Ironman Muskoka 70.3 Quick Recap

Despite the fact that I missed my goal of finishing under 6 hours, I had a really great day today. But the bike was actually 58.5 miles instead of the 56 mile standard for a Ironman 70.3 race and I finished 2 minutes and 55 seconds past 6 hours, I will consider that goal reached. I know 2.25 miles take much longer than 3 minutes. Given my average speed of 17.6 MPH, that would come out to .3 miles/min. So 2.5 miles would take around 8 minutes at that same speed. So figure a typical course distance would have given me a finish of 5:55. 5 minutes under 6 hours. šŸ™‚

The swim was awesome. I finished in ~38 minutes which was around a 1:40 min/100yd pace which is really good for me, especially when swimming 1.2 miles. It ranked 36th in my age group. The water was nice and clean and there was plenty of open water to swim without getting beaten up. I really enjoyed the swim and it was nice to pass the pink and blue caps from the 2 waves ahead of me. I guess that is what happens when you have a kick-ass swim coach!

T1 was a bit crazy. It was about 0.35 miles in distance and included a large hill to run up. Took a little longer than usual. I also put socks on since it was a bit chilly out. My toes ended up being numb the entire ride anyway,so I wonder if it was worth it.

The bike was pretty hilly, but beautiful. There didn’t seem to be too many flats on this course. The start of the bike was a bit crazy too. My back wheel was loose and my tire was rubbing against the frame. I straightened it out enough to get going, but I felt it rub a little every once in a while. My pace was around 17.8mph which is a little slow, but given the hillage no wonder.

T2 went well. 2 minute quick change. Kiss for the wife too which made her day.

The run was great compared to last year. Course was hilly as well, but I felt good and was able to pull it in under 2 hours. No cramping! Thanks Skratch Labs and Salt Stick!

In addition, the weather was incredible. Sunny and cool. After yesterdays, damp and raining day it was greatly appreciated. All in all a great day. More details to come soon depending on whether we have internet access. Heading to do some camping tomorrow.

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