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Ironman Foundation/Valerie Fund Update-Top 5 Fundraiser!!

IMF Fundraising for Valerie Fund $3225

Woohooo!!! I just made it into the Top 5 fundraisers on the Ironman Foundation website!! Check it out…  

Ironman Lake Placid Training Week 25 Update-Still Tapering

I feel like I was going 100 MPH and we just slammed on the brakes! I thought only training 8-9 hours last week was light, but we cut that in half again this week with only ~4 hours total training. It feels like nothing. Crazy to think that some people may think that is a …

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No Mass Swim Start for Ironman Lake Placid 2013

Ironman Lake Placid No Mass Swim Start

Ironman announces the SwimSmart Initiative. which changes to the mass swim starts at Ironman Lake Placid and few others in 2013. 

IMLP Training Week 3-A Tough Loss

The week 3 update is a little late coming out. The final build week of the first cycle ended with a death in my family. My grandmother had passed away on Saturday night. I was fortunate to see her about 3 hours before her passing. She was a month shy of turning 95 years old …

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Lake Placid Training Camp Day 4-The Final Push

The sore blasted in the room at around 5:30AM and I immediately took inventory of the damage done from the long ride the day before. To my surprise, my ability to walk to the bathroom was not hampered in any way. “Could I really not be sore at all from a 7 hour bike ride?” …

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