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Ironman Lake Placid 2012 Trip Report-Last Day in LP

Our night of camping was accompanied by thunder, lightning and heavy downpours all night. I woke up several times because of it, but it wasn’t a horrible night sleep either. Fortunately the rain had subsided by morning and the wind picked up to dry out the tent and the ground. We never got wet during the night either. We ran up to Wilmington for some breakfast at the Country Bear Diner which was awesome. They have some special French Toast which my wife persuaded me to order. Glad I did cause it was outrageously good. Just stocking up on my B12! After breakfast I headed out for 1:30 of hill repeats. It worked out well cause we were right near Whiteface Memorial Drive which is a killer climb. I did three repeats from Wilmington to North Pole, NY which is around 15 minute climbs each and are rated at Category 3. You can only go so far anyway as the stop you at the gate not too much farther past that. The descent down to the bottom is pretty fast and only takes about 3-4 minutes. There were a couple guys coming up the mountain as I was coming down from my first repeat. I caught up to them and passed them and they made a comment about me doing it twice. The one guy asked how far to the gate and I said I wasn’t going that far. He said “how come?” I said “because I am doing it 3 times!”

After the ride we headed down the river from the Flume and I jumped in the water to clean up a bit. There was a family swimming and goofing around. We then packed up the tent and headed down to Keene Valley. We stopped at the ADK Café for lunch on our way out. The service today was awful! It wasn’t even that busy either. People came in after us and left before we did. We were having salads too. How long does it take to to make a salad? I think our waitress was the issue and I did tip her appropriately.

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The ride home was uneventful which is a good thing. We stopped at Karma Road in New Paltz, NY again for some organic goodness. I think this will be a regular stop for us now. It was a good weekend in Lake Placid but very busy. I think I was exhausted from the poor nights of sleep I had. It will be a weekend I won’t forget since it is the start of what should be an wild and crazy year. One I am looking so forward to though.