Lake Placid Winter 2013-Day 7-Thawin’ Out!

After two days of inactivity, I was ready to explode. The high temperature for the day was expected to be up to 9F(Heat Wave!), so I already had it in my mind to do a morning and afternoon skate-ski. I had a good healthy breakfast upon waking and was off to Mt. Van Hoevenberg around 10am. I have to admit it was still pretty cold out, but there was no wind and the sun was beaming. It was a total “Bluebird” day.

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I quickly forgot about the cold after hitting a few hills. I decided to try to hit some different configurations of trails on the Biathlon side of Van Ho. After about an hour, I headed back to the house for lunch. With a bunch of leftovers accumulating in the fridge, I made a good effort on cleaning them up.

After refueling, I was ready to go again for an afternoon skate. Denise decided to hang back and do a local snowshoe off River Rd. I dropped her off at the trailhead and made my way to Van Ho. I decided to do the Porter Mtn. Loops in the afternoon. They were extremely challenging! THere isn’t much flat on this trail and it is long. I basically just did that and the East Mt. loop on each end. A total of around 9 miles for the PM ski and 15 miles(25k) for the day. Not a bad outing.

For dinner we headed over to The Cowboy over on Saranac Ave. This is the former Carribean Cowboy, which was located behind Saranac Sourdough. We had attempted to go here on Thursday night, but they were closed(WTH??) on Thursday. Anyway, we had a killer dinner. I had the black bean mushroom burger with sweet potato fries again and Denise had the Green Curry dish on Polenta instead of the Udon noodles. She was raving about it. Awesome!

Busy day, but not a ton to really report. Managed to get a few pictures driving to and from the trails. I actually took a series of images over by the Adirondack Loj Road of the mountains to to create a big panorama, but the file size was immense when I merged the images in Ps. Work on that later!

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