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History of the Lehigh Parkway

One of my favorite places to run in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania is the Lehigh Parkway. It is a beautiful stretch land that follows the banks of the Little Lehigh Creek. It provides a great crushed stone path for running and walking as well as large fields for many other activities. It is a utopia plopped right in Allentown and is home to many local races. The link below is a great article by Frank Whelan that describes the history of how the park came to be.

History’s headlines: Little Lehigh Parkway: Man and nature working together

Trampled Under Foot…The Bluebells are out in Lockridge Park

Yuki_Apr2011-3624It’s April and the "Bluebells"(Grape Hyacinth) are blooming in Lockridge Furnace Park in Alburtis, PA. Along with that comes many parents and photographers selfishly instructing their children trample these little flowers that carpet the field, destroying the scene for those who come later. The field has numerous little pathways through that allow you to walk amidst the flowers without squashing them to the ground. But no, that is not good enough for these ignorant folks. Instead they spread blankets and plant their fat rear ends directly on these fragile little flowers just to stuff their face for a spring time picnic. Apparently the picnic tables are adequate to support them. It’s really sad how selfish people can be these days and the sad part is that they are imparting this behavior on their innocent offspring. Perhaps these are the same people that are unable to read the "ATTENTION DOG OWNERS" sign that instructs them that all dogs must be leashed in the park, but yet they still let their uncontrollable dogs run rampant.
So if you are ever in the park in the Spring, try to think of the others that haven’t seen the Bluebells yet, and leave them standing.