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Fuel Your Training with Natural Energy Alternative…Or even better, Amrita Bars

Lehigh Parkway Run April 12 2015 - Post-run recovery streamside with an Amrita Bar

While whole foods are a great source of nutrition, but they are not always easy to carry along for a long workout or race. I think a more convenient option is to have a combination of whole foods in an easier to carry package. A great example of this would be Amrita Bars. Amrita Bars are …

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IMCdA 2015 Training Log-Week#24(June 8-14)-Taper Week 1

TrainerRoad 20 minute FTP Test Result

Ahhh the old love-hate relationship with tapering continues. While greatly anticipated, this break in training and the general feeling of malaise that comes along with it I did not. I guess you can’t have everything. The Ironman Lawn… I was finally able to get my lawn looking somewhat manicured with some extra time on my hands now. …

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IMCdA 2015 Training Log-Week#22&23(May 26-June 7)-The Last Push

I am going to double up here on the last two weeks of build before my 3 week taper into Ironman Coeur d’Alene. It has been a pretty brutal 2 weeks since I really never had a full recovery week since about 5 weeks ago. I did a couple little 3 day recovery before and …

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Joining the 2015 Amrita Ambassador Team


Just a quick post here about my recent joining up with the folks over at Amrita Health Foods to their athlete “Ambassador” team. You can check out my athlete profile here. Use coupon code “britri15” to 15% off nutrition products over at Amrita Health Foods. If you are a follower of this blog, you probably …

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Pocket Favorite: Industry Influence on Our Dietary Guidelines

The story behind the first U.S. dietary guidelines explains why, to this day, the decades of science supporting a more plant-based diet have yet to fully translate into public policy. via Pocket http://nutritionfacts.org/2013/10/22/big-food-wants-final-say-over-health-reports/

New PlantEaters iPhone App to Locate Restaurants with Plant-Based Options

New PlantEaters iPhone App to Locate Restaurants with Plant-Based Options  

One Year Plant-Based…And Why I Am Not Changing…

It is hard to believe that one year ago I was first posting my experiment with a whole foods, plant-based diet. Now here I sit one year later and I am still doing it with the same, if not more, fervor that I did back then. Many things have changed during that time which I …

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Rev3 Quassy HalfRev 2013 Race Report

Pre-Race My eyes peeled open around 4:15am. 15 minutes before my alarm went off. I was happy to have gotten a full nights sleep and feeling pretty fresh. I rolled out of bed and started preparing my pre-race breakfast in the little microwave in our hotel room. Granola with coconut milk, a banana and a …

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Thinking of Food as Fuel by Pushing Your Bodies Limits

One of the best side effects of becoming a triathlete for me has been the dietary changes it has prompted me to make. For years I have always struggled with “yo-yo” dieting and the weight fluctuations that come with that. Counting calories and cutting out macro nutrients(fat, carbs, protein) works for a little while, but …

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91 Year Old Vegan Finishes Knoxville Half Marathon in 3:04 | Runner’s World & Running Times

Another meatless success story… Mike Fremont, 91, Finishes Knoxville Half Marathon in 3:04 | Runner’s World & Running Times.