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Hurricane Sandy(Oct 30, 2012)

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Some photos of the local aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Managed to escape without any issues and power & internet still on. Some homes around are without power. I got lucky on this one. Rough night of sleeping with major winds/gusts and occasional blue flashes from transformers exploding. Temperatures dropping into 40’s which could be rough for those without power.

Nov 3, 2012 Update – Headed over to Rodale Fitness Park this afternoon for a short run. Many of the tall timbers that shade the back half of the track were snapped  off. Pretty sad scene.



Hurricane Sandy Updates from the Lehigh Valley

7:30 PM EST – Winds have slowed up for the time being. Not sure how long that will last.
7:10 PM EST – Lights flickered off for a few seconds but came back on again. Still got power, cable and internet.

6:36 PM EST – Rain has decreased but the winds have picked up a bit. Power and Internet still going. Houses across the street appear dark and I can hear some generators running. Strange looking light coming from Mr. Grumpy’s house across the street. Was able to cook dinner on stove and wash dishes. Time to catch up on my Turtleman episodes.

3:00 PM EST – Water beginning to trickle in the cellar door. Wetvac ready to go.

2:00 PM EST – Wind gusts start picking up a bit. Rain coming down pretty heavy.

1:00 PM EST – Work announced that they closing the office. Working from home today so I could not use that as an excuse not to work. As long as I have electric and Internet…still working.

Batten Down the Hatches…

Well, this could be the last post for some time as Hurricane Sandy is looking to make a direct hit on Southeast Pennsylvania very soon. It has been cloudy all day, but hasn’t really rained that much yet. I was able to head out for a short this afternoon which could be it for a few days anyway. I am still having some IT Band discomfort, so any additional rest is a benefit at this point. The D&L Marathon is on deck next Sunday so we shall see how that goes. I have a feeling I will push it through just to complete it, but not looking to break any records.

It appears that Garmin made a few changes to their Garmin Connect site this week. One of which is that you can connect to other users on the site. Looks like everyone is jumping on the Strava social bandwagon. They also tidied up there menus a bit which had been a little tough to navigate. One thing I like is the profile page which gives you a dashboard of your training and info. The Last 12 months graph is cool as you can see the cyclic nature of your training. I wish they would let you choose total duration(volume) or distance for the y-axis though. It also displays your PR’s for some common distances for running and cycling. It would be nice if they let you define those or let you add some custom ones too.

The 2013 Ironman Miami 70.3 was today and looks like they had great conditions. The water temp was even below 76 deg F so it was wetsuit legal. Last year it was so damp and pouring down rain we were freezing our asses off waiting to start the race. The water was piss warm though so no wetsuits. Would have been nice before the race, but could have been rough for swim since the water was like a warm bath. Felt so good jumping off that dock.

Last night we headed over to our favorite vegan buffet, The Honey Underground, for the Halloween Garlic Party. It was so good. Everything was loaded with garlic even the coffee, apple cider and cheesecake(made with tofu). They were also surprisingly good as well. I am paying for it today though. My mouth feels like I have a garlic bulb in it. I am sure I wreak of garlic too. That should ward off any ills that may choose to threaten me. They also had a prize for best costume, so I donned the mullet wig and bubba teeth for our little outing. I was pretty sure I had it wrapped up, since no one else was dressed up.  That was until we were about to leave and this couple came in with some scary looking outfits, which I just assumed they would take the prize. We headed out after that.

I headed over to the Giant grocery store after my run today to stock up before the hurricane hits. What a zoo that was. I loaded up on several cans of brown rice and lentils and some rice & beans for the week. They should provide me some good food on the camp stove if needed. Should be exciting…see you on the flip side!

IM Miami 70.3–Hurricanes and Packing

Nothing is easy. As I begin my prepping and packing for Miami, Hurricane Rina is churning away just off the Yucatan Peninsula. Fortunately, most models have it doing a u-turn but staying south of southern Florida. Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel also indicated that is will me greatly diminishing in strength. The Ironman Miami 70.3 website has also confirmed this and are not predicting any issues or cancellations. If this happens twice in the same month to me, I think it is time to start playing the lottery. Anyway, I will hope for the best and keep going as planned. Atleast at will be warm down there!

Meanwhile the packing has begun. I have staged everything in the living room and things are ready for packing. I hate checking bags, but not much choice here. I have 2 short layovers, so hopefully they don’t lose my bags.  Below is my recent tri-specific packing list.



   * Wetsuit
   * Goggles(2)
   * Earplugs
   * Anti fog
   * Towel


   * Transition mat
   * Towel
   * Socks
   * Anti-chafe
   * Sunscreen
   * Sunglasses
   * Tape
   * Zip ties
   * Spare tubes
   * Nutrition


   * Bike shoes
   * Tri shorts
   * Leg warmers
   * Tri top
   * Gloves
   * Jacket
   * Long sleeve top
   * Sunglasses
   * HR monitor strap
   * Garmin  comp
   * Helmet
   * Water bottles


   * Sneakers
   * Hat
   * Fuel belt