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Ironman Lake Placid 2014-Pre-Race Saturday Update #2

Last year I pretty much did nothing exercise-wise the Saturday before Ironman Lake Placid. This year I decided I was going to take it easy on the Friday before and then do a light bike and run on Saturday. I usually feel better if I do a little something the day before a race.

Lake Placid Ski Jumps
Lake Placid Ski Jumps

I fired up the VitaMix immediately after waking up to get the engines fueled with a nutritious breakfast smoothie. I did a little bike check and maintenance after eating.  Then I headed out for a nice easy ride out River Rd to Route 86 and then follow the IMLP route through town and then back to River Road. I did extend it a little past the ski jumps to the Adirondack Loj road to take in the great view. The bike seemed to be in good working order and I felt confident now to take it in town and rack it in transition for the race.

Next, I headed back to the house and jumped into my run shoes and did a little brick run down River Rd. It was only about 10 minutes, just enough to get the muscles warmed up. Everything was feeling good and ready to roll!

I through the bike in the rack on the car and prepped my Bike and Run Gear bags for transition.

Bike Gear Bag:

  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses(dark & light lenses)
  • Socks( 1 light and 1 thicker wool pair)
  • Sunscreen
  • Spare jersey(for warmth)
  • Gloves
  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers

Run Gear Bag:

  • Sneakers
  • Spare socks
  • Run Hat
  • Run Belt and bib #
  • Fuel Belt & 4 bottles(2-Skratch Labs, 2-Honey & water)
  • 2 Amrita Bars
  • 4 Salt Tabs
  • Sunscreen

Denise dropped me off in at the back of the speed skating oval and waited for me. I racked my bike and hung my bags. It was pretty busy, but everything went smoothly. I tied the bags closed at the plastic instead of the string so that water would not get in. The weather forecast did not look promising for Sunday.

IMLP 2014-Bike racked in transition
IMLP 2014-Bike racked in transition
IMLP 2014-#2422 Gear Bags in Transition
IMLP 2014-#2422 Gear Bags in Transition

We then headed over to the Dancing Bears for some lunch. I was not real hungry so I kept It light with a nice salad which was perfect. After lunch we headed back to the house and just relaxed for the afternoon.

I had made some Sweet Potato Chickpea curry before we left home for my go-to pre-race meal. I did a little thai pepper to it that had a little punch to it. Hope that would not come back to get tomorrow!

I was in bed and asleep by 9:30pm. I really didn’t feel as freaked out this year as I did last year. Having done the race last year, I now knew what to expect and the anticipation anxiety was much less. It was a long training day and I had been through this before. I had no trouble falling to sleep this time! Big day tomorrow!

Ironman Lake Placid 2014-Race Week Update #1

Well the week I have been preparing for all season is finally here. It was a quick 3-day work week and then packing up and heading to Lake Placid on Thursday morning. I did a light swim and easy hour bike on the training Tuesday and Wednesday just to keep the blood moving. Tuesday was a bit of a panic day after finding a large nail in the back tire on the CRV and then the crown on my tooth fell out. I fortunately had a dentist appoint that morning already, which was really the reason it fell out in the first place since I decided to floss. I won’t do that again! 🙂

Denise also cut my hair on Tuesday night, so I took the trimmer to my legs right after. It was not pretty. And there was bloody carnage that came with those “free” alleged 15 watts. Warning! Some viewers may find these images disturbing…

All the issues eventually took care of themselves as we got 2 new tires on the CRV and my crown was glued back in place again. Packing up seemed much less stressful this year and I usually keep most things I need all ready to go at a moments notice.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko Bridge on I-87
Thaddeus Kosciuszko Bridge on I-87

The drive up went very smoothly and no major traffic except for a small slowdown on I-78 due to them spraying some chemical cocktail of herbicides along the side of the ride. It was some pretty nasty stuff which we were able to taste and smell for some time after we passed. Thanks for the carcinogens NJDOT!

Food, Fresh, Libations, Produce, Vegetables, Whole Foods, cooking, instagram, nourishment, tacos, vittles
Veggie Tacos-The Comfort Kitchen, Saratoga Springs, NY-@ComfortEats

Denise did most of the driving and had located a good farm-to-mouth place in Saratoga Springs called Comfort Kitchen. They had meat and veggie burgers, but I ended up going with the veggie tacos. They were mostly corn and beans with a piece of some deep-fried veggie, which I think was eggplant, and some spicy and tasty little sauce on top. I would gather it was not vegan, but it was too good to inquire about. What I don’t know won’t kill me right? Saratoga Springs was a bit busy for some reason and it was hard to find a spot to park. The food was good though, so it was worth the stop.

We arrived at the house on River Road around 4 PM and settled in. I was eager to get out on the road for a little run to stretch the legs a bit. It was a beautiful afternoon and the run felt so good. I kept it to a half hour though just to stay fresh. I felt like I could have run forever.

We headed out for dinner after a quick shower. We had made reservations at Freestyle initially, but cancelled them after viewing the menu and seeing Foie Gras listed all over it. Foie Gras is a disgusting practice were the force feed ducks which I have some major issues with. You can google it if you care. We tried Cafe Rustica, but it was an hour wait. It was tough to turn down because it smelled so good there. We ended up at the Cowboy, which is one of my favorites. They had had a large party being served there so we had to wait a bit until they were done. It was not even a half hour though. I ended eating the same Thai Noodle Salad and Thai Green Curry with Tofu I had back in June. It is just to good to pass up.

Food, Libations, Thai, cooking, noodle, nourishment, salad, vittles
Thai Noodle Salad-The Cowboy, Lake Placid, NY
Food, Libations, Thai, cooking, curry, noodle, nourishment, vittles
Peanut Satay Green Curry-The Cowboy, Lake Placid, NY

After dinner we made a stop at the Hannaford Grocery store to pickup some frozen fruit and a few other items. Next we were back to the house and settled in for the night. I had a crappy night of sleep after waking up at 2:30am and having trouble getting back to sleep again. My Jawbone said I slept 7 hours, but it sure didn’t feel like I did.

It was a pretty cold morning when we left the house. The thermometer said 46 degrees F and it felt like it too. I ended up putting pants and fleece on to head into town to get some breakfast.

We got out to the Breakfast Club by around 7:30AM to beat the crowds, which we were successful with. I had a massive stack of pancakes and I was feeling a little guilty about it after seeing all the people running and riding by the window on Main St. I got over it pretty quickly though because they were yummy!

We killed a little time walking around until 9am when I was able to register and get all my race crap. There was a little line coming down the steps at the convention center, but it moved pretty quickly once they started up. One of the things they do is weigh you. I was not looking forward to this after eating that huge breakfast and the large meal the night before. I also had pants, phone, and wallet on too. I was 180 when I left home, but they got me at 188…Yikes!!! I told the lady those pancakes I had for breakfast weighed a whole 8 lbs. She got a laugh out of that.


Adirondacks, America, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, North Elba, North Essex County, USA, United States, iPhone, imlp, speed skating oval
Ironman Lake Placid Transition Area Bike Racks-IMLP2014

I finished being ushered around to all the different stations to get my race numbers and stickers, swim cap, computer chip and some swag. We actually a nice little bike multi-tool which I thought was cool. We also got IMLP backpacks again, but I like the ones this year much better. I could probably use this one for work. They make you go down to the expo area to pick them up probably so you buy some more stuff. I bought nothing this time. Last year I over did it and then half the stuff was on sale on the website afterwards anyway.

Denise was chatting it up with nice guy from Charlottte, NC named Bob. His son is a pretty awesome triathlete from what he was saying. He was a pretty interesting guy. I also bumped into my Coach, Scott too and talked with him for a few minutes. We walked around the expo for a bit and Denise ended up buying some electrical muscle massage thing.

Adirondacks, America, Arch, Dax, Endurance Sports, Full, Ironman, Lake Placid, New York, North America, North Elba, North Essex County, Race, Sports, Triathlon, USA, United States, Water, finish line, multisport, tri
Ironman Lake Placid 2014 Finish Line Arch

I headed over to the lake for a quick 20 minute swim in the lake. The lake seemed a little cool at first, but should be perfect for raceday with a wetsuit on. I took it easy on the 10 minutes down the lake and then took it up a notch and cruised back towards shore. I saw the cruise back average pace was around 1:38/100 yds, which for me is pretty fast. Doubt I could do that for 2.4 miles, but it does give me confidence of being more in the 1:45 range.

I was ready to get out of the craziness of town after my swim and get back to the house and chill for a bit. I think I saw two-thirds of Team AWESOME too on the way out in their Soas kit. It was a little too crazy though to stop and say hi.

Well that is about all for now. Got some chillin’ to do!



Ironman Lake Placid 2014-Athlete Bib Numbers to Follow…

Everyone always posts their bib numbers for IMLP, but the IronTrac iOS app doesn’t let you put them in until 24 hours before the race. Since I am racing I really don’t want to be bothered with this 24 hours before race, so I going to add the people want to track here and you can tweet me any other bib numbers too and I will add them as well.

A few methods of tracking athletes…

IMLP 2014 Athlete Bib Numbers to track…

2422 – Brian Schwind 2415 – Scott Rowlands 2621 – John Parks
967 – Shanna O’Neal 673 – Ashley Stumpp 1619 – Kenrick Smith
2071 – John Newman 1821 – R1cky Rosario 787-Lauren Cancelliere

Also, for some IMLP Race Reports check out the BruisedBanana.com site…


IMLP 2014-Week 21 Training Update-The Final Build

My final build week before Lake Placid was a fairly decent one. I took a rest day on Monday since I felt like I needed it. It was very hot and humid early in the week which upped the intensity a bit for my Tuesday night run.

Training Peaks week
A few “yellow” workouts abound after some weather conditions and trainer rides shortened things up a bit. Hopefully the increased intensity made up for it!
The weather for the week…

The weather later in the week did not cooperate too much and I ended doing trainer rides on both Wednesday and Friday. It was probably a good thing since I get a much better and more consistent ride on the trainer. I also don’t need to spend as much time on the trainer as an equivalent road ride since you are constantly peddling and not coasting and stopping like you do on the road.

I was able to try out my new IMLP bike loop videos from my new GoPro during my trainer rides this week. PRetty cool! I memorized every crack and pothole on the descent into Keene.

My Thursday night run was cut in half due thunder and lightning. It had started out to be a really good rain in a downpour, but I bright flash and a boom occurred at the 30 minute mark. The rain never stopped until Friday afternoon which worked out since we were going to a picnic that day. I skipped my LSD swim on Friday just for lack of time.

4th of July Picnic
4th of July Picnic-Nothing like a IPA you can drink all day! The Founders “ALL DAY IPA”
Fun downhill section overlooking farm on Huffs Church Road
Fun downhill section overlooking farm on Huffs Church Road
Cows in Field-Somewhere near New Smithville, PA
Cows in Field-Somewhere near New Smithville, PA

All the weather issues early in the week paid off because Saturday was BEAUTIFUL! I did a ~97 mile bike and then a 25 minute brick after. I kind of winged it with my route and hit some different territory over in the Oley Valley/Lobachsville area. Had some pretty nice climbs on Sweetwood Road in Macungie(cat 3) and Lobachsville Rd(cat 3-4). Ended up with a pretty good 4k+ feet of climbing.


Old passenger rail car they are restoring on the Ironton  Rail Trail
Old passenger rail car they are restoring on the Ironton Rail Trail

Sunday was my last long(over 2 hours anyway) run for the training season. I headed over to the Ironton Rail Trail for some 5.5 mile loops and a 5 mile out-and-back spur. It is fairly shaded too which helped. It was a pretty hot day, but a good breeze kept things in check.

I starting getting a weak, shaky feeling about 2 miles into it and was wondering if I was going to make it the planned 3.5 hours. I ate the Amrita Bar in my FuelBelt and instantly felt better within a mile or so. Guess I was a little low in blood sugar or something. I also had a non-typical breakfast that morning of chia waffles with maple syrup which could have played a part. It didn’t have the same gusto as my smoothie does.

They don't call them LSD runs for nothing! I think I was hallucinating on this run. :)
They don’t call them LSD runs for nothing! I think I was hallucinating on this run. 🙂
Performance Mgmt Chart
My PMC chart shows the forecasted plan for the rest of the days until Lake Placid. My TSS(Yellow shaded area) shows me to be VERY rested by race day. My drop in ATL is a little more than I would like so I may do a couple more easy workouts in lieu of total rest days to keep that up a little bit.


Heart Rate Variability(HRV) made a HUGE comeback this week. Kind of odd since it is my 2nd week in a row of build. I either respond better to more volume/intensity or my recovery is just severly delayed.

Other Items of Interest…

Leg Shaving…If you read Triathlete magazine you may have read the latest Jesse Thomas column about how shaving his legs during a recent wind tunnel testing session at Specialized. Jesse, being a fairly hairy fellow and high on the “Chewbacca Scale”, saved a whopping 15 watts by shaving his legs. The guys at Specialized created a video about it which is below.

Guess I could use a shave anyway?
Guess I could use a shave anyway?

I have never shaved my legs before and really haven’t found much justification to do so. Until now. They say on average this could have 5-10 minutes on an Ironman distance event, which is pretty huge. I am trying to cut about 25 minutes off my bike leg this year and getting a free 5-10 minutes could make that that much more obtainable. My wife was not real keen on the idea, but I what the heck it grows back. Anyway, here is the video…

My wife Denise also skydived on Sunday morning. I told her to just let me know when it is over. I have no interest in that. I did tell her to get the video, so I could watch it later. It was pretty cool to watch. Anyway, here it is.

IMLP 2014 Training Update-Week 20-Lake Placid Mini-Training Camp Week

The Week

The week started off on a high note with some really good workouts early on. The effects of my prior recovery week have started show up. I banged out a nice 32 mile ride on Monday night in less than two hours,averaging about 17.7 MPH while still staying in a zone 2 heart rate. Tuesday continued with a good swim and decent run despite it being a pretty hot afternoon.

I decided to attend a yoga class with my on Wednesday night to give myself a little break before the upcoming training blitz in Lake Placid this weekend. Yoga classes were also free this week and I thought spending some time with my wife would be a good thing before I take off to the Adirondacks for the weekend. The yoga class wasn’t the greatest and when you don’t do it on a regular basis it isn’t the easiest to wing it. I also had packing for my trip and needing to cut the grass before I left on my mind too.

My HRV is starting to take a bit of a nose dive in the last couple weeks. This is also including a rest week. Hopefully that will rebound after the next week when taper starts.
My HRV is starting to take a bit of a nose dive in the last couple weeks. This is also including a rest week. Hopefully that will rebound after the next week when taper starts.

Off to Lake Placid

I managed to knock out a quick swim at lunch on Thursday. I had been hoping for the latest release of on of my favorite podcasts, Zen and the Art of Triathlon, on Thursday but was disappointed when it didn’t show up in my Podcast app. The podcast host, Brett Blankner, is very entertaining and it usually plays for about 3 hours. I thought this would be great to listen to on the drive. I decided to tweet Brett to see when he was expecting it to go out. He replied back for me that he would send me a link to the podcast, which he graciously did. Thanks Brett, you rock man!

I quickly threw all my stuff in the car and made my way to Lake Placid after work. I stopped off at Cali Burrito for burrito to take along for dinner. The ride went pretty well except for some stop-and-go traffic on I-287, but that didn’t last too long. I stopped at a rest stop on I-87 to eat my burrito, take a bio break and re-fuel. I listened to the ZenTri podcast most of the way up which really helped time go by. I got the first taste of the new paving on Rt 73 coming into Lake Placid. I was a bit diI arrived at the apartment a few minutes past eleven, unpacked, had a beer and went to sleep.


I woke up around 8-8:30 Friday morning and headed into town for some breakfast at the Breakfast Club next to Starbucks. It was pretty packed so I sat at the bar. I splurged a bit by having French Toast and home fries. Pretty yummy though. I needed to kill some time (since you have to wait an hour after you eat before swimming…right? Smile ) so I headed to EMS and did a little shopping. I was very ready to get out of town at this point since it was starting to crowd up a bit. I managed to get a good parking spot by Mirror Lake beach area right in front of Lake Placid Pub & Brewery.


@Places, Adirondacks, Endurance Sports, Full, Ironman, Lake Placid, New York, Race, Sports, Training, Triathlon, United States, imlp, multisport, tri
Pre Swim-Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY

I had purchased a SaferSwimmer float a while back for swimming in lakes that have boats and when I don’t want to leave my keys and things laying on the shoreline, but I hadn’t gotten to use it yet. Lake Placid is pretty safe to leave things on shore, but I wanted try this thing out. Two ladies swimming were asking me about it and thought it would cause too much drag. They had started swimming before I did and I ended up passing them with my orange buoy hanging off my ass. Guess not? Really I forgot it was even there once I was swimming and it is nice if you just want to take a break and hang out for a few mins.

@Places, Adirondacks, Endurance Sports, Full, Ironman, Lake Placid, New York, Race, Sports, Training, Triathlon, United States, imlp, multisport, tri
Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY

I had also started up a workout on my iPhone in the Runkeeper app just as a comparison to my Garmin. It came in handy since I forgot to take my watch off of Pool Swim mode, which does not use the GPS. So after swimming for 20 minutes my watch said I only swam about 50 meters! I also could not get it to locate the GPS satellites while floating in the lake.

I did a full 1.2 mile loop with my floaty and then ditched it on shore for my 2nd loop. I took my waterproof camera this time, stashing it in my wetsuit. I swam out another 12 minutes or so, took some pictures and then swam back for another ~3/4 mile. The water was perfect wetsuit temperature and it was a beautiful day too.

After my swim, I headed back into town again for some lunch at the Good Bite Kitchen. The Good Bite Kitchen is a tiny little place in town that has really good and healthy vegetarian food. The perfect place to replenish during a heavy training weekend. As always it was delicious.

I headed back to the house and chatted for while with Dan & Wendy who own the apartment I stay at. I then hopped on my bike and headed out River Road for short loop. My short loop is the basic IMLP bike loop minus the out-and-backs and cutting off town with River Road. It ends up being just shy of 40 miles which took my about 2.5 hours last year.

@Places, Adirondacks, Endurance Sports, Full, Ironman, Lake Placid, New York, Race, Sports, Training, Triathlon, United States, imlp, multisport, tri
NY73 Fresh Pow-Pow Paving

The start of the ride was amazing with the new paving. Granted it is still a pretty tough climb, but you can now just focus on spinning and not dodging all the cracks and potholes in the road. The new paving ends at the hikers parking lots before the Cascade Lakes. There is a small stretch of new paving on the right side part way down the Keene descent, but it only lasts less than mile ending at Owls Head Road. They really need to finish this down the hill because it gets really bad around the Rustic Furniture shop. It does look like they are still working and they have a few cutouts where they taper the macadam off.

The map below indicates the newly paved areas in green as of the time I left on Sunday(June 29th). Hopefully that smaller section to the right gets much bigger before July 27th! I also hooked up my GoPro under the aerobars on my bike and recorded most of the IMLP bike course. Once I figure out the processing workflow for those videos I will probably post a couple short clips on the new paving and the descent into Keene on here. My ultimate plan is to create a TrainerRoad video workout for the entire ride for the winter time.

So, the smooth paving was short lived. As I made my way around the last bumpy turn before Keene, began hearing a rubbing noise coming from my back wheel. I pulled over to the side and spun my wheel didn’t see anything. I continued on and the sound continued. Then as I hit the last cut out for the new paving in the old road my back tire flatted. I pulled over into the large ditch gulley. There was no shade to be found and the sun was beating on me. Also there was a constant stream of large trucks and horse trailers that had obviously let out from the horse show that was going on this weekend.

I changed the tube in around 15 minutes or so and continued on down into Keene. The remainder of the ride was quite nice since it was getting later in the day. Once you make the turn towards Jay, it seems like you can just relax a bit and enjoy the wide, flat road with minimal traffic. I felt really good on this ride and the climb from Jay to Wilmington seemed so much easier than I remembered it to be. I ended completing the ride in almost 10 minutes less than I had the year before without even trying!



I got cleaned up after the ride and headed over to one of my favorite places to eat, The Cowboy. They have one of the best veggie burgers, but I ended up going with the Thai Green Curry dish tonight. It was really tasty. In keeping with the Thai theme here I also started out with the Spicy Thai Noodle salad which was also very good. It reminded me of the classic Thai papaya salad with noodles. I washed all that down with a Lagunitas IPA. I ran over to the Hannaford grocery store after dinner to pick up some items. I had forgotten my VitaMix at home so I no longer had my smoothie as a breakfast option.

@Places, Adirondacks, Lake Placid, New York, United States, ski jumps
Ski Jumps at Dusk-Lake Placid, NY



@Places, Adirondacks, Endurance Sports, Full, Ironman, Lake Placid, New York, Race, Sports, Training, Triathlon, United States, imlp, multisport, tri
NY73 Fresh Pow-Pow Paving

Saturday the big plan was to do one full, 56 mile IMLP bike loop, then do a shorter second loop without the Ausable Forks out-and-back. This should amount to somewhere around 100 miles for a pretty full day. I got on the road somewhere around 10:30 AM. As I approached the Cascade cross-country ski lodge, I started hearing a rubbing noise again in the back wheel. It was very  similar to the sound I heard the day before when I got the flat. I inspected the tire, but no flat. Hmmm? After further inspection I realized my tire had started bulging in one spot and rubbing against the frame right behind the brake mount. Ugh! I managed to pull the tire back in the lockouts enough that I was able to ride the 2.5 miles back to the house. Glad that happened before I started down the Keene descent!

I had a new tire that I considered changing this tire with that morning since it had over 2000 miles on it, but skipped it due to time. Guess that didn’t pay?! I changed the tire and began gradually taking it up and down with air pressure to avoid a pinch flat. On my last pump up to 100psi I heard the dreaded leaking of air. Ugh!! Now I only have only tube left with the 80mm stem on it for my deep profile race wheel. I am surely not going down into Keene with no spare tubes. I do not get any cell coverage down there, so if I get stuck I am hitching a ride with someone to get back. I finished replacing the tube and this time it seemed to be ok.

I got changed and drove over to Placid Planet Bike Shop on the other side of town. They had plenty of tubes with 80mm valve stems, but they were $16 a piece! I usually pay around $8-10 for the Continentals. Oh well, guess I am forking it over. Now that it was after lunch time, I had a decent lunch of some lentil vegetable soup before heading out for my second attempt to ride.

@Places, Adirondacks, America, Ausable River, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, Places, Training, USA, United States, Wilmington, camp
Ausable River Gorge

I started out riding down into Wilmington and riding back up to Lake Placid just to make sure everything was cool. I did the Three Bears Climbs and navigated through town. The road coming up past Lisa G’s and the lumber place is really buggered up, so watch out for that. I kept riding past River Rd and the ski jumps to Cascade Lakes still everything was ok. I stopped for minute because after this point I was fully committed to the Keene Valley with no communications. I pushed on.

@Places, Adirondacks, America, Ausable River, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, Places, Training, USA, United States, Wilmington, camp
Ausable River Gorge

The rest of the ride went very smooth. It was now around 5-6pm so there was minimal traffic and it was a really enjoyable ride. I skipped Ausable Forks again, but I did do the short Haseltown road out-and-back. I approached River Road, where I could have turned in to the house, but decided to go forward and do the Three Bears one more time. Once I reached the top of Papa Bear, I turned around for the easy cruise back to River Road. I ended up with around 81 miles which is ok, but not the 100 I had planned. I was fortunate to get that in with all the issues. Hopefully they will take care of all the mechanical issues for IMLP!

I stopped on the way to town to snap a few shots of the mountains and ski jumps from the golf course.

@Places, Adirondacks, America, Ausable River, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, Places, Training, USA, United States, Wilmington, camp
Sweet Rewards 46’er Pale Ale-Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

I decided to head to Lake Placid Pub & Brewery for dinner, since my wife never likes to eat there. I had a nice view from my table of the beautiful sunset that night out the window. The food was pretty good. I had a nice vegetarian style french-style onion soup that had a mushroom stock for appy, and a flatbread pizza. I also had a couple 46’er Pale Ales which are my favorite and are typically hard to find in the store. To top things off, I had two mousse shooters for dessert! One was a peanut butter mousse and the other traditional chocolate. Yummy!!

@Places, Adirondacks, America, Ausable River, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, Places, Training, USA, United States, Wilmington, camp
Mousse Shots!! -Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

After dinner I grabbed my camera and shot a couple pictures of Mirror Lake as the final bits of sunlight disappeared. Got a few keepers. Beautiful night!


Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake


I decided to sleep in until 8:30 again on Sunday morning. I sleep so well in the ‘Daks and the bed at the apartment is soo comfortable! I enjoyed a carb-heavy breakfast of Oatmeal and whole wheat bread with some Coconut Peanut Butter(Yum!), before gearing up for my long run. I started out around 10:30am with a 3 mile warm-up making a right out of the driveway on River Rd. I left the Fuelbelt at the house and would grab it on the way back. I turned around mile 1.5 which was almost to the end where it intersects with Rt. 86. There were a bunch of skate-skiiers out on their roller-skis as well as other runners. I need to get a pair of those roller skate-ski’s! There was a couple ladies with a big cooler of water offering to everyone that past which was nice. Not sure if they were with a specific group or not.

It was getting pretty hot quickly, but I was feeling good. I was keeping to a 9:30 pace most of the time. I stopped back at the house to grab my fuelbelt and ended up shooting the breeze with the homeowner for a bit. I eventually continued on. The only rough part was the climb by the steel bridge on RT 73, which lowered my pace a bit. I was starting to get a little worried about time now. I wanted to leave no later than 2PM and it is now around 11:30pm and I was only an hour into my run. Two more hours would put me at 1:30pm! Why did I not figure this out before? I would still need to shower, eat something and packup and I don’t think I could do that in a half hour.

Now I was kind of stressing about time. I decided to run up into town and turned around right before the road drops down before Lisa G’s. I figured I could fill in any extra time I had with back-and-forth on River Rd. There was a horse show going on at the Horse Grounds so that was something to watch as I ran by. I ended up doing an extra repeat on the ski jump hill on my way back. There was another runner walking up it when I did that and I thought it would motivate him a bit, and it did. When I turned around and past him he was like “you’re doing repeats??!!” I laughed and said “only one!” Well, I think extra repeat did me in. Somewhere between there and the house I started feeling like crap. My legs got all crampy and stiff on me. I was drinking Skratch Labs hydration the whole time too. This made my decision to quit early an easy one. I ended up running past the house and doing another mile out and back. Those two miles were really slow 10+ /mi pace. I ended up with around 13.5 miles in around 2:14, which was about 45 minutes less than planned. I didn’t feel too bad about it either because I felt like I was listening to body on this.

I got back to the house, showered up, and packed up. I was on the road by a few minutes after 2pm. The ride home went pretty smoothly too. Denise ended up meeting my in Clinton, NJ for some dinner at Pru Thai. Nice end to the weekend!

Training is nice and gradually making its way. Should peak at around 120 <a href=
TSS which is a bit higher than last season. Taper will bring the pink line down and the yellow line up. ” width=”625″ height=”204″ /> Training is nice and gradually making its way. Should peak at around 120 TSS which is a bit higher than last season. Taper will bring the pink line down and the yellow line up.

I ended up with a around 16 hours of training for the week. Not the 20 hour blitz I was hoping to do, but it was still a decent week. It is always nice to be in Lake Placid! Hopefully I have exercised all of the mechanical issues out of my equipment for the year too. I feel very confident with my performance on the bike and I am sure I will see some improvement there on raceday. Hopefully I can still execute a 9:30 pace for the marathon portion.

Thanks for reading!

The Ironman Hangover

2013-07-27-16.31.42_thumb.jpgWow…seems like ages since I actually posted anything on here. The first few weeks after completing Ironman Lake Placid were a bit of a roller-coaster of thoughts and emotions. I had made several attempts to write about, but I was still in the midst of the ups-and-downs and could not really absorb what was going on. Now after almost 2 months, which included a half a month vacation in Europe(more on this soon), I think I finally got a handle on things.

The first thing I had to deal with after July 31st, 2013 was the realization that I had finally completed this Ironman event. I had pretty much dedicated my life to this goal for the past 4-5 years. Not a moment went by where it did not have it cross my mind. Now, in a mere 12:38 hours, it was done. My head could not handle having all this extra bandwidth available to think about other things. Now what? I signed up for next year, but that was a whole year away. I thought having an upcoming vacation would help, but that was not really sinking in either.

After finally coming to the realization that Ironman was completed, lead me to thinking  about my performance. Leading up to the event, my “secret” goal time was always 13 hours if all went well. After beating that by 22 minutes, I then started thinking how I could go even faster. I was also still at the peak of my fitness and why waste that? What else can I do now? Maybe I could do another Ironman or 70.3? Easy big fella! The “little man” on my shoulder kept reminding me about taking a few weeks off. You gotta listen to your “little man”, right? I was now all revved up with no place to go!

Fortunately, we had a 17 day vacation planned to hike the Haute Route in the Swiss Alps exactly a month after Ironman. This eventually turned my focus towards something else. We started doing some hiking training with full backpacks and hill repeats. Pennsylvania just doesn’t have Alp-worthy hills. While this provided some outlet it also gave me a bunch of time to think about next year. I had nothing planned other than IMLP 2014, so now my head was figuring out what other events I could do. I even found myself surfing to extreme event sites such as Norseman, Celtman, and even Ultraman (look out Rich Roll!).

Eventually, I went and signed up for the Runner’s World Half & Festival weekends’ “Hat Trick.” The hat trick consists of a 5k & 10k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday in mid-October. This seemed to fill the void of an upcoming event that I needed. Now I could focus on vacation and then have something to get me back to training upon my return.

So, what does all this mean? I don’t know! This is just the kind of stuff you have to deal with after dedicating so much of your time to a goal and then completing it. I never realized that it would be such a stressful post-race experience! You think the hard part is over but you still have to endure different types of related obstacles even after it is over. The one thing that has really sunk in after all this is that you have to enjoy that journey. While doing the Ironman was such a great event, I now think back on all the training swims, bikes, and runs that happened along the way. The people you meet and train with, the beautiful days and the not so beautiful ones. It is all part of the ride and each one of those experiences are part of that event. Now it is time to enjoy some new journeys.