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IMCDA 2015-Week#21(May 18-24)-Todd Wiley Lake Placid Camp

Less than 5 weeks to go until Ironman Coeur d’Alene! Actually, if you are reading this post it is probably less than 3 weeks to go. With all the heavy training volume lately, I cannot find the time to get this post out and I didn’t want to just throw it out there. Anyway…I digress.

This was a bit of an odd week. I was ready for some recovery time after finishing up two solid build weeks, but with Todd Wiley’s Lake Placid Training Camp this weekend I could not afford an entire week of recovery. I did a light swim on Monday, took a total rest day on Tuesday, and then a easy run on Wednesday. It was a good amount of time to recover and be ready for a solid training block over the Memorial day weekend. My HRV Timeline chart below shows my recovery as well with a solid upswing into the mid-80’s by the middle of the week.

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iThlete HRV Timeline Annotated-IMCdA 2015 Week 21″ width=”625″ height=”293″ /> iThlete HRV Timeline Annotated-IMCdA 2015 Week 21

Camp Time!

On Thursday morning I made the 6 hour drive up to Lake Placid for the start of Todd Wileys‘ Lake Placid Training Camp. Last year I had my own little solo camp, but riding alone up there leaves me a little uneasy. Especially when you get a couple flats and mechanical issues. When you are with a camp you have some extra support plus it is always fun meeting new people with similar interests. We were staying at the Olympic Training Center for the Todd Wiley camp which was really cool. This would be much more fun than staying in some hotel downtown by myself. I had driven past the OTC facility many times but never saw the facility from the inside, so now I could really check it out.

I arrived at the facility, checked in and unloaded my gear into the room. Eventually, my roomate Max came in and introduced himself. He was a really nice, mellow guy which I was very relieved about. It was kind of like the first day of college and meeting your dorm roomate. Everyone eventually met outside in the parking lot around 4PM for a group run after getting settled into their rooms. We then headed out for a nice 5-6 mile run into town, around Mirror Lake and then back again. I ended up running with Dr. named Howie most of the run. He was a super nice guy and quite a character too. The run went really fast since we were chatting the whole time.

The original shedule had a short 15 mile bike ride listed on the first day, but that got nixed since we got out later than planned. We then headed to the cafeteria at the Olympic Training Center(OTC)  for some dinner. I was a bit apprehensive about eating in a cafeteria all weekend and whether they would have much for me to eat. I was pleasantly surprised. The OTC cafeteria food was awesome! They usually had several different options for each meal with at least a couple of them being veg-friendly. Another nice benefit of the cafeteria was that we didn’t have to deal with eating in town on a holiday weekend. This can be a bit of a challenge especially with a large group.

On Thursday night the group got together for some discussion with Todd about the plan for the weekend and some general training information. We also got a a bunch of swag including a t-shirt, a towel, and some sun/cooling sleeves. I was pretty psyched about the sun sleeves since I had wanted to try them but didn’t want to fork out the money for a pair. I also just happened to check the weather on my phone during our session and it was apparently snowing outside. That should make for an interesting ride tomorrow!

On Friday, we were up for breakfast by 7AM after a good nights sleep and out for group ride by 8:30am. It was a bit cool and very overcast as we waited to depart. It started raining as soon as we left the OTC making for a cold, damp start. We headed down Route 73 to River Rd and then down 86 to Wilimington and back again. The ride down to Wilmington is mostly downhill so I took it easy crusing the whole way. The skies eventually opened up and the sun came out. My plan was to give a hard push back up the notch to Lake Placid. It was a good hard ride,  I turned around at Cobble Mountain right after the three bears climbs and then swung back down to River Rd. and then back to the OTC.

We then headed out for a half hour brick run immediately after we returned from our ride. I joined up briefly with Derek Fitzgerald, the only heart transplant and cancer survivor to complete an Ironman, and we ran across the street up Bear Cub Rd. past the entrance to Henry’s Woods. I went a little further up the road since I had never been up the before and was curious where it ended up. It was a gradual climb most of the way out.

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Fernando demonstrating his core strength techniques

We had a afternoon session with Fernando Paredes from Fusion Fitness & Performance on his strength training principles after lunch. I had attended Fernando’s workshop back in January so this was more of a refresher for me. The session was mostly just a overview of his methods and we didn’t get into any actual strength training. Fernando did a couple demonstrations with some of the campers which were pretty amazing. The one guy had really tight hamstrings and Fernando was able to have him touch his toes after just rubbing his jaw on both sides. That was pretty wild.

On Friday night we had a classroom discussion on triathlon rules and safety with Ken Modica. Ken is a USAT official who officiates many of the races in my area. It was a good review of the rules and some of the changes that have been made. I kind of lost attention though after everyone started their “airing of grievances” and bringing up their individual occurences of being unjustly penalized for things. I would have liked to have seen a little more discussion on overall race strategy and nutrition in the camp, especially for the folks who are doing Ironman for the first time. Troy Jacobson did this in his camp, which I attended in 2012, and I found it really helpful. The coaches here were very accessible though and I know my roomate had sat down with Todd individually to discuss some of these topics.

Bike ready for long ride with Amrita Bars
Bike ready for long ride with Amrita Bars

Saturday was our long bike ride for the weekend, so I was off early for a good nights sleep Friday night. We topped off our tanks with a good breakfast and then we headed out for our long ride. Some of the campers were only doing one loop of the IMLP Course, and then the rest were doing two loops. Both groups were skipping out on the out-and-backs to Ausable Forks and Haselton Road. I was considering doing one or two of them just to tack on a few miles.


I started out with a group led by Nancy Smith, an elite age grouper and multiple Kona qualifier. Nancy has an unbelieveably smooth cadence which never seems to change despite the terrain. She also had a very similar pace to me so I always seemed to be following her. She did tend to drop me a little on climbs, but then I would catch up on the downhills. My extra weight comes in handy sometimes! Thanks gravity! Also in our pack was my roomate Max and Jeff. We would stop every once in a while and catch up a bit.

Max cruising through Jay on IMLP Bike Course
Max cruising through Jay on IMLP Bike Course

It was a pretty brisk morning on Saturday, but I dressed appropriately  with jacket, leg warmers and full finger gloves and it wasn’t too bad. It had gotten a little warmer towards the end of the first loop, so I swung back to the OTC for quick wardrobe change. The first loop went well and I was still feeling pretty fresh. The wind had picked up a bit on the second loop but it was mostly a tailwind from Lake Placid all the way to Upper Jay. There never seems to be a tailwind from Upper Jay back to Lake Placid which is basically all uphill.

Old Barn between Upper Jay and Wilmington with Whiteface in the background
Old Barn between Upper Jay and Wilmington with Whiteface in the background

I started to feel it a little in my quads as I made my way up to Wilmingtion. I had heard someone yelling my name as I rolled into Wilmington and eventually saw Todd parked across the street and my roomate Max taking on some hydration. I swung across an refilled my bottles and food. It was good timing because I was out of hydration and starting to feel it. After sucking down a bottle of Skratch Labs and eating an Amrita Bar I was ready to tackle the climb back to Lake Placid. I even hit the little out-and-back on Haselton Road just to get a couple more miles in. I like this little stretch too since it is pretty mellow with minimal traffic. It is kind of a break in itself.

I made the push back up 86 to Lake Placid, this time being a little more challenging than the first loop. The stronger headwind made things just a little tougher too. There is a short but steep stretch around the gorge area where the road gets very narrow with no shoulder and a stone wall guarding you from a rocky cliff into the Ausable River. I got behind another cyclist who was going relatively slow, but I was not able to pass him do to the car traffic and lack of a shoulder. As we reached the top of the climb, but not quite passed the stone wall he decided to stop! WTF!! I yelled “NO! Keep going!” He obviously didn’t even realize I was behind him. He managed to gather some more strength and pedal up to the turnout a few feet away. I patted him on the back and laughed as I went by. He smiled but was too exhausted to say any words.

I finished up the ride back into town after completing the Three Bears climbs for the second time that day. My legs were pretty tired by the time I got back and I only had food on my mind at this point. Fortunately the OTC cafeteria is open all day long for snacks and things and I headed right there.

Fernando had a strength training session in the afternoon, but I could muster up the motivation to attend. I was ready to just chill a bit. The plan for the afternoon was to go into town for a short swim in Mirror Lake. I ended bagging the swim since it was still pretty cool air temperature and very windy. I knew the water was cool which I can deal with, but the thought of getting out of the water not being able to get warm changed my mind. I knew Sunday was supposed to be a warmer day, so I will save my swim for then.

I ended up going to Lake Placid Pub & Brewery to get some dinner and have a couple beers. I ended up meeting up with some tri-friends from home, John, Ashley and Johns’ daughter Laura at the Pub. They were staying with some other friends, Brian and Mandy, from back home who have a house in LP and invited me to come over for dinner. I felt a little funny going over to have dinner at someones house that I never met, but they said it was cool. Brian and Mandy were really nice people and so accomodating. They are both REALLY GOOD athletes and Brian was into photography too so there was no shortage of conversation. I had such a great time with all of them and we had a ton of laughs too. It was like I had known them forever. Oh also they had rice and beans with side of kale for dinner so it was the perfect meal for me. I did cheat a little and had a organic chicken sausage too. 🙂

Todd debriefing campers before our long run
Todd debriefing campers before our long run

Sunday all the LP campers met up after breakfast at the front gate to the OTC. Todd debriefed us on the plan for the run since some folks were running different distances than others. I was planning to get at least 18 miles in but was hoping for 20. I would assess it as I went depending on how I felt. We then got together for group photo before set off on our run.

2015 Todd Wilery LP Camp athlete photo OTC
2015 Todd Wilery LP Camp athlete photo OTC

I realized that I forgot to put sunscreen on as we started down the road, so I headed back to the dorms to put some on. The zipper in my running shorts got jammed and I could not get my ID card out. I could not get the zipper unjammed for the life of me and I didn’t want to break the it on my favorite running shorts. So I had to go without. Fortunately it was fairly cloudy as the day went on so not really an issue.

I fell pretty far behind everyone with the zipper drama, so I was basically on my own for most of the day. I did catch up to a few people in the camp and saw the rest coming back on River Road. Todd was waiting at the turnaround on River Rd. with water and gatorade for us. He also said he would wait for me at the Ski Jumps, on the other end of River Rd. to restock me with water before I head into town. On the way back I stopped at the house we typically stay at on River Road to say Hi to our friends Dan & Wendy for a few minutes. I chatted with Dan for a bit and then continued on. I stepped up the pace a bit since I knew Todd was waiting for me.

LSD Run Comparisons by Temperature
LSD Run Comparisons by Temperature

The cooler air temps this day really made a huge difference in my run. I felt so good the whole time as opposed to the prior weeks run back home in hot & humid temps(see image above). My previous long runs were much slower and the courses were also much less difficult in terms of terrain. I can only hope for temps in the 60’s in Coeur d’Alene!

I made my way up into town, headed around the back of Mirror Lake and turned around at the Lake Placid Marina right before coming back into town near Saranac Ave. I was at around 16 miles when I got back to the OTC, so I decided to head up Bear Cub Rd, where I had done the brick run on Friday to get 20 in. I ended up finishing with only 19.3 but I didn’t feel like to doing filler runs just to get 20 in. Close enough! I was quite happy with the run at that point, so no point in continuing.

After some lunch, we headed into town to get a swim in at Mirror Lake. My friend John had told me to let him know when we would be swimming and he was going to meet me with his kayak. It was pretty nice having my own support crew. I stashed a water bottle on Johns’ boat and he took some pictures and video of me while I swam too.

Me getting ready for swim in a chilly Mirror Lake
Me getting ready for swim in a chilly Mirror Lake

The water was really cold! I was a little fearful of cramping up after just running 20 miles a couple hours before. My hands, feet and face were numb. I started out with a pretty good pace just to get some heat pumping. My plan was to swim 20 minutes out and then back again. By around 15 minutes I was starting to have enough. My toes were involuntarily curling up from the cold. I stopped at around 17 minutes, took a drink of water and chatted with John a bit and then headed back. Unfortunately, I forgot to stop my watch to get an accurate pace.

Cold swim in Mirror Lake
Cold swim in Mirror Lake
Thumbs up...open water swim in Mirror Lake
Thumbs up…open water swim in Mirror Lake

The wind really started to kick up on the way back and the waves were smashing into my right side. I took a mouthful of water and started choking a bit just like I did at Devilman a few weeks before. I eventually calmed down and restored my breathing again. I then started breathing only to the left for the rest of the swim back. I finished up with a mile swim, which was plenty considering how cold it was. It had to be at or below 50 degrees. When I reached the beach the rest of the people in the camp were already done swimming and they had started after me. Todd even said it was crazy cold and he bailed early too.

A video posted by Bri Tri (@bri_tri) on

Sunday night I was pretty tired and just settled in early. I had a good dinner and then got a good nights sleep. We had planned to do a short bike ride early in the morning and then checkout by 9:30am. The forecast was for rain and I planned on skipping that if that was the case and get on the road early to avoid all the Memorial Day traffic.

I was the first one from our camp in the cafeteria in the morning, but Derek Fitzgerald had come in later and joined me. It worked out nice to get to chat with him one-on-one for a bit. He was telling me about his upcoming Tour de Cure ride across America which is starting on June 9th. He has a pretty amazing story which I would highly recommend you check out.

I then packed up after breakfast, said goodbye to my roomate Max and everyone I saw from the camp. I got to meet a lot of new triathletes from the are area while getting in some solid training. It was a really great experience and I would highly recommend it. Staying at the Olympic Training Center was very cool.

The ride home started out ok, but traffic got very heavy as I got past Lake George. Fortunately no major delays though. I stopped in New Paltz at the Taco Shack for a quick bean burrito along the way. It was crazy busy everywhere else.

Ok, back home with only two more build weeks to go! Thanks for reading!


IMLP 2014 Training Update-Week 20-Lake Placid Mini-Training Camp Week

The Week

The week started off on a high note with some really good workouts early on. The effects of my prior recovery week have started show up. I banged out a nice 32 mile ride on Monday night in less than two hours,averaging about 17.7 MPH while still staying in a zone 2 heart rate. Tuesday continued with a good swim and decent run despite it being a pretty hot afternoon.

I decided to attend a yoga class with my on Wednesday night to give myself a little break before the upcoming training blitz in Lake Placid this weekend. Yoga classes were also free this week and I thought spending some time with my wife would be a good thing before I take off to the Adirondacks for the weekend. The yoga class wasn’t the greatest and when you don’t do it on a regular basis it isn’t the easiest to wing it. I also had packing for my trip and needing to cut the grass before I left on my mind too.

My HRV is starting to take a bit of a nose dive in the last couple weeks. This is also including a rest week. Hopefully that will rebound after the next week when taper starts.
My HRV is starting to take a bit of a nose dive in the last couple weeks. This is also including a rest week. Hopefully that will rebound after the next week when taper starts.

Off to Lake Placid

I managed to knock out a quick swim at lunch on Thursday. I had been hoping for the latest release of on of my favorite podcasts, Zen and the Art of Triathlon, on Thursday but was disappointed when it didn’t show up in my Podcast app. The podcast host, Brett Blankner, is very entertaining and it usually plays for about 3 hours. I thought this would be great to listen to on the drive. I decided to tweet Brett to see when he was expecting it to go out. He replied back for me that he would send me a link to the podcast, which he graciously did. Thanks Brett, you rock man!

I quickly threw all my stuff in the car and made my way to Lake Placid after work. I stopped off at Cali Burrito for burrito to take along for dinner. The ride went pretty well except for some stop-and-go traffic on I-287, but that didn’t last too long. I stopped at a rest stop on I-87 to eat my burrito, take a bio break and re-fuel. I listened to the ZenTri podcast most of the way up which really helped time go by. I got the first taste of the new paving on Rt 73 coming into Lake Placid. I was a bit diI arrived at the apartment a few minutes past eleven, unpacked, had a beer and went to sleep.


I woke up around 8-8:30 Friday morning and headed into town for some breakfast at the Breakfast Club next to Starbucks. It was pretty packed so I sat at the bar. I splurged a bit by having French Toast and home fries. Pretty yummy though. I needed to kill some time (since you have to wait an hour after you eat before swimming…right? Smile ) so I headed to EMS and did a little shopping. I was very ready to get out of town at this point since it was starting to crowd up a bit. I managed to get a good parking spot by Mirror Lake beach area right in front of Lake Placid Pub & Brewery.


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Pre Swim-Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY

I had purchased a SaferSwimmer float a while back for swimming in lakes that have boats and when I don’t want to leave my keys and things laying on the shoreline, but I hadn’t gotten to use it yet. Lake Placid is pretty safe to leave things on shore, but I wanted try this thing out. Two ladies swimming were asking me about it and thought it would cause too much drag. They had started swimming before I did and I ended up passing them with my orange buoy hanging off my ass. Guess not? Really I forgot it was even there once I was swimming and it is nice if you just want to take a break and hang out for a few mins.

@Places, Adirondacks, Endurance Sports, Full, Ironman, Lake Placid, New York, Race, Sports, Training, Triathlon, United States, imlp, multisport, tri
Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY

I had also started up a workout on my iPhone in the Runkeeper app just as a comparison to my Garmin. It came in handy since I forgot to take my watch off of Pool Swim mode, which does not use the GPS. So after swimming for 20 minutes my watch said I only swam about 50 meters! I also could not get it to locate the GPS satellites while floating in the lake.

I did a full 1.2 mile loop with my floaty and then ditched it on shore for my 2nd loop. I took my waterproof camera this time, stashing it in my wetsuit. I swam out another 12 minutes or so, took some pictures and then swam back for another ~3/4 mile. The water was perfect wetsuit temperature and it was a beautiful day too.

After my swim, I headed back into town again for some lunch at the Good Bite Kitchen. The Good Bite Kitchen is a tiny little place in town that has really good and healthy vegetarian food. The perfect place to replenish during a heavy training weekend. As always it was delicious.

I headed back to the house and chatted for while with Dan & Wendy who own the apartment I stay at. I then hopped on my bike and headed out River Road for short loop. My short loop is the basic IMLP bike loop minus the out-and-backs and cutting off town with River Road. It ends up being just shy of 40 miles which took my about 2.5 hours last year.

@Places, Adirondacks, Endurance Sports, Full, Ironman, Lake Placid, New York, Race, Sports, Training, Triathlon, United States, imlp, multisport, tri
NY73 Fresh Pow-Pow Paving

The start of the ride was amazing with the new paving. Granted it is still a pretty tough climb, but you can now just focus on spinning and not dodging all the cracks and potholes in the road. The new paving ends at the hikers parking lots before the Cascade Lakes. There is a small stretch of new paving on the right side part way down the Keene descent, but it only lasts less than mile ending at Owls Head Road. They really need to finish this down the hill because it gets really bad around the Rustic Furniture shop. It does look like they are still working and they have a few cutouts where they taper the macadam off.

The map below indicates the newly paved areas in green as of the time I left on Sunday(June 29th). Hopefully that smaller section to the right gets much bigger before July 27th! I also hooked up my GoPro under the aerobars on my bike and recorded most of the IMLP bike course. Once I figure out the processing workflow for those videos I will probably post a couple short clips on the new paving and the descent into Keene on here. My ultimate plan is to create a TrainerRoad video workout for the entire ride for the winter time.

So, the smooth paving was short lived. As I made my way around the last bumpy turn before Keene, began hearing a rubbing noise coming from my back wheel. I pulled over to the side and spun my wheel didn’t see anything. I continued on and the sound continued. Then as I hit the last cut out for the new paving in the old road my back tire flatted. I pulled over into the large ditch gulley. There was no shade to be found and the sun was beating on me. Also there was a constant stream of large trucks and horse trailers that had obviously let out from the horse show that was going on this weekend.

I changed the tube in around 15 minutes or so and continued on down into Keene. The remainder of the ride was quite nice since it was getting later in the day. Once you make the turn towards Jay, it seems like you can just relax a bit and enjoy the wide, flat road with minimal traffic. I felt really good on this ride and the climb from Jay to Wilmington seemed so much easier than I remembered it to be. I ended completing the ride in almost 10 minutes less than I had the year before without even trying!



I got cleaned up after the ride and headed over to one of my favorite places to eat, The Cowboy. They have one of the best veggie burgers, but I ended up going with the Thai Green Curry dish tonight. It was really tasty. In keeping with the Thai theme here I also started out with the Spicy Thai Noodle salad which was also very good. It reminded me of the classic Thai papaya salad with noodles. I washed all that down with a Lagunitas IPA. I ran over to the Hannaford grocery store after dinner to pick up some items. I had forgotten my VitaMix at home so I no longer had my smoothie as a breakfast option.

@Places, Adirondacks, Lake Placid, New York, United States, ski jumps
Ski Jumps at Dusk-Lake Placid, NY



@Places, Adirondacks, Endurance Sports, Full, Ironman, Lake Placid, New York, Race, Sports, Training, Triathlon, United States, imlp, multisport, tri
NY73 Fresh Pow-Pow Paving

Saturday the big plan was to do one full, 56 mile IMLP bike loop, then do a shorter second loop without the Ausable Forks out-and-back. This should amount to somewhere around 100 miles for a pretty full day. I got on the road somewhere around 10:30 AM. As I approached the Cascade cross-country ski lodge, I started hearing a rubbing noise again in the back wheel. It was very  similar to the sound I heard the day before when I got the flat. I inspected the tire, but no flat. Hmmm? After further inspection I realized my tire had started bulging in one spot and rubbing against the frame right behind the brake mount. Ugh! I managed to pull the tire back in the lockouts enough that I was able to ride the 2.5 miles back to the house. Glad that happened before I started down the Keene descent!

I had a new tire that I considered changing this tire with that morning since it had over 2000 miles on it, but skipped it due to time. Guess that didn’t pay?! I changed the tire and began gradually taking it up and down with air pressure to avoid a pinch flat. On my last pump up to 100psi I heard the dreaded leaking of air. Ugh!! Now I only have only tube left with the 80mm stem on it for my deep profile race wheel. I am surely not going down into Keene with no spare tubes. I do not get any cell coverage down there, so if I get stuck I am hitching a ride with someone to get back. I finished replacing the tube and this time it seemed to be ok.

I got changed and drove over to Placid Planet Bike Shop on the other side of town. They had plenty of tubes with 80mm valve stems, but they were $16 a piece! I usually pay around $8-10 for the Continentals. Oh well, guess I am forking it over. Now that it was after lunch time, I had a decent lunch of some lentil vegetable soup before heading out for my second attempt to ride.

@Places, Adirondacks, America, Ausable River, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, Places, Training, USA, United States, Wilmington, camp
Ausable River Gorge

I started out riding down into Wilmington and riding back up to Lake Placid just to make sure everything was cool. I did the Three Bears Climbs and navigated through town. The road coming up past Lisa G’s and the lumber place is really buggered up, so watch out for that. I kept riding past River Rd and the ski jumps to Cascade Lakes still everything was ok. I stopped for minute because after this point I was fully committed to the Keene Valley with no communications. I pushed on.

@Places, Adirondacks, America, Ausable River, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, Places, Training, USA, United States, Wilmington, camp
Ausable River Gorge

The rest of the ride went very smooth. It was now around 5-6pm so there was minimal traffic and it was a really enjoyable ride. I skipped Ausable Forks again, but I did do the short Haseltown road out-and-back. I approached River Road, where I could have turned in to the house, but decided to go forward and do the Three Bears one more time. Once I reached the top of Papa Bear, I turned around for the easy cruise back to River Road. I ended up with around 81 miles which is ok, but not the 100 I had planned. I was fortunate to get that in with all the issues. Hopefully they will take care of all the mechanical issues for IMLP!

I stopped on the way to town to snap a few shots of the mountains and ski jumps from the golf course.

@Places, Adirondacks, America, Ausable River, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, Places, Training, USA, United States, Wilmington, camp
Sweet Rewards 46’er Pale Ale-Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

I decided to head to Lake Placid Pub & Brewery for dinner, since my wife never likes to eat there. I had a nice view from my table of the beautiful sunset that night out the window. The food was pretty good. I had a nice vegetarian style french-style onion soup that had a mushroom stock for appy, and a flatbread pizza. I also had a couple 46’er Pale Ales which are my favorite and are typically hard to find in the store. To top things off, I had two mousse shooters for dessert! One was a peanut butter mousse and the other traditional chocolate. Yummy!!

@Places, Adirondacks, America, Ausable River, Dax, Lake Placid, New York, North America, Places, Training, USA, United States, Wilmington, camp
Mousse Shots!! -Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

After dinner I grabbed my camera and shot a couple pictures of Mirror Lake as the final bits of sunlight disappeared. Got a few keepers. Beautiful night!


Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake


I decided to sleep in until 8:30 again on Sunday morning. I sleep so well in the ‘Daks and the bed at the apartment is soo comfortable! I enjoyed a carb-heavy breakfast of Oatmeal and whole wheat bread with some Coconut Peanut Butter(Yum!), before gearing up for my long run. I started out around 10:30am with a 3 mile warm-up making a right out of the driveway on River Rd. I left the Fuelbelt at the house and would grab it on the way back. I turned around mile 1.5 which was almost to the end where it intersects with Rt. 86. There were a bunch of skate-skiiers out on their roller-skis as well as other runners. I need to get a pair of those roller skate-ski’s! There was a couple ladies with a big cooler of water offering to everyone that past which was nice. Not sure if they were with a specific group or not.

It was getting pretty hot quickly, but I was feeling good. I was keeping to a 9:30 pace most of the time. I stopped back at the house to grab my fuelbelt and ended up shooting the breeze with the homeowner for a bit. I eventually continued on. The only rough part was the climb by the steel bridge on RT 73, which lowered my pace a bit. I was starting to get a little worried about time now. I wanted to leave no later than 2PM and it is now around 11:30pm and I was only an hour into my run. Two more hours would put me at 1:30pm! Why did I not figure this out before? I would still need to shower, eat something and packup and I don’t think I could do that in a half hour.

Now I was kind of stressing about time. I decided to run up into town and turned around right before the road drops down before Lisa G’s. I figured I could fill in any extra time I had with back-and-forth on River Rd. There was a horse show going on at the Horse Grounds so that was something to watch as I ran by. I ended up doing an extra repeat on the ski jump hill on my way back. There was another runner walking up it when I did that and I thought it would motivate him a bit, and it did. When I turned around and past him he was like “you’re doing repeats??!!” I laughed and said “only one!” Well, I think extra repeat did me in. Somewhere between there and the house I started feeling like crap. My legs got all crampy and stiff on me. I was drinking Skratch Labs hydration the whole time too. This made my decision to quit early an easy one. I ended up running past the house and doing another mile out and back. Those two miles were really slow 10+ /mi pace. I ended up with around 13.5 miles in around 2:14, which was about 45 minutes less than planned. I didn’t feel too bad about it either because I felt like I was listening to body on this.

I got back to the house, showered up, and packed up. I was on the road by a few minutes after 2pm. The ride home went pretty smoothly too. Denise ended up meeting my in Clinton, NJ for some dinner at Pru Thai. Nice end to the weekend!

Training is nice and gradually making its way. Should peak at around 120 <a href=
TSS which is a bit higher than last season. Taper will bring the pink line down and the yellow line up. ” width=”625″ height=”204″ /> Training is nice and gradually making its way. Should peak at around 120 TSS which is a bit higher than last season. Taper will bring the pink line down and the yellow line up.

I ended up with a around 16 hours of training for the week. Not the 20 hour blitz I was hoping to do, but it was still a decent week. It is always nice to be in Lake Placid! Hopefully I have exercised all of the mechanical issues out of my equipment for the year too. I feel very confident with my performance on the bike and I am sure I will see some improvement there on raceday. Hopefully I can still execute a 9:30 pace for the marathon portion.

Thanks for reading!

Ironman Lake Placid 2012 Trip Report-Registration Day

Another night of tossing and turning. I lay in bed waiting for the alarm to go off as I ponder the thought of the commitment I was about to make that morning. The morning after Ironman Lake Placid, registration for the next years event opens for all the current year volunteers. It seems to be a bit of a tradition to work the race and then get up early and stand in the line the next day. The volunteer registration is usually from 9AM to 11AM and any others can then register after that. If there are any left after that. Any others remaining after that go on sale online at 12PM. I have heard they had sold out before going online in the past, but I have not verified that. I had talked to a several people about this process and it seemed like getting in line around 6am is sufficient. They claim they had never turned away any volunteers before, but I didn’t want to be the first. I also didn’t want to sleep there all night either.

Line to Register

My wife dropped me off near the T1 bike exit on the side of the Lake Placid High School gym around 5:45AM. As I walked behind the building, I saw the line was formed by registrants strewn about in sleeping bags and lawn chairs. It seemed as though these people spent the night here. Seems to be a bit extreme since they still don’t get in until 9AM, but whatever. I followed the line around the building, up the hill and down the sidewalk between the entrance to the newer ice rinks and the speed skating oval. It seemed long, but one girl behind me counted the people and she said she was around 350. Not too bad. The people really started coming after me and the line went down to Main Street. I was between a couple nice guys, one 60-ish year old from Kingston, Ontario and another 40-something from South Jersey. The guy from Jersey was doing IMLP for the first time too and the older fellow had done it 3 times before. Pretty impressive! We chatted away about triathlon all morning and next thing we knew the line started moving. It was only around 7:30AM too. Next thing I knew we were almost at the back of the gymnasium. Apparently they decided to open registration early which was excellent.

Line to Register

As we approached the door, the guy from Jersey and I started to realize that we were about to make the big commitment and we became quiet with some last minute reflection. I thought about how in a couple minutes I would plop down several hundred dollars to officially begin that journey that I had been working towards for the last 3 years. This is where “the rubber meets the road” and I had no thought of turning back now. I was more eager than ever now after what I had witnessed the day before. Now we were at the doorway into the gym and the volunteers assigned us to our registration lines. We shook hands and went to our assigned line. I never got either guys names and never saw them again after. The registration area was a long table with maybe around 15 people with laptops doing the registration.


I was sent to a line in the middle which was shorter than all the others. There was one girl registering and another waiting in front of me that was sitting on the floor. She eventually got up and said that we were in the slowest line and that the elderly gentleman doing the registration was very slow. Great! The girl registering finished and the girl in front of me went pretty quickly. Show time! The registrar was nice and he asked for my info. He had me read my credit card info too him which was strange and he must have mistyped it the first time as it did not take. Uhhh….come on don’t torture me here! I had him try again and this time it went through. He followed up with a “You’re In!” Whew! Show time. I still had to go online later in the week to complete the registration, but I got my entry.

I called my wife and we decided to meet up in town for breakfast at Pan Dolce. We headed back to the house after breakfast to pack up our stuff, since we only rented the place until that Monday morning. We originally thought we would go home on Monday, even though we had off on Tuesday. What the heck were we thinking? My wife had spotted a sweet little campsite up at the Wilmington Flume trails, so we decided she would go up there later and setup the tent to claim our site while I did my run. She was able to get the site. I got a nice run in on River Road which was a bonus as it was not in my plan since we thought we would be driving home. We packed up the CR-V, said goodbye to our rental hosts and headed back to town for lunch. We planned on hitting the Cowboy but they were not serving food at 2PM, so back to Pan Dolce we went. We were hoping for a new bunch of staff since we were just there for breakfast but no such luck. Embarrassed at first, but we quickly got over it. It started raining after lunch so we we just sat in the parking lot and took a nap.

We stopped over at Placid Planet Bike Shop so my wife could do some bike seat shopping. The guys at this shop are great and so helpful. They set her up on a trainer so she could check out a couple seats. Meanwhile I did some window shopping. I ended up getting a new tri-tank top which was 20% off. I had been looking for one that was white or light-colored and finally that search was over. My wife ended up getting two seats so she could test them out longer and then would send whichever one she didn’t like back.

Volunteer Dinner

We had initially thought we could not make the IMLP Volunteer dinner since we planned on going home on Monday, but now we were able to attend. We headed over to the Horse Grounds and into the big tent for some free food. I got in line to eat but only had a salad with a little pasta. We sat and listened to the speakers and in between they raffled off lots of cool prizes. Of course we didn’t win any. Andy Potts was there and he spoke as well. The only bad part was the head of the volunteers speaking. She was a bit off. She incorrectly announced several volunteer awards and then she never announced the best Aid Station theme of which I thought we would win. They also played a nice video about this years race. I thought for sure our Aid Station would have been in it. We barely got in it and it was just one guy from our station. What??!! You have got to be kidding me? To top it off, we got an email later in the week from the Head Volunteer lady stating how she forgot to announce the Best Theme award and we had won it too. Errrr!!!

We headed over to the Cowboy for our real dinner. Service was a little off that night, but they food was good. After dinner we headed up to our campsite and settled in for the night. It hadn’t rained in Lake Placid for several weeks but of course the night we camp out we have heavy downpours and thunder and lightning!

Lake Placid Training Camp Day 4-The Final Push

The sore blasted in the room at around 5:30AM and I immediately took inventory of the damage done from the long ride the day before. To my surprise, my ability to walk to the bathroom was not hampered in any way. “Could I really not be sore at all from a 7 hour bike ride?” I thought to myself. My head was a foggy, most likely from the microbrews that we enjoyed at the camp dinner the night prior. I started working on that with a few large gulps of coconut water from the fridge. I enjoyed my typical breakfast of a banana, some granola and a bar of some sort and washed that down with some green tea. I had a few minutes so I grabbed my Canon 7d and headed out on the patio and took some pictures of the lake. It was a bit cool this morning and there was a nice fog rising from the lake(above).  I snapped a few shots and headed back in the room. I put my suit on and grabbed my  wetsuit and headed for the lobby to meet up with the crew. Everyone was ready to go chatting away when I got up there. Some people already put there wetsuits on in order to stay warm on this cool morning. Troy rounded us up and we headed down to Mirror Lake.

We all suited up and made our way out to the starting line at the end of the dock. Coach Troy informed us that today we were going to be swimming 15 minutes down the lake focusing on technique instead of pace and then at 15 minutes we would turn around and come back trying to reach the start in less than 15 minutes. Essentially doing a negative split. I meandered my way through the pack of swimmers to the front and outside so not to get hung up on the slower swimmers. He gave us the “Go” signal and we were off.


I started with a nice, easy pace. The first 7 minutes are always a little tough until you get warmed up and get into a good rhythm. After 15 minutes I made it about 0.51 miles out which is not as good as the first OWS swim, but still good for me. Now we had to take it up a notch and try to get back in less than 15 minutes. I increased my stroke rate just a bit, so that I knew I could maintain that the whole way back. Every so often I would bump it up a little from one buoy to the next and then slow back again for the next. Just to push it more. I ended up having someone drafting me most of the way back, which turned out to be Rich one of the guys I had become friendly with in the camp. All was going well until right near the end I ran up into some of the slower swimmers and it totally through off my pace. Rich ended up going past me and then I just followed him back in. I ended up completing the second half in 14:29 which cut 30 seconds off. I could have done better if I didn’t stop for the slower swimmers. I will need to work on that cause I will be running into many people in a race condition.

We finished up and Coach Troy informed us we had 30 minutes to get ready to run half the IMLP run course. It was a gorgeous day and I was looking forward to the 13.1 run. We met in the parking lot and jogged down to the IMLP transition area where Coach Troy debriefed us on the layout and goings on there on raceday. After that we headed down Main street and made a right onto Route 73/Sentinel Rd. Coach Troy and Rich lead the way and I tailed behind them by about 25-50 yds, although that eventually increased as we went. I settled into my pace while staying in HR Zone 2(<= 152 bpm). The sun was strong and the sweat began flowing very quickly. The stretch down to River Rd. was pretty nice as it was either flat or downhill. I was very familiar with the River Road portion since this is my normal running route when we come up to Lake Placid. There were a few A-hole drivers with redneck pickups on River Road that would not give us any room. Really pisses me off. Coach Troy dropped back a bit and ran with me for awhile and we chatted a bit. When I reached the typical turnaround there was nothing there to indicate it, but I saw Torrence and the SAG vehicle down at the intersection with Route 86, so I kept going. I needed to fill up my water bottle.


While filling my bottle I noticed a red stain running down my white shirt. I thought it was the electrolyte mix in my water, but it was actually blood from my HR monitor creating a sore on my stomach. Yuk! I stuffed down a handful of pretzels and started back to town. I met up with Robin, one of the girls in our camp. Robin used to live in Boulder, CO and now lives in Saratoga, NY. I was curious how those two towns compared. Although I would not want to be in CO right now with all the wildfires out there. I ended up getting a stone in my shoe so I stopped right at Dan & Wendy’s house which is where we typically stay when we are up in LP. The gate was closed and I didn’t see any signs of activity there so I kept on. I reached the end of River Road and then made the turn up the steep hill by the ski jumps. This one took some life out of me. I kept running but it really slowed me down. I eventually got back to pace again on the flat part into town. Then was the big hill up to the intersection with Route 86, another big climb. These two hills will be brutal, especially when you have to do them twice.


I headed back along the lake, but I only went as far as the Boat House since I added some extra distance on River Road. I finished in around 2:09 which is fine for a training run. My pace was 9:34 on the way out and 10:02 on the way back, mostly due to those hills. I managed to stay in Zone 2 most of the time too, so racing should speed things up a bit. Not a bad effort especially at the end of a weekend of constant training.

I headed back to the room, showered up and packed. It was 11:20am and I had to checkout by 12PM, so not much time to dilly-dally. I checked out and did some shopping down Main Street and then on my way home. I had a 6 hour drive home ahead of me yet and with the exhausting weekend I was hoping I could keep my eyes open. I stopped in Keene to have some lunch at the ADK Café. They were quite busy, but I managed to get a table. It took longer than usual, but it felt good to just chill. I had a bowl of Black Bean Jalapeno soup and a white bean spread with wilted spinach, tomato, and pesto grilled on cafe bread which came with sweet potato fries. Quite yummy! I also had about 5 iced teas, so I was hydrated and caffeinated too. I grabbed a cool T-shirt that said “locally grown”  on the front and their logo on the back and a six pack of LP Brewery’s IPA for home.

I made good time driving home and only had to stop twice. I made it the whole way on one tank of gas too and averaged over 40 MPG in the Honda Fit. That car rocks. I made it home by 8:30PM and had the car unpacked in a half hour or so. It was nice to be home. All-in-all it was a really successful weekend and I have some confidence and experience on the course now. I think this will pay big dividends for me next year. I would like to do the camp again next year before the race if I can.

Lake Placid Training Camp Day 3-Cycling, Storms and Bears

The sun began shining in the door around 5:30AM waking me up a half hour before the alarm would go off. I tried as hard as I could to get back to sleep for another few minutes but the anxiety in my gut would not allow me to do so. Today was the day that we would be riding the entire 112 mile Ironman Lake Placid bike course, and for me would be a good indicator as to what I would have store for me next July. On top of this we had done 3/4ths of a half-ironman distance the day before, so I questioned how much my legs would have left. It would be a long day in the saddle.

I chowed down some bars and a banana with some water and got my stuff together. I packed my bento box full of corn chips and goji energy bars and filled up my water bottles. I decided to head over to the bagel shop in town at 7AM for some extra carbs before starting out. The bagel shop was closed when I got there and Coach Troy was also there waiting for it to open. We shot the breeze for few minutes until the shop opened up. People started lining up while we were talking. I headed back to the room, finished up my bagel, and made my way to meet up with the group.

Everyone topped off the air in the tires and Troy debriefed us on the ride particulars. We made our way out the parking lot and out of town. I somehow managed to get right behind Troy in second position in line. It was cool to see what his gear selection was and to match it. After two miles passed, he turned around and said  “only 110 miles to go!” Funny guy. Everyone stuck together for the first half of the first loop and then we all went our separate ways at the intersection in Jay. The rest of the of the first loop went pretty smoothly even though I was alone the whole time. The climb from Jay to Wilmington was also not too bad either. I shifted down to a nice spinning gear and just settled into a nice rhythm. The ride from Wilmington back to Lake Placid was ok too and I even picked up a couple of drafters too.

LSD Ride 6-23-2012

As I made my way back to Lake Placid I noticed some really heavy storm clouds forming over the Keene Valley. I was hoping I would not run into them. I ran through town and headed back out for my second loop. The first loop took me 3:25 minutes, which is not too bad considering the hills. But Coach Troy told us to try and even or negative split(complete faster) the second loop if we could. I was thinking I would be happy to complete the second loop let alone do it faster. I did the climb up to Cascade Mountain and then it was bombing back down into Keene again.

This time the descent was a little trickier since it had rained a bit here and the roads were somewhat moist. I decided that I was going to use the brakes this time and not take any chances. The road is pretty gnarly too and I didn’t want to wreck while being on my own. I still ended up passing people on the way down so I was not totally putzing. I reached Keene and started the nice ride up the valley, only this time the sky let loose. It started down-pouring with raindrops the size of golfballs. I stopped for a few minutes, but it didn’t let up too much. I pushed on and it just kept coming. The road had little rivers running down it. It actually felt good and cooled me off a bit. The rain eventually slowed by the time I got to Jay. The whole time up to Jay I was thinking I would skip the out-and-back to Ausable Forks, but when I got there I pushed myself to do it.

It is amazing all the negative thoughts that go through your head on a ride this long. I was constantly fighting myself to stay positive. Can’t imagine what it will be like on race day. I returned back to Jay and made the turn up the hill to Wilmington. On the climb I saw a bright flash from the corner of my eye, then a big rumble of thunder. Great! I didn’t have anywhere to really go and I thought that hopefully the rubber tires would ground like in a car. Not sure if that is true or not. Hopefully the carbon-fiber lightning rod between my legs(my bike that is) would not attract the lightning. A minute later another flash and a boom. I passed a place that sold little log cabin dog houses and I considered climbing in one, but I don’t think that would buy me anything. Then I would end up getting stuck in there or something. The thunder and lightning stopped as I continued up the hill. About a mile later I was climbing up the next climb near the Haselton Lumber sign and a large black mass came speeding across the road about fifty yards ahead of me. At first glance it didn’t fully register and then I said to myself “A BEAR!” That was pretty cool. When I reached the area where it crossed I looked around, but it was long gone from what I could see.

As I progressed towards Haselton Road in Wilmington I had thoughts of skipping the 2-mile out-and-back, but just before I reached it, I remembered that my times would not line up evenly if I didn’t do it. It is pretty easy anyway, so I pushed on. The haul back up to Lake Placid was tough. Not only were my legs tired, but there was a stiff headwind now. I just kept my head down and kept pushing. I know my speed was slow at this point, but I was almost there. Every rise in the road seemed taller than ever, but I somehow found some more power to keep going. At this point everything becomes more of a mental game than a physical one. I eventually reached the “three bears” set of hills right before Lake Placid. They seemed ominous this time. Then making the right turn at the top presented another uphill to the Northwoods school. Ugghhh. I crested the last hill at Northwoods school and I knew it was all downhill from here…You did it, I thought. What a relief.

LSD Ride 6-23-2012, Elevation

Now could I still run a marathon at this point? Well let’s see if I could just do 3 miles. I got back to the room. stuffed down some grub and water, put my running shoes on and headed back out the hotel for a run around the lake. Troy was packing his bike in the car in the parking lot  as I headed out and asked how I was feeling. I said “good”. He stated that I looked strong coming in on the bike, which provided me the perfect motivation to get me around the lake. I have to say I felt really good running. Much better than I felt at Ironman Miami 70.3 last October. No crampy feeling in my quads, which I think is do to the increase in my salt and electrolyte intake. A lesson learned there.

LSD Ride 6-23-2012, Heart rate

Done Deal! Full Ironman Lake Placid Bike Course completed in 7:09 with an average speed 0f 15.6mph. Given the over 6000 feet of climbing elevation, that isn’t too bad for the first time. I would hope that would be a little less for the actual race. The other positive about this ride was that I completed it while keeping my heart rate in or below Zone 2 for 88% of the ride. This is what I will need to do come raceday. The bike sets up the run. If you blow your legs out on the bike you will be toast on the run.

I have to admit I had some doubts about completing this, but I stayed positive and kept to my plan and managed to complete the course. This really pushes my confidence level for IMLP . After a quick jump in the lake to cool off, I headed to our 5PM lecture and we discussed the ride and Coach Troy gave us some great tips on nutrition. We then headed out for the camp dinner at the Northwoods Inn. It was very good and they even had pasta with veggies so I am still sticking to my plant based diet. Oh yeah and I am feeling spectacular on it too! Tomorrow will be another swim and doing half of the IMLP Marathon course and back home Sad smile.

The full ride can be viewed here on Strava…

Lake Placid Training Camp Day 2-Makin’ Good Time

The alarm clock went off at 6am this morning. I cobbled together some different items for breakfast before meeting up with the group at 7:15am for our morning swim. I had planned on having some granola with hemp milk, but was lacking utensils and a bowl…doh! Instead I funneled the granola down my gullet and mixed a Vega One shake in one of my spare water bottles. I gathered up my wetsuit and made my way to the lobby to meet up with everyone.

imageOn our way down to the beach I had the opportunity to talk with Troy one-on-one. Turns out he is pretty familiar with the Allentown area and knew some people that I knew as well. He is a really nice guy and actually spends some time with everyone in the camp. We headed out for our swim in Mirror Lake and the water was perfect temperature. The swim felt great from the gitko and I quickly settled in to a nice steady pace. There were three of us out together and most were behind with a few ahead of us. The whole swim went pretty smoothly and I was shocked to see that I was over a half mile at the 15 minute turnaround. We made the turn and headed back. Return trip was just as good. I was able to do just over a mile in 30 minutes which is really good for me. Mirror lake is the best lake for open water swimming. There is buoys setup all along the course and a rope runs 4 feet below the surface so spotting is very easy.

IMG_1194After the swim we headed back and quickly switched into our bike gear and back out in a half hour. We were doing the Ironman Bike loop in reverse which the first half is all downhill. That is great but the road totally sucked. Major tire grabbers. We stayed together as a group rolled down to Wilmington. The conditions eventually improved and we all sorted ourselves out a bit. I was focusing on reserving some energy for the big climb on Rt. 73 back into Lake Placid. Kept a nice gear and spinning at 85 RPMs. We eventually wound down to Keene and started our way up the big climb. I quickly wound up being the third man up the hill and the others dropped below. I dropped down to nice easy gear and spun my way up the 7 mile climb. It was much better than I thought it would be. At some point along it I heard someone coming behind me and it was Troy cruising on up like it was nothing, then he went past and caught up to the guy in front and then I passed him riding back down it again. Wow! I uploaded my ride later on Strava and it is a Category 2 climb for those of you familiar with cycling. Pretty instense.


IMG_1195The ride was 53 miles total and I ended up doing it in 3.25 hours which is around  16mph. Pretty good I think. After the bike we had to get our running shoes on and do a little 3 miler around the lake. That also felt very good. Legs felt loose and I kept a 9 min/mi pace. I think it would have been faster but I was dodging people coming down Main St. I chilled on the veranda for a little bit and then showered and took a little nap. I headed over to Placid Planet afterwards and picked up a bento box and some more nutrition products. We had a lecture at 5pm and Troy instilled some race/training knowledge into us, then it was off to the Dancing Bears for grub and beers. I had a big ole plate of pasta, Angel Hair Pomodora,  which really hit the spot for me. We shot the breeze for awhile and then headed back to the hotel.

Tomorrow will be the full, 112 mile bike course which should be a ass-kicker.

Lake Placid Triathlon Camp Day 1-Can’t Spare A Square


This morning I packed up the Honda Fit and made my way to Lake Placid for Troy Jacobson’s Triathlon Camp. I made it all the way to the Plattekill rest stop on I-87 before I needed a bathroom break. The rest stop was more empty than it usually is on treks up to LP, but it was still only a Thursday morning. I needed to use a stall on this particular time and when I reached for the TP there was none to be had. My first thought was the Seinfeld episode where Elaine was in the same situation and she was requesting her stall neighbor(Jerry’s date) for a small square of TP. Only in my case there was no stall neighbors to spare a square from. I collected my thoughts and made my way to the empty stall next to me and finished what needed to be done. After that I headed over to the Starbucks to get my usual 5-pump Chai with….Soy Milk? Yes…No more whole milk in my chai latte! Actually it was pretty good! Still sticking to the plant-based diet so far.

IMG_1181.jpgMy Plan was to stop at Catskill Mountain Multisport in New Paltz, NY, which I found on the Internet, to pick-up some tri goodies I might need. The gps took me to a shopping mall that had nothing called that name. I drove around a bit and then asked some people and no one ever heard of it. Ok time to move on. Next I had planned to hit an vegan/organic place in New Paltz called Karma Road, which was where it was supposed to be. Had a Falaffel Wrap with a side of Quinoa and beans and a tea which was really good. Ok still on IMG_1182.jpgtrack here. Next to Karma Road was a bike shop called Bicycle Depot so I stopped in to check that out. Pretty nice shop and the dude in there was pretty stoked about life. I bought a pair of arm warmers and a water bottle and back on my way again. As I was heading back to the NY Thruway(I-87) I saw the name Catskill Mountain Multisport listed on the sign for the shopping mall I was in before, so I made one last attempt to find it. I saw a door under a fitness center that is a typical triathlon bike maker and went to the door. The place was empty inside and there was a paper on the door that indicated that Catskill Mountain Multisport had moved 20 miles up the Thruway. Doh! I had sent the store an email at lunch and they responded later with the same address and apologized. So maybe another time.    



The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful really. It was extremely hot out today and the Fit is like a little greenhouse. The A/C cannot keep up with the heat after awhile and it gets really warm. But hey I was getting 40+ MPG, so a little greenhouse effect for me and less for the world! I jammed the tunes the rest of the way and bitched to myself about the lousy New Jersey drivers, the asshole Infiniti drivers, and the Massachusetts drivers that go so freaking fast. I keep catching myself getting so cranked up for nothing. EZ-Pass rocks by the way. I love driving past all those toll-paying idiots. Ok enough trash talk.


I eventually made my way to the Golden Arrow in Lake Placid. There were no places to park when I checked in so I just left the car in the middle of the parking lot. The teenage girl that checked me in was of no help and was giving me attitude. I asked what’s the deal with the internet and she was like “just connect to it, no password!” Ok…why didn’t you tell me that and where the hell do I park?! Useless! I found my room which was first floor and 10 yards from the lake…Sweet! Everyone was out in the lake with the heat. Paddleboarders, kayakers, and swimmers. I didn’t have time to swim since orientation was within an hour.


I headed over to Northwoods in for Orientation, but I must have missed an email cause it was in some room at the hotel I was at. Of course the useless girl at the front desk could have told me that. Driving up here I was thinking that this camp was going to be a bunch of testosterone-filled, super-fit knuckleheads, but it turns out I was way off. It seems like a bunch of really nice people who may have done a Ironman or two or are getting ready to do one. More the latter. There were several that had volunteered last year and are doing it this year for the first time like I will be doing next year. One guy had done Ironman Muskoka 70.3 too and he filled me in on that race. Everyone seems very cool though. I think this will be a fun camp. Troy seems really nice too and I hear he spends time with everyone.

IMG_1190.jpgAfter we registered and got our swag, we had an hour orientation and then I headed over to the Cowboy for dinner. I had a black bean,  mushroom burger with avocado and sweet potato fries and potato leek soup for an appetizer. It was really GOOD! Ok this plant diet is looking pretty good. I was so full afterwards. I headed to the Hannaford grocery store afterwards and picked up a few items and back to the hotel. I am now sitting here in my ADK chair looking over the lake and typing this. It is so peaceful! Tomorrow should be fun, so stay tuned for more adventures!