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IMCDA 2015 Training Log-Week#19(May 11-17)

Another 16+ hour build week concludes. Only 5 more weeks until Ironman Coeur d’Alene!

Sunset on the Railroad Crossing
Sunset on the Railroad Crossing

How am I feeling? A bit fatigued actually . Not terrible but I can feel the stress of heavy load. The weather has also been unseasonably warm for Spring which is kind of taking its toll on me. I do not do well in warmer temperatures. Usually I am even worse in the beginning until I acclimatize a bit.

Despite feeling a bit fatigued, I am still having some good workouts. I even skipped a few workouts last week and still ended up with more volume than I had planned. On Monday, I took the day off of training and just mowed my lawn instead. I wore my HR monitor and Garmin so I counted it as a workout. We’ll just call that active recovery. 🙂 I needed that day after not having a long run the Sunday before.

Training Peaks Workout Calendar IMCDA Week 20
Training Peaks Workout Calendar IMCDA Week 20

There was a couple cooler days during the week that I ended up going longer just because it felt good. I am trying to listen to my body and go with the flow a bit. My HRV continued to decline a bit earlier in the week, but gradually improved as the weekend approached. I then saw a slight drop again after my long run on Saturday, but held steady after a long bike on Sunday.

<a href=
iThlete Timeline Chart-IMCDA Week 20 2015b” width=”625″ height=”295″ /> iThlete Timeline Chart-IMCDA Week 20 2015b

There is still a bunch of data points lying on the left of the iThlete Training Guide below. Big indicator of lower energy levels.

iThlete Training Guide-IMCDA Week 20 2015
iThlete Training Guide-IMCDA Week 20 2015

I had planned on riding a local 64 mile charity ride, called the Dream Come True(DCT) ride on Sunday so I moved my long run to Saturday this week. I was a bit nervous about my run on Saturday since I self-destructed on the run the week before. During the week I ordered a new Camelbak Octane LR Hydration Pack to help alleviate running out of water on my long runs again. My FuelBelt was not cutting it. I was glad I did, because it was really hot again and I drank every bit of it. I actually emptied the bladder as I was on my cooldown walking up my street.

Ready for a 3 Hour Run Camelbak & Amrita Bars, #selfie
Ready for a 3 Hour Run-Camelbak & Amrita Bars

I also played it a bit conservatively too and kept my pace around 10:00/mi just to make sure i got the volume in that I wanted. I also had several extra pounds of water strapped to my back which must have slowed me down a bit. I was happy to have a good long and successful run and I was able to put the previous week behind me.

On Sunday I woke up early, for me on weekend anyway, to do the DCT ride. The ride was only 64 miles and I wanted to get about 5 hours in. Usually 5 hours for an LSD ride would be about 80 miles for me, so I tacked on a few extra miles getting to and from the ride start at the Trexlertown Velodrome.

The ride was pretty flat for the first half and was along many of the roads I typically ride. I rode along with a girl from work and a couple of her friends for the first half. I eventually latched on to a couple guys with orange helmets around the Kempton area that were going my typical pace. A few other guys joined them and a pace line was formed. I stayed behind them about 10m or so and avoided most of their draft. I don’t want to get used to that. Also the stretch of road from Kempton to Werley’s Corners is awesome for getting down into the aerobars and just cruising.

Ready to Rain on the Farm
Ready to Rain on the Farm

I ended up bagging the final rest stop and just heading for the finish. It was getting kind of hot and humid out too, so I was eager get home. My legs were a bit stiff early in the day too since I had run long the day before. I don’t typically do that, so it was a bit different riding on tired legs. I did seem to get a second wind though on the last half of the DCT ride which worked out well since that half had all the climbs in it.

I ended up with around 80 miles in just under 5 hours. Not a too bad for a pretty mellow ride. It was a good end to another build week.

My fatigue level(pink) in the Training Peaks PMC chart below is peaking out a bit at the end of the week. My plan is to do a few easier days early in the week before I head up to Lake Placid for a training camp over the holiday weekend. I want to go into that fresh in order to take advantage a that big training block.

Training Peaks PMC Chart IMCDA Week 20
Training Peaks PMC Chart IMCDA Week 20
Training Peaks <a href=
TSS and Volume Charts IMCDA Week 20″ width=”625″ height=”307″ /> Training Peaks TSS and Volume Charts IMCDA Week 20

IMCDA 2015 Training Log-Week#18(May 4-10 2015)

Now with the NJ Devilman race behind me it is time to focus on the final 8 week build for Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Unfortunately, the affects of the Devilman Half Lite continued to linger well into the week.

Training Peaks-Training Calendar-Week 19
Training Peaks-Training Calendar-Week 19

I was very exhausted on Monday and decided it would be best to take a rest day. On Tuesday, I did my normal endurance/form swim, but did a zone 2 bike ride that evening instead of my usual run. My legs were still really sore and they were not ready for a run just yet. My Heart Rate Variability was stilling showing signs of stress until about Thursday when it rebounded and shot back up int the 80’s again.

<a href=
iThlete HRV Timeline Week 19″ width=”625″ height=”296″ /> iThlete HRV Timeline Week 19

As you can see in the HRV timeline above, there was a bit of a death spiral for the next 5 days after the race. Saturday then rebounded quite a bit and then some long LSD workouts pulled things back down again. I had hoped that taking the entire day off on Monday would help to expedite my recovery, but things continued to decline after that.

The iThlete Training Guide below reinforces this as well. A majority of my morning readings are showing up on the left side of the graph indicating a lot of low recovery days. Granted that this week also a build week so overreaching a bit was part of the plan, but I still have another two weeks of build to go. Given this I am starting to consider adjusting my plan to only do two weeks of build and then follow with an easy week before I head to Lake Placid for a training camp. I want to be fresh for the camp since it is a big block training on its own. This is the kind of thing where HRV helps you manage your training as you go. You can follow a schedule but if your body is not responding to it you need to adjust. Using HRV and the tools that iThlete provides allows you to do that.

iThlete Training Guide Week 19b
iThlete Training Guide Week 19
Peakin' through the Clouds -Sunset in Kutztown
Peakin’ through the Clouds -Sunset in Kutztown

On Friday I headed over to Dutch Springs for a hour  open water swim. It was a good swim but definitely not without some drama. You can check out the full scoop here…

Fabulous Four’s

On Saturday I decided to ride the Quad County Metric route which is a well-marked ride that runs by my home. Turned out that this years actual ride was this same day, so I ended up riding along with everyone doing the ride. I hooked into the ride just up the road which is on one of the tougher hill climbs on the ride. As I came upon the hill there were riders all over the hill zig-zagging up the road. Since I was pretty fresh I zipped up the road and passed most of the people. It is kind of mean since they probably have about 25 miles into their legs at this point.

It was a rather moist day. While it was not really raining, there was this mist in the air all day and I just felt “moist” all day long. After losing my iPhone to moisture the day before, I was not about to bring out my new phone for pictures today. It did dry up a little bit and I was able to capture one image.

West Branch of the Perkiomen Creek
West Branch of the Perkiomen Creek

I felt kind of bad riding with people doing the ride, but I was not utilizing their rest stops and I did veer off of the course for a bit. It was a pretty challengin ride though. it had about 4500 feet of climbing in around 56 miles. I tacked on some extra mileage so that I got about 72 miles in 4:40. I tacked on another 30 minute brick run right after too. All-in-all there were 4 category 4 climbs. Play that number!


Dirty D&L Run

On Sunday I headed up to the D&L rail trail for my long run. The plan was a 3 hour run which should end up being about 18-20 miles. It was a unseasonably warm day for sure. The D&L trail is nice for long runs due to its length, but it can leave you high-and-dry since you have to carry all your hydration and nutrition. I like to park midway at the Cove Road Trailhead so I can do a 4 mile out-and-back to the south and then re-tool and do a 5 mile out-and-back to the north.

D&L Trail LSD Run dry dusty feet
D&L Trail LSD Run dry dusty feet

I took a two bottle Fuelbelt, but I ran a little dry on the second half of the run. Somewhere around mile 12 things started to fall apart. I don’t know if it was the heat or the pretty hilly bike ride the day before, or both but the wheels fell off. I ended up doing a walk/run the last 4 miles of the workout. It was a bit of a confidence buster.

I managed to get back to the car and everything was ok. Given how spent I was, I decided Monday would be a rest day. Next week is another build week, so I needed some recovery to get the most out of the next week. We are coming down to the wire here and I don’t want to sabaotage all the hard work I have put in this season.


The Value of the Long Run or Ride

garbage, junk, trash, pitch

While out on my long run of the week the other day, I was thinking about about all the times I have heard the long run referred to a “junk miles” lately. We have been innundated with all of these so-called experts who keep spouting out how to “hack” everything.  People love to hear someone tell them that doing something that is difficult is not necessary. Rich Roll has a great blog post on this here. This is what gets people coming to your site and getting publicity too. It is like those crazy headlines you read in the checkout line at the grocery store.

Well, I hate to break it to you folks, but you are not going to run a good marathon or Ironman without putting in those rides and runs and the hard work that goes with it. Every weekend I push myself that extra 10-20 minutes further than the previous week until getting to or close to that ultimate distance I need to cover come race day. When I get to that distance, then I can step back and increase the pace a bit to try  and cover it in less time.

The real “junk miles” are the ones done with no purpose. When you set out on a workout with no intention, you are just spinning your wheels. Literally and figuratively. Whether you set out to run a fast mile or a slow, zone 2 3-hour run, if you are completing the workout with an intention to accomplish a specific goal, then they are never junk miles.

I ran across this short post by Coach Jay Johnson called Stop undervaluing the Long Run the other day which kind of sparked some thoughts I had a about this topic. I love my long runs and bike rides and would not trade them for anything. It is one of the things that keeps me coming back to Ironman every year.



IMLP Training Week 6-A Change of Seasons

My sixth training weeks went from one extreme to the other in terms of weather. The first part of the week2013-03-09 11.10.07 consisted of all indoor workouts due to cold and very windy conditions. I can handle the bike trainer, but I really try to avoid the treadmill as much as possible. After failing to secure a treadmill at the fitness center Monday night, I decided to utilize their indoor track instead. Mistake!

The indoor track at my current fitness center is located on the upper floor and overlooks the strength training area below. The track is about a elongated circle, so you are constantly turning. It does not have any banking on the turns either. So with that and a race pace tempo run and new pair of New Balance led to some nice blisters and some bloody shoes. Bummer. Fortunately it didn’t affect the rest of the weeks runs a all. Wednesday night I kept to running straight on the treadmill.

All that indoor training was quickly forgotten come the weekend. The temps soared into the high 50’s(deg F) and the sun was blasting. Ahhhh! I also utilized a massage credit I had at the fitness center on Friday after my swim. Oh man…that was good! I wish I could get one of those every week.

Saturday I got out for a nice ride. Temps were perfect and the wind was pretty mellow(6-8mph N-NE). It was a gorgeous day. I was only supposed to ride for 1:50, but I stretched it out to 2:15. Legs felt good, but it was a pretty easy ride too. One thing I noticed later in the ride was some strangeness in my rear wheel that concerned me. It kept engaging like when you are freewheeling and you start pedaling again and the cassette engages the wheel. It just kept engaging. Hmmm….

I also picked up a new pair of Reynolds carbon fiber race wheels. They were on sale at Performance Bike for less than I could get a used pair of Zipps on eBay. I checked around and could not find any bad reviews. I consulted John at Sleeping Dog Pro Cycles and he thought they had some wind issues with over 15 degrees of yaw. Most of the reviews said they were good in the wind though. We shall see. I got the Assault/Strike combo which gives you a 46 front and a 66 rear, which should make steering a little more forgiving.

On Sunday, I was able to coordinate training with the Wifey which was cool. She was set to do a 9 miler and I needed to do 1:30 which was pretty close. We decided on doing the Ironton Rail Trail since she prefers a asphalt surface and this trail is mostly that. It had been a few years since we last toured this trail and it was on mountain bikes when we did it. This was an excellent path for running. Pretty flat too except for a long gradual climb near the Coplay Kilns area, which isn’t too bad. It was a nice day, but not quite as nice as Saturday though. A few more clouds, wind and lower temp. I ended up with around 9.5 miles which was cool Felt like I didn’t do anything.

We also turned the clocks ahead on Sunday morning, so now we got some extra light for my after work runs. Only thing it is going to be a little dark in the mornings. I sure hope the temps hold up again.


Morning Ride around Keuka Lake

I was on the road by 9:30AM on Saturday after a good nights sleep big bowl of granola with hemp milk. The sun was breaking over the hills behind the lake, and brightening up the west side Keuka Lake. I decided that to change things up this year I was going to climb up the hill a bit on the west side of Keuka near the Bully Hill Vineyard and follow the road that parallels the coastline at a higher elevation. I typically ride the lower road which is ok but there is a long line of cars parked for the people who are staying in the houses along the lake and you never know when a car door may open. I wished I would have done this before! The initial climb up from the shoreline is a little taxing(Cat 4) but it was sooo worth it. The road was fairly flat to rolling, with a nicely paved surface but the view was INCREDIBLE! I was winding through farms and fields of grapes and constantly overlooking Keuka Lake. In addition, the day was beautiful. Blue skies and white puffy clouds. It looked like something from the Simpsons.20120818-095715.jpg




I eventually reached the end of the west side of the lake where I came to a dead end on Italy Hill Road. I made a right turn heading towards Branchport, NY and quickly descended the 1-2 mile 7% descent…Weeee!! Besides taking the upper road on the west side of the lake, I also decided to ascend the bluff which is the peninsula of land that forms the inner portion of the “Y” that is Keuka Lake. The climb up the bluff is not super steep, but long and gradual.You are then rewarded with a amazing view of both sides of the lake. Once on top on Skyline Dr. it is pretty flat too and then you take a steep drop down to the point. I thought I would get a really cool view from the point, but it was covered in trees. Once back down to lake-level I was faced with taking either a right or left on West or East Bluff Rds. I made the left and the road turned from paved to a dirt road that was coated with a layer of tar. It actually wasn’t too bad and I eventually dropped down to a paved section. The rest of the road was well shaded and flat. It cruised along the shore up to Keuka College and eventually back out to the main road(Rt. 14 ) not far from where I turned in. Wind had been coming from the North all day, but wasn’t too bad. I was looking forward to my southerly ride back down the east side of the lake which should be a fast cruise.


Keuka College


I made my way down the east side running around 18-22mph the whole time. A nice tailwind made it even more enjoyable. When I got back to the house I dropped my bike off and informed my wife that I still had a 20 minute brick run to do yet. She had forgotten about this and was looking forward to going to lunch, so she was not real happy about it. I quickly threw on my running shoes and made a quick 17 minute loop around the house. I then ran down to the dock and jumped in the lake for a quick bath, then it was off to Heron Hill for some lunch.

We enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Heron Hill. I had a portabella panini and a few glasses of wine and my wife had the greek salad. We ended up ordering another portabella panini and splitting it because it was so good. I then did a quick wine tasting and purchased a few bottles of their Eclipse Red and Dry Riesling to take home. The view from Heron Hill’s winery was spectacular(below). 20120819-124015.jpg

We stopped in at the craft show in Hammondsport on the way home and scored a really cool ceramic plate(below) for grating garlic and other things. Can’t wait to try that out. We chilled out at the house the rest of the evening and my Sister-In-Law prepared a wonderful dinner. They had chicken, but also lots of vegetables so I was good to go. I really had no desire to eat the chicken either, which I was surprised. I didn’t last too much longer after dinner as the 60 mile bike ride and 20 min run finally caught up to me. Got to get some rest as tomorrow is a easy mile swim and a 1:30 run in the morning and then travel back home again. Sad smile