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New Sprockets Dieter!

dieter5I am a huge Mike Myers and SNL fan, so whenever I can stick references to that in I am all over that. Anyway, before heading on vacation, I decided to change up the crankset on my tri bike to a compact(50T/34T). There are a lot of hills on most of the courses I ride and riding my old road bike, which has a compact, I realized how nice it was to spin up the hills at 80+rpm. This and the fact that after all the trials and tribulations of the faulty crankset that Cycles BiKyle originally put on my bike, I needed to restore some confidence in my bike lasting a long distance event without issue.

Photo May 27, 9 28 09

I took my bike over to Sleeping Dog Pro Cycles in Topton to take a look at it and at first he wasn’t sure if I a compact crank would work with the front derailleur and the bracket on the bike. He offered to test it out with my other bikes’ crank to be sure. Fortunately it worked and he even had a Shimano DuraAce 7950 Compact crank, in my crank arm length(172.5), on closeout…Sweet! He installed it while I was on vacation and I picked it up the day after I got back.

Photo May 27, 9 27 36

I took my first ride on the bike on Saturday with the new crank and it was awesome! I did a few hills in the beginning of my ride to see how it felt and my cadence was definitely higher and it made them seem so much easier. This will really help eliminating that cramping feeling in the run during races. And also provide guilt-free non-spinning rests on steep downhills! Smile The chain does rub the derailleur a little in the easiest gear on the back, but it isn’t that bad really. When John showed it to me in the shop it sounded worse. Below is the GPS track from my first ride with the new crank. Wasn’t a stellar ride due to it being my first ride since back from a week and a half vacation and it was especially hot.

LSD Ride by schwinbp at Garmin Connect – Details.