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Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2016 Race Report-Perfect Execution

The alarm on my Garmin buzzed at 4:15am. I popped out of bed after a so-so night of sleep. Probably one of the better nights’ sleep before an Ironman event. I felt pretty rested and amazingly relaxed given I was about to be racing for ~12 hours. Hopefully less though. I was about to embark …

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IMCDA 2015 Training Update-Week #8(of 26)-Sickness Setbacks

iThlete Training Guide-HRV when sick

Week #8 did not get off to a good start. I didn’t feel too bad Monday morning, but I did have a bit of a stomach most of the day. I was planning to do a bike trainer ride when I got home from work, but on the ride home things took a turn for …

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Timberman 70.3 2014 Training Update-Rest, Recover, and Taper

Wow…It is already a week since Ironman Lake Placid! Most of the past week was spent totally resting and recovering from the 140.6 miles the previous Sunday. We had a full, very rainy, day on Monday after the race to relax in Lake Placid before the long drive home. I cannot imagine doing another IMLP …

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Endurance Sports Expo 2013(Oaks, PA) Recap

On Saturday I headed down to Oaks(Near Valley Forge, PA) to check out the Endurance Sports Expo. I have to admit I had these fantasies in my that I was going to find a pair of Zipp Firecrest 404 race wheels for under a $1000. Of course when I go there reality set in quickly. …

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ESPN – Ultradistance triathlete Rich Roll is the ultimate self remade man

Wow, ESPN article on RIch Roll by Matt Fitzgerald. Worth a read if you have any interest in turnaround success stories… via Endurance Sports – Ultradistance triathlete Rich Roll is the ultimate self remade man – ESPN.

LSD….Hallucinogenic or Long, Slow Distance?

One of the side effects of being an endurance athlete is that you have many long hours to just think about stuff. So many ideas float through my head on my swims, rides and runs that seem so brilliant at the time. When I get done I either forget them or they just don’t seem …

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