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A Really Off, Off-Season 2014

TrainerRoad Pain Cave Amrita

Well, I am back. This off-season has been pretty uneventful ever since I completed Timberman 70.3 back in August. We did take a trip to Italy back in September which I just finished posting yesterday. I have continued to train and I did complete the 180 mile City-to-Shore ride, but I have had more achievments on Untappd …

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A Chirunning Tune-up

The off-season tune-ups seem to be the order of the day lately.  Last week was my  bike fitting and this week is a running tune-up. One of the Chirunning instructors from our workshop at Kripalu in 2009, Ann Margaret McKillop, had read my previous post about analyzing my form.  She emailed me and said that …

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