Steelman Olympic Distance Recon Ride Workout & Video

The following video is a recon ride of the Olympic distance bike course for the Steelman Triathlon held at Lake Nockamixon, near Quakertown, PA, every August. They recently paved the entire route that the bike course takes place on, Route 563. It has some nice big shoulders and is some primo smooth track to ride on.

I created the following POV video on my bike and also recorded the route on my bike GPS computer. You can watch the video here and you can also ride the simulated course on your trainer via either Trainer Road or Zwift. If you do the TrainerRoad you can also play the synced video along side too. See below for details.


Here is the link to join my TrainerRoad team(free if a TrainerRoad subscriber) which will give you access to all my custom rides. There is some other ride simulations here too such as Lake Placid and Eagleman rides here too. Search the workouts there for Steelman to do the workout.

Click here to join my TrainerRoad Bri-Tri Team

Here is instructions on how to watch video along with your TrainerRoad workout…


On Zwift you will need to follow the instructions here based on the platform/device you are running.

Here is a link to the ZWO workout file you can download… Zwift Course Steelman Olympic

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