Open Water Swim at Dutch Springs with GPS



On Friday I finally got over to Dutch Springs to try out my new Garmin 910xt with a longer open water swim(OWS). I did use it in the Independence Sprint Triathlon the other week, but that was short and the tracking was a bit off. I was hoping a longer swim would show up better and it didn’t let me down at all. I was only supposed to swim for 30 minutes according to my training plan, but since I drove over here and it was so nice I extended the swim to almost 50 mins, covering about 1.42miles. I really could have swam for another hour. The weather was also gorgeous and water temp was perfect for wetsuit swimming. The girl at the front office said it was around high-60’s, which sounded cold, but with a wetsuit on I think that is great. There were a few other people doing an OWS too, which was cool. I am usually the only one there whenever I go.


The image above shows my GPS Swim track for my swim on Friday. It is pretty much right on except for the beginning and ending . The beginning didn’t seem to start right away. I had started it closer to where the end is. The end mark is a little above where I started to. All in all it is pretty close though, especially compared to my sprint swim(below). The red line is what the Garmin produced and the green is more like what it should have been. It is still better than nothing and it is nice to know how far you’ve gone and what your pace is too. I think I will keep it!


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