me. I vowed to myself to keep them in close proximity so that I could easily get by them again. We crossed the bridge to the other side of town and made our way up Main St. The 8 min/mi pace group was slipping a little further ahead.

We then headed downhill towards the Monocacy Creek and flattened out a bit while flanking it on the right. We then hit Elizabeth Ave and Schoenersville Road and things got a little rough. It seemed like a never ending uphill slog and the 8 min pace group slipped further and further away. My 7:55-8:00 pace slipped to 8:20-8:24 and I my legs were screaming. The muscle soreness from yesterdays’ events decided to present itself. I was feeling a PR slowly slipping away with each incline. Every bit of flat or downhill relief was followed up with a nice energy sapping uphill. I could feel my mental state slipping into more negative self-talk. Not good.

I decided to just try to hold on as best I could. Mile 5.5 to mile 8 were brutal. My legs screamed for mercy but I just kept pushing as much as I could. I did slow down to a walk during one aid station just to get some water down without splashing all over myself. I figured what the hell, I am not PR-ing this now. Probably a mistake.

I finally hit mile 8 and thought “oh finally, all downhill from here!” Not! Yeah there was downhill, but also uphill too. The thoughts of hearing it being easy from here and it not really messed me up. Miles 8-11 were bad. I was struggling to keep my pace and actually was feeling nauseous too. I even had thoughts of packing it in and walking.

When I started approaching the Bethlehem Library complex, I finally realized the self-defeating thoughts going through my head. I started to mentally challenge those thoughts and reverse them into positives.  The course had now started downhill and flat and I began to pick up the pace a bit. Even though I thought a PR was out of the question, I committed to at least finishing strong and negative-splitting the last couple miles. I now began to pass people. I passed a couple people that had passed me earlier in the race which added to my motivation.

It was all flat through the old Bethlehem Steel complex and I only had one gradual uphill to go right before reaching the Sands Casino. I maintained a sub 8:00 pace held it through to the finish line. As I made my way down to the flaming arch finish line, I could see the time clock showing 1:46 and change. My stomach sank…My half marathon PR was a 1:46:41. I realized that I could have possibly beat that time. Ugh!

I crossed the line at 1:47:10! Only 29 seconds short of my PR. If only I wouldn’t have walked that aid station and maybe pushed a little harder on those hills? I was so focused on my average paces for each mile that I didn’t really take into consideration the overall time. 29 seconds is not much time over 13.1 miles. Oh well, it was not meant to be I guess.

The one factor I also forgot about was that I ran 5k & 10k the day prior and even PR-ed 5k, so coming 29 seconds off my best half time is not too bad considering that. All-in-all it was a great event and I would consider doing it again. Very well run and organized. It was also great for helping my push the boundaries of my running speeds too. One area I would really like to improve for Ironman next year.

Post-Race Recovery

The week after the Runner’s World Hat Trick I was extremely sore. I definitely recruited some muscle fibers in my legs that had not been utilized much before. I did not run at all the week after and gave those muscle ample time to recover and grow a bit. We can save those for Lake Placid 2014 and training for it. Next up, we are planning on running the Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge 10k on November, 3rd for my wifes’ and my birthday. It starts in Camden and runs back and forth across the Ben Franklin Bridge and then finishes up in Camden. There are usually about 4500 people in the event so it will be one of the largest events I have participated in. Not looking for any PR’s in this one I think. Just enjoy the day and the fact that I am another year old and still in the best shape of my life!

Thanks for reading!


How To Confuse People About Proper Running Form


I was reading through my April 2013 Issue of Triathlete Magazine the other day and came across an article about running form named “Run Like Pete.” As a disciple and practitioner of the Chirunning method, I was pretty eager to read the article. The article was written by Aaron Hersh and it outlined 3 key forms that Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs identified as the key techniques for proper running form. I totally agree all three of these techniques are the very important things to emphasize in your running practice. The problem I had with this article is that the picture they chose to use to demonstrate these 3 forms. The image shows Pete doing anything but what is defined in the article.


The article outlines the following 3 techniques for proper running form…

  1. Posture – The article says “stand tall, run proud with your chest up…” While this is great advice, Pete has his head looking down and looks anything but tall or proud here. One of the techniques in Chirunning is to keep your head up looking straight ahead and your posture will follow. I am sure Pete Jacobs typically runs in a correct posture, but could they really not find an image that portrays this?
  2. Foot strike – In the image above, Petes’ foot is extending way out in front of him. This would almost guarantee a solid heel strike unless he pulls it back in at the last minute. His foot is not even close to landing underneath him.
  3. Cadence – Petes’ left arm is extending so far back here and looking anything but relaxed. Short and choppy motion? Not even close again!

Maybe they should have used an image more like this…


Being a Chirunning advocate, I find myself constantly analyzing others running styles. This becomes easy to do once you know how it is supposed to look. This picture just screamed to me as soon as I flipped the page. Granted I am always working on my own technique which is much harder for me to see than other people. I am really surprised that no one at Triathlete Magazine saw this conflict, especially the author, Aaron Hersh, who wrote it. For people not familiar with proper running technique this could really confuse them. I am pretty sure that Pete Jacobs does not typically run this way since I saw him at Ironman Lake Placid last year. I am sure he would not want people thinking he runs like this.

UPDATE: Received tweet from the articles author, Aaron Hersh, and he indicated that Pete is actually doing a “stride-out” in that image. A “stride-out” is one of the drills that are mentioned at the end of the article. I still find this to be a bit confusing to people as they would read the article on the first page. Maybe putting a caption under the image indicating this would be helpful.


IMLP Training Week 5-Out Of The Basement

The weather report for this Saturday indicated a day clear of any precipitation and a high of around 40 deg F. Armed with my new Pearl Izumi Thermal cycling jacket and Craft windproof gloves, I thought I could finally get a long ride outdoors instead of hunkering down in the basement on the trainer. Unfortunately, that 40 degrees was a high that would never be reached even during the warmest part of the day. The 12 MPH breeze didn’t provide any help either.

The one part of my cold-weather cycling wardrobe I seemed to have overlooked was my feet. I had some neoprene covers for my shoes, but they are pretty meager in covering the feet. I remembered some friends had mentioned a tip of putting plastic bags over my feet to block the wind that steadily blows in the triathlon specific cycling shoes with all their numerous holes for keeping your feet cool in the warm temps. Not very beneficial when the temperatures is in the 30’s.  My feet tend to sweat a bit and I feared that the sweat would cool and end up making my toes even colder. This was remedied by a good pair of SmartWool socks since wool keeps you warm even when wet. I covered the bags with a light liner sock so I didn’t look like too much of a dork with bags coming out my shoes.

I set off on my ride and it was a bit chilly. The breeze was out of the Northwest and it provide a nice added resistance. It felt good to ride outside and see all the familiar views again on my regular route out through Pennsylvania Amish country farmlands. It is a truly spectacular place to ride bike.  The majority of my cold-weather gear was working great. My new jacket was toasty and my toes were not totally freezing. My fingers were another story! The new Craft gloves with fingers failed in the cool air. I tried to curl a few digits back into my palm, but it provided only limited relief. I had the choice to buy mitten-style gloves when I bought these and I was really wishing I did right now.

An hour and forty-two minutes and 27 miles later, I eventually made my way home. I spent a 15 minutes in excruciating pain thawing out my digits.  That hurt like hell! I didn’t realize what time it was while riding and when I got home I went into panic mode since I only had 30 minutes to eat and thaw out before heading over to the Rodale Institute for a Seed Planting seminar.

Vegetable Gardening 101

My first attempt at a garden last year was a bit of a disaster. When I came across a class on Seed Planting & Propagation over at Rodale Institute I jumped on it. We are pretty lucky to have the cutting edge of organic gardening right at our back door. The class was taught by a lady named April who had worked at Rodale for 35 years(since she was 16). I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed during the class. It seemed that there was a bit of gardening knowledge that was assumed and I apparently didn’t have it. Most of the people in the class seemed to have been experienced with gardening, but I asked my basic questions in an effort to dumb thing down a bit.

I find gardening very overwhelming. There is so many things to remember with all these different plants requiring different things at different times. I think I just need to push through it, make my mistakes and learn from them. It is how I learn best anyway.

After the presentation, we walked over to the greenhouses and April showed us some of the plants and seeds they had going at different stages. We then headed back and separated out some starter plants and replant them individually. I was pretty psyched to find that we could take home as much as we wanted. I got starter plants of Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Peppers. I was pretty excited about that. Hopefully I can get them to the garden in May.

The class ended up going until 2:30PM. I got home and had just enough time for Denise to give me a haircut and then shower and shave. We were heading over to Horn’s in Bethlehem to meet up with one of my old hockey buddies  and his wife who we hadn’t seen in like 10 years. We enjoyed a nice dinner and chatted away for a few hours. Turns out my friends’ wife and his son are vegan, so we had a lot to talk about. Good times.

A Moment of Weakness

The topic of Vegan Treats Bakery came up in conversation and we stopped by there afterwards since I had never been there. The stuff in there was amazing looking. I got three things that were all some sort of combination of peanut butter and chocolate. When I got home I devoured the one treat that looked like a little chocolate cake. It was decadent. Hard to believe there was no dairy in it. Although all the sugar in it was not exactly healthy. This is the kind of thing that differentiates “vegans” and plant-based people. Vegans are just looking to substitute possibly unhealthy things for animal-based products and plant-based people just want healthy options that do not include animal proteins. I guess I crossed the line here. That will have repercussions tomorrow.

On Sunday I headed down to the Lehigh Parkway for my 1:30 long run of the week. It was actually colder than Saturday, but running surely warms you up more than cycling. Later in the day, after lunch, I ate one of the other vegan treats from the night before. Not long after, I crashed hard. It was like I could not move. I fell asleep on the sofa and had trouble getting up. I even had a headache for most of the evening. The sugar had taken its toll. My pancreas was not happy.

I really timed this wrong since I have my yearly blood tests done for our work health program. I am sure all this sugar will do wonders for my triglycerides. We shall see how that goes. Until next week.



IMLP Training Week 1-And We Are Off!

Well vacation came to an end and the first week of training is complete. Coach Scott has been engaged and the training plans are flowing. It is always a bit of a adjustment the first week or so with a good training plan since it is usually a little less volume than what I had previously been doing. But this is exactly the reason I have a coach because I would obviously overtrain and end burning out before my A race. There is still a long road ahead and consistent, gradual progress will get me there.

The TrainerRoad Setup
The TrainerRoad Setup

I am starting to get used to the 5-5:30AM swims which should help give me adequate time to get a good swim workout in in time without affecting my work schedule. The TrainerRoad Workout Creator app(included in the Beta version) has been great for creating trainer workouts to match up with my coaches training workouts. Using TrainerRoad and listening to some Ben Greenfield podcasts surely makes time go by. I only had to run on the treadmill once this week which was one too many. That is just torture.

On Saturday night we received a few inches of snow which blanketed the area. We were supposed meet up with some friends in Bethlehem, but ended up having to cancel and head back home due to the accidents and backed up traffic. I feared having to do my long Sunday run on the treadmill. I figured that the roads would be plowed which actually makes running worse since it leaves some ice, but not enough that I can wear my YakTrax. I decided to head over to Rodale Fitness Park, figuring that they would not have plowed it.

Snowy Run at Rodale
Snowy Run at Rodale

I pulled into the empty parking lot at Rodale Fitness Park and strapped on the YakTrax. I had the place to myself and it was perfect. The sun popped out and made the snow glisten as I made my way around the snow-covered lanes. I was even able to make some fresh tracks in the bike lanes which also enabled me to check my foot landing. Running in the snow is great for allowing to focus on your form. The harder your footfall, the worse it is. Not the fastest of runs, but that is a good thing.

Minimalist Snow Run Gear-YakTrax
Minimalist Snow Run Gear-YakTrax

I ended up with a little over 7.5 hours of training this week, which was a good initial week after vacation. Everything is feeling good, but I would like to get back to some strength training again. I think I could squeeze it in on lunches on my bike days. We shall see how that goes. 25 more weeks to go!

LOG Totals
Type Distance Duration Avg Pace # Time in Zones
BikeTrainer 46.1 mi 02:58 15.5 mph 3
Run 15.2 mi 02:23 09:30/mi 3 HEART RATE

1 – Recovery 00:08 53 – 114
2 – Endurance 00:59 114 – 152
3 – Sub-LT 00:29 153 – 157
4a – LT 00:45 158 – 165
4b – Super-LT 00:03 165 – 173
5 – VO2 Max 00:01 173 – 183
Swim 5686.8 yd 02:20 02:28/100yd 3
Total Duration: 07:41   9


A Chirunning Tune-up

The off-season tune-ups seem to be the order of the day lately.  Last week was my  bike fitting and this week is a running tune-up. One of the Chirunning instructors from our workshop at Kripalu in 2009, Ann Margaret McKillop, had read my previous post about analyzing my form.  She emailed me and said that she would be in the area the day after Thanksgiving if we were interested in a private lesson. The timing was perfect.  My wife has been ramping up her running lately and it was a great opportunity for me to get a check up on my Chirunning form.

When Ann Margaret arrived, we debriefed her on our current issues as we made our way down to the local park. We found a nice flat stretch of path that we could demonstrate everything we had forgotten from 3 years ago. The wife and I each took turns running up and down the path as Ann Margaret videotaped us with her iPad(Smile). She instantly identified and pointed out the cause of my IT Band issues via the Coach’s Eye iOS application. The amazing thing was that it was all rooted in my upper body. She then gave me a couple items to focus on as we made our way up and down the path. The changes I needed to make were ever so slight, but holding them required extreme focus. As soon as took my attention away from those forms I was right back to my old ways again.

Ann Margaret instructs Denise on Chirunning Technique

I then went off on my own for a bit while Ann Margaret worked with my wife on her issues. We eventually converged after a few minutes and worked on some basic form exercises. I kind of remember doing these at the workshop back at Kripalu. We then wrapped up our session demonstrating our new forms while Ann Margaret videotaped us again. She then analyzed us and did a little “chalk talk” action on the iPad. This time we could really see the changes and much more efficient it looked as well as we felt it. The hard part will be maintaining these improvements as time goes on. Denise and Ann Margaret Chirunning

It is a great time of year to identify these types of issues so you can gradually work into them and build as the season training volumes increase. Ann Margaret is an excellent teacher breaks things so well, which really helps you understand what you doing wrong, how it affects your running and how to correct it. She also makes a point of bringing out the things that you are doing well too, which really helps balance the session and build your confidence in correcting the things that need correcting. Can’t wait to get out there and starting making improvements!

My Birthday Marathon

Six months or so ago I thought it would be pretty cool to run a marathon on my birthday. So I signed up for the D&L Heritage Marathon. It was early on in my training season and I was feeling like I could do anything at that time. The toll that 5-6 months of solid training takes on your body never really crosses your mind at this time of year. Not to mention being well into middle age now.The triathlon season ended with a nagging IT Band as my reminder. I was back into 7 weeks marathon training after two weeks of recovery. And now that day had finally come.

I kept telling myself and my wife that if the IT Band starts acting up or hurting I would stop and pull myself out of the race. Or maybe just do the half? I really do not want to jeopardize my hopes of completing Ironman Lake Placid in July. But, I knew damn right well I would have to be in severe pain before I would quit this race. My wife was volunteering so we needed to be there by 5:30AM.  We were gaining an extra hour of sleep with Daylight Savings Time, but for some reason I was unable to sleep from 1-3AM. I was not nervous about the race itself, but more about the damage I might do to myself. The 4AM alarm eventually came and I sucked down my smoothie, grabbed my run bag and off we went. The temps were in the high 30’s but it wasn’t windy. The only people at the race start were a few volunteers, so I did a lot of waiting around. We were parked a football field away from the car, so I made several trips back and forth.

2012-11-04 05.59.43

They usually limit the half and full each to 750 entrants, but since the New York City Marathon was cancelled and Hurricane Sandy, they extended the registration until the day before. They also accepted up to 820 entrants. While I was getting ready back at the car, I heard some guy yelling to me if this was the parking for the marathon. I looked over the open car door and replied “Yes”. He immediately parked next to my car and continued talking very loudly out the open window to me while pulling into the spot on the other side of the car. He also managed to yell directions to his wife on the cell phone, who was lost somewhere on MacArthur Road, while steering the car and talking to me. “Oh boy” I thought here we go. I just wanted to hang out at the car and collect my thoughts a bit before the race and now I would have to deal with this nimrod. He spoke with what sounded like a New York City accent, but told me later he was from Berwick, PA. He was screaming at his wife at times on his cell phone and then asking me if I knew where such-and-such a place was. Each time I responded I knew where that was, but I had no idea how to get here from there. This guy acted like he had drank about thirty expresso’s and was really wigging me out. He told me how this was his first marathon too and that he had not run at all in the last three weeks! I told him “well at least you are well rested!” Smile

I managed to sneak away from him and head back across the field to officially check-in and chat with the wife a bit. I thought the Berwick Bulldog would be gone by then so I headed back to the car. No such luck. I got in the car to warm up a bit and closed the window on him. Get the hint dog? 7:30AM came and I ditched the warm clothes and secured my fuel belt. I ended up helping my wife fill water cups for a while since she was alone and people were getting their last hydration in before the start. The half started 10 minutes before the full and I somehow missed that. My wife said are going to line up or what? I didn’t even realize they full was lining up already. I hung in the back of the small start group and off we went.

We made a loop around the block on the road and headed up a small section of the Nor-Bath trail and back around again before heading across Northampton to Canal park. We headed past my wifes’ water station on the loop back D&LMarathonNov2012-5and I gave her a high five as I passed. The entire beginning of the run, I was on constant alert for any signs of IT Band issues and feelings in the side of my knee. IT always kind of lingers there just letting you know that it is there and one false move and it will break you down. I felt like I was running on a tightrope. We eventually made our way through Northampton, across the Lehigh bridge and onto the D&L trail. Once on the trail, the next 10 miles went by pretty quickly. I managed to keep a steady 9-9:30 pace for the first 11 miles. I passed the Berwick Bulldog around 6 or 7 miles and he was not looking good. I said “Hi” as I went by and he yelled back to me. Actually he kept yelling something but I eventually went out of earshot. Thank God!

At around the 13 mile mark we diverged off the trail onto another paved trail that climbed up through Slatington. It was a nice path with a stream coming down aside of it, but it was a continuous uphill. This is where things started to get a little uncomfortable. My feet really started to ache. The good thing was that it took my mind off my knee/IT Band. There was a motocross track partway up and this guy was hitting some major air time. It took my mind off the torture I was putting myself through for a few seconds. Eventually I reached the top turnaround and the gang from Endurance Multisport were there handing out water and aide. I walked a bit as I chugged down some water. Then made my way back down the hill. It was a little better going down. I also decided to dig out my ziploc full of energy chunks and Honey Stinger waffles as I was getting a bit hungry after what was now about 15 miles. The bag was just a moosh  of crumbs so I just strapped on the old feed bag…literally. Yummm!

When I reached the bottom of the Slatington path I refilled my fuel belt bottle at the aide station and popped in a Nuun hydration tablet. The next 2-3 miles were mostly a blur, except the part were you run past the finish line. Ugh! That really sucks the life out of you. Then about a mile after that was another aide station, which was cool, but then I saw people lumbering up the VERY steep path to the left of the volunteers. I blurted out “you have got to be kidding” to the young volunteer as I grabbed a water from him. I scurried side-to-side up the narrow path trying to add some diversity to my form and incorporate some different muscle groups for assistance. I managed to pass an older gentleman who was partially hunched over and had a duck-like running form. Once we crested the small but steep hill, we ran along what was no more than a tractor path that gradually ascended up towards the north side of the Lehigh Tunnel on the PA Turnpike. This provided a nice view, but things were really starting to hurt now. The rocky terrain below was not helping either. What is this an ExTerra race or what. At some point, the older gentleman that ran like duck, passed me and I never saw him again. My wife later saw him finishing before me and she started to worry. No wonder! I was worrying when he passed me.

Eventually I reached the turn back down to the lower path which was marked by two volunteers dressed like some kind of animals. They were jumping and dancing around and guiding you down the steep road. The first couple steps down were excruciatingly painful on my knees, so I was forced to walk until it leveled out a bit. The route turned right onto a a flatter road which eventually paralleled the rail trail. I spotted my wife at the juncture and she ran down to the turnaround and back with me. It was good timing and it took my mind off of the hurting. Right after she left to head back to the finish line I passed the 23 mile mark. Only 3.2 miles to go! A 5k right? Piece of cake. Not! The next 2 miles were painful. I stopped once to try to stretch my IT Band, but that was a mistake. When I started to run again both my knees were screaming! After 25-50yds the pain eased a bit. No more stopping now. I actually ended up passing a few people which was surprising, but I guess they were hurting more than me.


When I hit the 25 mile mark, I felt a sense of calm come over me. I knew I was going to finish this. I had not looked at my overall time much during the day, but I knew I was over 4 hours. As time went on I really didn’t care. I could see the bridge at the finish line approaching and I tried to pick it up a bit. It is funny how all that pain kind of washes away in that last mile. As I turned into the finish lane I heard someone yell behind me to “catch him!” I turned and saw a guy in an orange shirt turning it up behind me, so I kicked it in for the finish. Done in 4 hours and 27 minutes and 45 seconds. Not the most stellar performance, but given the situation I am happy to finish in one piece. At least my legs now know what 26.2 miles is like now. Oh yeah and it is my birthday. Never thought I would be running a marathon at 44 years old.


I grabbed my medal and headed to the food tent for a veggie burger and some killer bean soup. Nice they thought of us veg-heads. Actually the veggie burger had egg in it, but I really didn’t give a shit at this point. I guess I am caught up on my B12 now. I never ended up seeing the Berwick Bulldog again and I didn’t see anyone listed in the results with his first name, so I assume he didn’t make it. Oh well. Now it is time to rest. Ironman training will be here before I know it. Happy Winter!

Batten Down the Hatches…

Well, this could be the last post for some time as Hurricane Sandy is looking to make a direct hit on Southeast Pennsylvania very soon. It has been cloudy all day, but hasn’t really rained that much yet. I was able to head out for a short this afternoon which could be it for a few days anyway. I am still having some IT Band discomfort, so any additional rest is a benefit at this point. The D&L Marathon is on deck next Sunday so we shall see how that goes. I have a feeling I will push it through just to complete it, but not looking to break any records.

It appears that Garmin made a few changes to their Garmin Connect site this week. One of which is that you can connect to other users on the site. Looks like everyone is jumping on the Strava social bandwagon. They also tidied up there menus a bit which had been a little tough to navigate. One thing I like is the profile page which gives you a dashboard of your training and info. The Last 12 months graph is cool as you can see the cyclic nature of your training. I wish they would let you choose total duration(volume) or distance for the y-axis though. It also displays your PR’s for some common distances for running and cycling. It would be nice if they let you define those or let you add some custom ones too.

The 2013 Ironman Miami 70.3 was today and looks like they had great conditions. The water temp was even below 76 deg F so it was wetsuit legal. Last year it was so damp and pouring down rain we were freezing our asses off waiting to start the race. The water was piss warm though so no wetsuits. Would have been nice before the race, but could have been rough for swim since the water was like a warm bath. Felt so good jumping off that dock.

Last night we headed over to our favorite vegan buffet, The Honey Underground, for the Halloween Garlic Party. It was so good. Everything was loaded with garlic even the coffee, apple cider and cheesecake(made with tofu). They were also surprisingly good as well. I am paying for it today though. My mouth feels like I have a garlic bulb in it. I am sure I wreak of garlic too. That should ward off any ills that may choose to threaten me. They also had a prize for best costume, so I donned the mullet wig and bubba teeth for our little outing. I was pretty sure I had it wrapped up, since no one else was dressed up.  That was until we were about to leave and this couple came in with some scary looking outfits, which I just assumed they would take the prize. We headed out after that.

I headed over to the Giant grocery store after my run today to stock up before the hurricane hits. What a zoo that was. I loaded up on several cans of brown rice and lentils and some rice & beans for the week. They should provide me some good food on the camp stove if needed. Should be exciting…see you on the flip side!