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Adapting and Readjusting Your Race Day Goals

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An Ironman is such an unpredictable event. You never know what kind of things are going to come your way on race day. You try to mitigate as many possible issues as you can think of, but you can’t control everything. One thing you certainly cannot control is the weather. Last year I competed in Ironman Lake Placid with …

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IMLP 2014-Week 19 Training Update-Recovery Week Blues

My love-hate relationship with recovery weeks continues. I always look so forward to them, but then feel like crap most of the week. It is nice to have some extra time to do things I have been putting off though. I finished the week with almost 12 hours of training. While that probably still seems …

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2012 Ironman Muskoka 70.3 Race Report-T1 & Bike

T1 I bypassed the wetsuit strippers on the exit of the swim and started the long haul up the hill to the Deerhurst Lodge parking lot were the transition was. I can get out of my wetsuit pretty quickly and I thought the strippers would take longer than if I did it myself. I may …

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LSD….Hallucinogenic or Long, Slow Distance?

One of the side effects of being an endurance athlete is that you have many long hours to just think about stuff. So many ideas float through my head on my swims, rides and runs that seem so brilliant at the time. When I get done I either forget them or they just don’t seem …

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