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IMCDA 2015 Training Log-Week#18(May 4-10 2015)

Now with the NJ Devilman race behind me it is time to focus on the final 8 week build for Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Unfortunately, the affects of the Devilman Half Lite continued to linger well into the week.

Training Peaks-Training Calendar-Week 19
Training Peaks-Training Calendar-Week 19

I was very exhausted on Monday and decided it would be best to take a rest day. On Tuesday, I did my normal endurance/form swim, but did a zone 2 bike ride that evening instead of my usual run. My legs were still really sore and they were not ready for a run just yet. My Heart Rate Variability was stilling showing signs of stress until about Thursday when it rebounded and shot back up int the 80’s again.

<a href=
iThlete HRV Timeline Week 19″ width=”625″ height=”296″ /> iThlete HRV Timeline Week 19

As you can see in the HRV timeline above, there was a bit of a death spiral for the next 5 days after the race. Saturday then rebounded quite a bit and then some long LSD workouts pulled things back down again. I had hoped that taking the entire day off on Monday would help to expedite my recovery, but things continued to decline after that.

The iThlete Training Guide below reinforces this as well. A majority of my morning readings are showing up on the left side of the graph indicating a lot of low recovery days. Granted that this week also a build week so overreaching a bit was part of the plan, but I still have another two weeks of build to go. Given this I am starting to consider adjusting my plan to only do two weeks of build and then follow with an easy week before I head to Lake Placid for a training camp. I want to be fresh for the camp since it is a big block training on its own. This is the kind of thing where HRV helps you manage your training as you go. You can follow a schedule but if your body is not responding to it you need to adjust. Using HRV and the tools that iThlete provides allows you to do that.

iThlete Training Guide Week 19b
iThlete Training Guide Week 19
Peakin' through the Clouds -Sunset in Kutztown
Peakin’ through the Clouds -Sunset in Kutztown

On Friday I headed over to Dutch Springs for a hour  open water swim. It was a good swim but definitely not without some drama. You can check out the full scoop here…

Fabulous Four’s

On Saturday I decided to ride the Quad County Metric route which is a well-marked ride that runs by my home. Turned out that this years actual ride was this same day, so I ended up riding along with everyone doing the ride. I hooked into the ride just up the road which is on one of the tougher hill climbs on the ride. As I came upon the hill there were riders all over the hill zig-zagging up the road. Since I was pretty fresh I zipped up the road and passed most of the people. It is kind of mean since they probably have about 25 miles into their legs at this point.

It was a rather moist day. While it was not really raining, there was this mist in the air all day and I just felt “moist” all day long. After losing my iPhone to moisture the day before, I was not about to bring out my new phone for pictures today. It did dry up a little bit and I was able to capture one image.

West Branch of the Perkiomen Creek
West Branch of the Perkiomen Creek

I felt kind of bad riding with people doing the ride, but I was not utilizing their rest stops and I did veer off of the course for a bit. It was a pretty challengin ride though. it had about 4500 feet of climbing in around 56 miles. I tacked on some extra mileage so that I got about 72 miles in 4:40. I tacked on another 30 minute brick run right after too. All-in-all there were 4 category 4 climbs. Play that number!


Dirty D&L Run

On Sunday I headed up to the D&L rail trail for my long run. The plan was a 3 hour run which should end up being about 18-20 miles. It was a unseasonably warm day for sure. The D&L trail is nice for long runs due to its length, but it can leave you high-and-dry since you have to carry all your hydration and nutrition. I like to park midway at the Cove Road Trailhead so I can do a 4 mile out-and-back to the south and then re-tool and do a 5 mile out-and-back to the north.

D&L Trail LSD Run dry dusty feet
D&L Trail LSD Run dry dusty feet

I took a two bottle Fuelbelt, but I ran a little dry on the second half of the run. Somewhere around mile 12 things started to fall apart. I don’t know if it was the heat or the pretty hilly bike ride the day before, or both but the wheels fell off. I ended up doing a walk/run the last 4 miles of the workout. It was a bit of a confidence buster.

I managed to get back to the car and everything was ok. Given how spent I was, I decided Monday would be a rest day. Next week is another build week, so I needed some recovery to get the most out of the next week. We are coming down to the wire here and I don’t want to sabaotage all the hard work I have put in this season.


IMLP 2014-Week 17 Training Update-Turning Up The Heat

The heat is turning up…in temperature and training intensity. After a very demanding Black Bear Half Iron race, I had a good rest day and then back to it again. The weather for week 17 could not have been nicer, although the weekend got a little hot. It takes me a little while to get going in the mornings, so by the time I get out it is usually the hottest part of the day. I guess I might as well get used to that since I could be racing in it.


Creaky Bike

I had a really annoying creaking sound on my bike the entire Black Bear ride, so I figured it was a good time to drop it off at Sleeping Dog Pro Cycles for a quick tune up. I had not been able figure out where the noise was occurring, but thought it was in my drivetrain somewhere. Turns out is was my headset! Confused smile  I guess when I had taken the bolt out to try to install my X-Lab computer mount, it must have loosened it up a bit and started creaking. John also indicated that the headset was almost seized up again with my ever-corrosive, dried sweat. Apparently, my new bike thong was not enough to keep all my sweat drippings out of there. John was also able to find a longer head bolt that would accommodate my X-Lab computer mount which will now sit nicely behind my aerobar mounted water bottle. That should get me a watt or two I hope. I also needed a new chain and my rear Reynolds carbon race wheel  to be trued. It was running smooth on my Wednesday night ride and no creaking!

Cycling, Training, bike, thing
Heading out for long Saturday ride

Speed Work

On Thursday I headed over to the local high school track to do some track intervals. I always do 4-5x400m’s, so I thought it was time to take it up a notch. I did 3×800’s to try and increase the speed endurance a bit. The first one is always rough and I was trying to get a handle on my pacing. The 2nd and 3rd were a bit faster but felt pretty good overall. I separated the intervals with a very easy 400m in between. I then did a mile tempo after fully recovering from the intervals and then easy last mile. It was a pretty good workout and my legs were feeling it by the end.


The original plan for Friday was to take a half day of work and head over to Dutch Springs for an open water swim. Due to a late start and running short on time, I ended up bagging that and just going to the pool for my LSD swim. I thought it would be empty on Friday afternoon, but to my surprised it was packed. I was able to get in a lane fortunately, but was sharing the whole time. I did get a solid hour swim in but I am not sure of the true distance since my Garmin was missing lap turns left and right. It was especially bad on the last half hour were it said I was swimming a 2:20 pace…LOL! I am a slow swimmer, but not that slow!

Friday evening I was able to get out for a nice bike ride. One thing I noticed is that many of the roads in Longswamp Township, which are most of the roads I ride, have been marked with “Fresh Oil and Chips” signs. This is really bad news. Some of these roads are newly paved, pristine macadam that was a pleasure to drive on to a now horrible surface that will sandblast the paint off your fenders. The stones actually get caught in between my tires and my frame and jam the wheels. Other roads they have marked are extremely deteriorated ones that need to be paved. Apparently they are too cheap to fix them properly, so they figure they can just cover the potholes with this crap. If you ride a bike or a car in this township I would highly advise staying away for some time to avoid ruining your bike or vehicle.


Quad County Long Ride

I decided to ride the Quad County metric course on Saturday for my long ride. I needed to ride a 4:40 ride so I thought ~60 miles would workout well and I could supplement that with some extra miles around home. Might as well enjoy it before it gets crusted over with oil and chip shit(I am not bitter!). This is a pretty hilly ride and with the 80+ degree temps it made for a pretty challenging Saturday. My pace ended up in the 15+ mph range; a fairly slow ride. It is a very scenic ride though. It all went pretty well though, the only highlight was getting “smoked” by some asshole in a jacked black truck about a mile from my house. I will remember you buddy…karma!

I quickly changed into my run gear when I got home and banged out a half hour brick run around town. Legs were feeling the hills, but my pace actually faster than it felt like I was going. I was pretty wiped out after that and quick nap was in order before heading out for dinner.

Long Run on the D&L Trail

Places, Rail, Run, Training, trail
Running D&L Trail-Cove Rd Trailhead

The training week concluded with 2:50+ run on the D&L Trail. I was procrastinating this run all morning and the day just kept getting hotter. I finally got up Cove Road trailhead around 1-2pm. It was packed with kids tubing down the Lehigh and I wished I was doing that. I had been feeling a bit nauseous most of the afternoon so that just added to my reluctance. I pushed on with 8 mile out-and-back down to Cementon and back. Then I refueled at the car and headed north for the 5 miles up to Slatington.

I had felt pretty good most of the time now and was keeping a decent IM pace the whole way. When I reached the turnaround at 13 miles I started walking while I had an Amrita Bar and drinking some Skratch Labs drink and my right hip started hurting. It was actually painful to walk. I realized it was probably the IT Band where it connects by your hip and started doing some stretchs right away. It felt better and was not as bad when running. It kept getting more sore though as I ran and I had to stop every once in a while to stretch it out more. My pace immediately dropped down to more than a minute a mile, so my hope of running the whole thing at IM pace went out the door.

Places, Rail, Run, Training, trail
Running D&L Trail-Looking North towards Slatington

I made it back to the car running the whole 18 miles, just not as fast as I would have like to . I also ran out of drink with around 3 miles to go. The last 10 miles from Cove Road to Slatington are nice and shaded so it is a good place to run on a hot, sunny day.

So that finished up the week with just hair under 16 hours of training. Not too bad considering I had Monday as a rest day. My plan was to hit 17 next week and then a rest week before my Lake Placid camp. Perhaps 16.5 may be enough.

Places, Rail, Run, Training, trail
Running D&L Trail-Running selfie

Monday, Monday…

So a day later, my hip/IT Band is pretty sore today. I am hoping with a day off it will get back to normal again. If it is still bothering me I may need to skip a run early this week to let rebound a bit. Not sure if the flatness of the D&L trail could be part of the issue. I had IT Band issues before there when I ran the marathon a couple years ago.  May be a sign I need to scale back the long runs a bit. We’ll see how this week goes.