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IMCDA 2015 Training Update-Week #8(of 26)-Sickness Setbacks

Week #8 did not get off to a good start. I didn’t feel too bad Monday morning, but I did have a bit of a stomach most of the day. I was planning to do a bike trainer ride when I got home from work, but on the ride home things took a turn for the worst. I started getting chills and body aches. I ended up eating some white rice for dinner and then curling up in blankets on the sofa. I started to feel like I was burning up, but yet could not get out of blankets for I was also freezing. A really weird feeling.

My wife was giving me drops of Oil of Oregano along with drinking warm water with apple cider vinegar all night. We thought it may be the flu, so we were trying to ward it off with some recommendations we had seen others have success with.

The burning up continued throughout the night and I registered a fever of 101 and eventually over 102 deg F. I slept on the sofa all night waking up every hour so. It was snowing all night too, so I was able to watch the snow falling in the floodlight when I did wake.

Eventually morning came and my wife woke up and then I went into the bedroom to sleep in the bed. I continued to sleep until 1:30 that afternoon.  I had a little vegetable soup in the afternoon, but could not stomach too much else. The fever had subsided and I was back down to ~97 deg by that evening. I still had some stomach issue for the next day or two, but was back to normal fairly quickly. I think it was most-likely some stomach bug, since the flu usually lasts longer and has respitory issues along with it.

The iThlete Pro HRV apps’ training guide pretty much nailed it on the head here…

iThlete Training Guide-HRV when sick
iThlete Training Guide-HRV when sick

You can see the big drop of where I was sick here and then how I recovered over the next 3 days after. That was basically how it went too. I also did a pretty intense bike trainer workout on the Wed after being sick, which was probably not the brightest idea. As you can see below, I had a green dot in the high 70’s, but then dropped off again from coming back too hard. Pretty cool.

iThlete HRV Timeline-IMCDA 2015 Week 8
iThlete HRV Timeline-IMCDA 2015 Week 8

I did about an hour LSD Swim on Friday. Not swimming all week made it feel a bit of a struggle. I just didn’t have any flow in my stroke. It was very choppy and clumsy feeling.

Endurance Sports Expo

On Saturday I headed down toward Valley Forge to the Endurance Sports Expo. I have to remind myself that I really don’t like expos. I found myself trying to quickly and stealthily sneak through the aisles trying not to get cornered by pushy vendors. I found myself wondering why I drove an hour to do this. My only goal was to try to find a neoprene swim cap for Ironman Coeur d’Alene, but there were none. It was a complete waste of time. I did sit in on a short seminar on mindfulness techniques for endurance byMichelle Evans-Chase, Phd & Bruckner Chase which was entertaining. Bruckner ran a couple videos of his long distance swims through water infested with jellyfish. I was stung one time on the head swimming and couldn’t deal with it, this guys was getting constantly stung for hours. Crazy!

The other reason I regretted going to the expo was the impending snowstorm coming. I don’t believe the weather guys too much these days since they have been so wrong this year, but this one started earlier than I thought and it was coming down by the time I left the expo hall. It was a slow and slippery ride home, but I eventually made it. I really could have used those hours to work on painting my new pain cave.

Sunday was a really nice day. Temps got into the 50’s with sunshine. All I needed was a long sleeze shirt and probably could have gotten away with a short sleeve. The sun was out and blasting away. I ended up doing 14 miles on the 1 mile track at Rodale Fitness Park. Running in mile loops seems so free after running on the treadmill for 13.

Training Peaks-IMCDA 2015 Training Week #8
Training Peaks-IMCDA 2015 Training Week #8
Training Peaks PMC 2015-02-22 17.59.22
Training Peaks PMC 2015-02-22 17.59.22

Wedding and 2013 Lehigh Valley Half-Marathon Expo

A Wedding…

Friday morning was my normal long, slow 45 minutes swim. I was feeling pretty good and happy that my ear was feeling better, so I threw in an extra 250 meters for good measure. One of my wife’s cousins was getting married that evening, so I rushed home after work to get dressed and head over to Lake Nockamixon where the wedding was at.

The wedding was at the Lake House Inn on the far side of the lake(from Quakertown). The place was really beautiful and the reception “bubble” hall had all glass windows on the lake side, which was pretty spectacular as the sun went down. It was a gorgeous day too. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it! It was a really nice affair and I think my favorite thing was my placecard. I guess I was the only “vegan” at the wedding. My wifes’ cousin said I threw them for a loop. I ended up getting a nice chuck of baked tofu and extra veggies and potatoes which was fine.


St. Luke’s Lehigh Valley Half Marathon Expo

On Saturday, we headed over to the LV Half Marathon Expo for our bib pickup. It was at the Holiday Inn in downtown Allentown which is always an adventure since we don’t get down there too often. My wife wanted to check out a seminar at 11am so we were trying to get there by then. The seminar we attended was the “Because I Can” seminar by Janet Oberholtzer. Janet had been in a serious accident several years ago and suffered serious injury to her legs and was told she could not walk again. Now she is running marathons. She ran in the D&L Marathon last November that I had run. I was actually wondering if she had a better time than I did…fortunately she didn’t. Whew! Pretty impressive and motivating story worth checking out.


After that we headed over to the expo and picked up our bibs and swag. Swag was pretty lame actually. Technical shirt was nice and in my favorite color green. Other than that we just got a re-usable shopping bag. One good thing was there was no advertisements either. I ended up find a 4-bottle FuelBelt for Ironman and some spare bottles for my run special needs bag. My wife spotted some running “skort” she had to have which is a combination of a skirt and shorts. It’s all about looking good I guess. To her credit she had bought some cheapo one at Target that was causing some chaffing issues. I bumped into some work friends that were running and Chris from the Emmaus Run Inn(formerly The Finish Line Running Store) and chatted a bit. We were going to hit the Allentown Brew Works for some lunch, but changed plans due to how late it was. Instead we opted for Wegman’s buffet. I still had a ~3 hour bike ride to do and it was past noon already.


Bike Ride – Category 3 on Sweetwood Drive

Next up was my long bike ride of the week. My coach put a 2:00 ride on my schedule but said if I felt up to it I could do 2:30-2:45. I felt the need to go one better and do a 3:00 ride instead. Running a half-marathon the next day is not going to keep me down. Not only did I do a long ride, but I finally hit the Category 3 climb on Sweetwood Drive out of Macungie that I had been eager to try for some time. The ride did not disappoint and it went on and on with varying degrees of gradient the whole 3.2 miles. Good warm-up for the legs. After that I pretty much kept it on the rollers the rest of the ride. There was a slight breeze that day but nothing that would make much of a difference really.

After my ride, I put on my compression socks, made some dinner and relaxed a bit for tomorrow’s half-marathon.

Endurance Sports Expo 2013(Oaks, PA) Recap

On Saturday I headed down to Oaks(Near Valley Forge, PA) to check out the Endurance Sports Expo. I have to admit I had these fantasies in my that I was going to find a pair of Zipp Firecrest 404 race wheels for under a $1000. Of course when I go there reality set in quickly. It is always fun to dream though. I also quickly realized that I wouldn’t have  missed too much by saving the gas and staying home either.

I made my way up and down the aisles scanning the goods while also trying to avoid any confrontation by any overzealous recruiters of my time. I felt I did that pretty successfully. No eye contact is the key. I did spend a few minutes at the Endless Pool area watching some guy try to swim. They were supposed to analyze his swim but he seemed to have a hard time getting started and all he could do was some modified sculling doggie paddle and splashed tons of water on everyone around the edge. Pretty funny. I felt like saying “dude…just put your head under and swim.”

One of the  trends that I was pretty stoked to see emerging was more whole food and plant-based nutrition items. There was the the Zukay Live Foods stand with their Kvass Raw Veggie juice drinks. I enjoyed the beet flavor sample which can give you a bit of a nitrate boost and tastes pretty good. They actually do not contain much sugar do to their fermentation process. They sell these juices at Wegman’s and Whole Foods so I will definitely be picking up a few of these.

2013-02-23 17.04.21Another plant-based item that caught my eye was the Amrita Health Foods stand. They offered several flavors of their “endurance bars” that contain real, whole foods such as dates, raisins, cranberries, sunflower seeds, sesame, and chia seeds. They have a bunch of different flavors too. The guy at the stand seemed to be founder as he to have a lot of detailed information about the making of them. I think he is Arshad, whose story is mentioned on the website. The bars are currently 60% organic, but he is working towards 100%.  They are fairly local too, based in Hudson Valley, NY. Check ‘em out.

There were a couple other whole foods type stands that I fail to mention as well. The worst part of the expo was that the SlyFox brewery was giving out free samples of their IPA, but I somehow managed to push past. Whew!…That was close! I made my way back to the EMS stand after completing the tour. They had a nice Pearl Izumi cold weather cycling jacket that caught my eye. It wasn’t on sale or anything, but it is something that will get me out of the basement sooner than later. I like the fact that it is fitted for cycling and there is a nice big pocket in the back like cycling jersey. The jacket is also florescent yellow, so it should be pretty visible to cars. It was $120, but I think I will get some use out of it.

 2013-02-23 17.08.03

All in all, not as bad a day as I expected. They also have seminars every hour or so on different topics, but none of those really caught my eye. The expo is still going again today so if you are in the area check it out. If you are looking for unrealistically cheap carbon race wheels though, don’t bother.

Time to get moving here, long run today!