IM Pocono 70.3 Training Week #2

Week #2 training went well. Swam 5,466 yds in 2:18, biked 84.7 miles in 5:09, and ran 13 miles in 2:27 hours. Still battling with my heart rate zones and getting into zone 2. Running in what is supposed to be zone 2 is just impossible, and I am just not feeling like I am doing anything after these runs. I finally got over to Dutch Springs for my LSD(Long slow distance) swim on Friday. Got in a 1.1 mile swim in about 38 mins. Felt good to be swimming out of the pool for a change.
After my swim on Friday I headed over to see some friends who live nearby. Ended up having a few beers, which I paid for on Saturday. Finally got out for my long ride on Saturday, which helped feel much better. My wife joined me for part of my long run on Sunday down at the Lehigh Parkway. Since I was running so slow to get in “zone 2”, she was able to run a little longer than she usually does.
With 2 weeks under my belt I am feeling really good. Hard to believe I have exercised every day for the last 2 weeks.

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