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How Many Watts Do You Generate Shoveling Snow?

Ok, I have been slacking big time on the posts here. I actually had aspirations of catching up during our recent winter vacation, but was so busy skiing and snowshoeing that I never even got one out. Since I have been home we have been getting bombarded with snow, so I have been busy shoveling …

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The Ironman Hangover

Wow…seems like ages since I actually posted anything on here. The first few weeks after completing Ironman Lake Placid were a bit of a roller-coaster of thoughts and emotions. I had made several attempts to write about, but I was still in the midst of the ups-and-downs and could not really absorb what was going …

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Ironman Lake Placid Race Week Update-Monday-Wednesday

Monday(6 more days until race day) Well, no training today and I really don’t feel all that great. I really feel so much better when I am training. I did get my dog out for a few walks, so I guess that is something. My biometrics are indicating that my body is starting to peak, …

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Ironman Foundation/Valerie Fund Update-Top 5 Fundraiser!!

IMF Fundraising for Valerie Fund $3225

Woohooo!!! I just made it into the Top 5 fundraisers on the Ironman Foundation website!! Check it out…  

Ironman Foundation/Valerie Fund Fundraising Update

Well, I am pretty blown away today. My initial $1000 fundraising goal has been met and almost tripled. The generosity and support for my Ironman Foundation/The Valerie Fund cause has been really overwhelming. We are quickly approaching the $3000 mark. Thank you everyone!!  

Evolution Of An Ironman Triathlete | Trifuel

Great post from Jason over at . Pretty much sums up my year… Evolution Of An Ironman Triathlete | Trifuel.

Wedding and 2013 Lehigh Valley Half-Marathon Expo

A Wedding… Friday morning was my normal long, slow 45 minutes swim. I was feeling pretty good and happy that my ear was feeling better, so I threw in an extra 250 meters for good measure. One of my wife’s cousins was getting married that evening, so I rushed home after work to get dressed …

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Thoughts of Boston Today…

Relax! You’ll Be More Productive –

Recovery isn’t just important for improving athletically, but essential for work as well. Great article on the importance of properly recovering from work to be more productive. Relax! You’ll Be More Productive –